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This seemed like a much better idea at the time. Now? Not so much.
— Any VALR member after a plan goes awry



Vesta_Square_%28New%29.png Vesta
Argentina_Color_Square.png Argentina
Lira_Sharp_Color_Square.png Lira
Roan_Reid_Color_Square.png Roan

Professional Status



Vesta Lionheart


Beacon Academy

VALR (pronounced "Valour") is a team of students at Beacon Academy, which is comprised of Vesta Lionheart, Argentina Kesshõ, Lira Sharp and Roan Reid.


Vesta Lionheart - Vesta is the leader of team "VALR".

Argentina Kesshõ - Argentina is a member of team "VALR".

Lira Sharp - Lira is a member of team "VALR".

Roan Reid - Roan is a member of team "VALR".


During the initiation exam Vesta was paired with Lira and Argentina was paired with Roan. Both teams arrived at the abandoned temple at roughly the same time and brought back the White Bishop pieces.


  • Vesta's backstory about her not wanting to be the leader actually ties into real life events during her creation.
  • All the members of VALR can be connected by one trait; a tendency to not completely think about the consequences of their actions before acting.
  • Team VALR represents virtue, loyalty, bravery and determination. Each one of the members in the team demonstrates one of these traits. These traits also tend to represent the colour red or white but usually more leaned towards red.

Author's Notes

  • The idea of Team VALR was first thought up by TorchicEX.
  • Each individual member is going to be (hopefully) created by a different person. Torch created Vesta. Ttran2323 created Argentina. Lira was created by a friend of both Torch and Ttran, and has yet to make any significant account anywhere. Roan belongs to Hart of Stone.
  • The team name was originally supposed to be VALE but was later switched to VALR...Ttran's idea.
  • As of Oct 15, 2013 most of the information has yet to be finalized/created. Everything you will see here will hopefully be the final results. Eventually.
  • As of Oct 18, 2013 all of the members' original names have been revealed.
  • Ttran is the one who tends to work on the site and graphics (emblems, weapons, etc) the most.

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