Nuss Kracher, Suika Natsuko, Lime Prime, Mint Sparrow. The four of you retrieved the white pawn pieces, from this day forward, you will work together as Team SLMN. Led by... Nuss Kracher.
— Professor Ozpin naming their team.

I refuse to accept this... this... giant as my leader!
— Lime Prime, in response to Ozpin assigning Nuss as team leader.

  • Red
  • Lime
  • Mint
  • Chestnut
Professional Status



Nuss Kracher


Beacon Academy

This team is property of the Intellectual Rapist. Usage without permission will result in death by Red Truth and Blue Truth.
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Team SLMN (pronounced Salmon) is a Beacon Academy team led by Nuss Kracher. Compared to Team MAID and Team MANA, they are far more formidable in prowess, with each member specializing in a prominent fighting style.


A team who focuses on brilliance and power. Composed of the brilliant but lazy Suika Natsuko, the arrogant fencer, Lime Prime, the storm merchant, Mint Sparrow, and the seeker of knowledge, Nuss Kracher. Each member is smart in their own right.


  • Suika Natsuko: The freeloader tactician of the team. She manipulates her teammate to do almost all the work. She specializes in Grimm Chance, Narasimha style.
  • Lime Prime: The overblown egoist of the team. A skilled swordsman in his own right. A self-proclaimed expert in Five-to-One and one of the rare users of the Phoenix Master Stance.
  • Mint Sparrow: The face and vanguard of the team. Crowd control is her forte. An amateur user of Divas Virtus
  • Nuss Kracher: The tank and leader of the team. Strong and equally smart.


Ozpin named the team SLMN. Strangely enough, each member of the team is a fruit of sorts.

An alternative team name was MLNS (Melons). But... due to implications, Ozpin used SLMN instead.


Teamwork is not their specialty.

Suika, Lime and Nuss are actively against each other, preferring to order the others around.

Due to this, Mint is considered the star player during team combat.

Teamwork Style

Suika generally closes in on her opponents, smashing and countering them before they can move in. Alternately, she stays in the back, providing support fire and giving orders.

Lime keeps his distance, preferring to assess the situation and wait for his enemies.

Mint rushes in, cleaving through groups and making an opening available for her teammates.

Nuss stays in mid-range, handling both far and close foes. His leadership skills keep the group unified.

Duty in Beacon

Team SLMN was given the duty to 'bring back' the rogue team, LAPZ, in their sophomore years. They sometimes support MAID and MANA in a couple of missions.

Suika is friends with Natalia and Ivory, mostly because she prefers the best minds of MAID and MANA as friends over her own teammates.

Lime has a heated rivalry with MAID member, Dunkelblau Noname, who knows the other Five-to-One Master Stance.

Mint is close friends with Margarethe and strangely enough, Maki. She acts as the bridge that tries to connect both of them.

Nuss is one of Azalea's common patients, since his training sometimes injure him. Also, he has a rivalry with Alexander rooted to the fact that he was beaten up by Alex's gang when he was young.


  • Originally, SLMN was suppose to be named after various kinds of foods. the "S" and "N" of the name, however, proved to make things difficult, which is why a fruit motif was decided.

Team Name Applicable to Remnant?

  • Salmon is a kind of fish known for their red or orange flesh.

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