VILE is a group of criminals and mercenaries hired and organized by Roman Torchwick. Led by infamous mercenary Viktor Zael. (Read a lot of this like Roman is reading reports from his goons or writing this himself except for "VILE Beginnings.")


Viktor Zael - Leader, Mercenary, Weapon Expert, -- Semblance

Irving Wilkol- Aggro, Psychopath, -- Semblance

Langley Prescott - All-Rounder, Punk, -- Semblance

Elizabeth Ursula Candish - Tank, Faunus Terrorist, -- Semblance

VILE Beginnings

After a humiliating defeat in Vale at the hands of Blake Belladonna, Sun Wukong, and Penny followed by a not-so-exciting visit from his employer, Roman Torchwick decided it was time to spend a little extra on the minions department.

Viktor Zael was not his first choice, but quickly became his best one. Infamous for many reasons, the regular execution of his own employers being the most unnerving. His thick build made him intimidating all its own, but there was always a certain air about a man that craved death. His allegiance was paid for, but Viktor still gave him the creeps.

Elizabeth Candish was found harassing a local bartender who made the mistake of trying to refuse service to a volatile bear faunus. It took some carefully orchestrated lies to work, but all she needed to hear were "payback" and "Schnee" in the same sentence and she was sold. Her mercenary work was sketchy at best, Liz proved tough enough with the local police force that tried to arrest the "drunk and disorderly" woman.

Langley Prescott was an accident, pure and simple. A young man with ambition and a bad attitude. Reminded Roman a little of himself when back when he was a mouthy punk. Small time thief almost gets away with lifting your wallet, it's worth noticing. Even better to find out what he could do when he was confronted.

Irving Wilkol was going to be passed over for better, safer, options, but Cinder found out about the project and decided to help in her own special way. How she knew about the experiments Roman didn't ask, but the product was a clear sign that maybe Creatures of Grimm had the right idea. As a bonus it turned out Irving had experience fighting the Beacon Brats. It took a lot of bodies until the freak listened. Good news: Roman didn't need to question his ability. Sometimes he thinks maybe he should have.

With the acquisition of the famous "Beowolfman" Roman's pet project was complete. And all it needed was some publicity. He knew about Ozpin and his adorable little habit of naming his bands with letters from their names. Well, they were going to eventually take down Beacon Academy, so why not let them enjoy a steaming plate of irony? With Viktor leading the pack, Team VILE was born and Roman was certain his Beacon troubles would end in the near future.

Team Synopsis

Viktor Zael is a well-known Mercenary in Vytal. He is cunning, ruthless, and ice cold. He is also rumored to be suicidal. A point difficult to argue with the host of scars on his face and arms, and that's just what people can see. He has a terrible reputation in the underworld of murdering employers for violating his code of ethics. "No women, no children." It was difficult to be honest and convince him to take the job. With a promise of damaging the future of the Hunters and letting less harmful Grimm have a shot at surviving extermination he decided that killing a bunch of kids--even heavily armed and well-trained kids--would ultimately be one more evil he would live with.

Irving Wilkol is a psychopath, there is little else to say. He is a man of few words and fewer coherent patterns. While people are sure he's not actually suicidal, Irving also lacks a desire to survive. He charges when he should fall back and on more than one occasion maims himself to unleash a thick, black miasma from his body closely resembling the Grimms' "blood" (See: Badge and the Burden Pt 2, Boarbatusk bled black mist). His weapon is universally hailed as the single most annoying device ever seen, though some decide the sounds it emits are kind of catchy. It's weird, he doesn't have any marks, but he acts like a Faunus sometimes. Or a Grimm...

Langley Prescott doesn't seem to have much of a name for himself. He claims he used to be normal once. How a kid with that much Aura could ever qualify as "normal" is debatable. He's noticeably out of shape, but he's fast and he can use his Aura defensively to deflect incoming attacks, giving the illusion that he's untouchable. So far, Dust is the only thing that seems able to beat his skills. Even knowing the surprises it can bring, he shows no interest in learning about Dust or how to use it. The kid's nuts, but he works pretty well. Especially with the right incentive.

Elizabeth Ursula Candish is a menace to society. A desirable trait for mercenaries. She pushes her way to the front of the line and then pummels anybody that tries to make her do something she doesn't want to do. Like Prescott, she claims she used to have a regular life with normal people. And Ursa. She was almost convincing until she mentioned living together with Ursa. Starting to think that stuff about those furballs losing it might be true. And one of 'em's overdue for a Goodnight Pinch.

Team Review

So...turns out you can drag a bunch of deranged lunatics into a slaughterhouse, but you can't stop them from killing each other. It's their own unique skills that keep them from succeeding. Good call making Vik lead. Guy gives me the creeps, but he can pretty much shut the rest down one way or another. So the gang gets together and pretty much destroys everyone and everything there. Gotta remember to send 'em in alone next time.

So Viktor runs the group in the most generous and liberal application of the word possible. He has ways of making them listen too. Still a lot of rough skin among them. The little lady wants to punch the kid's lights out. The nutjob wants to use that axe...saw...whatever...on everything not made of steel, and he just figured out how to use that god awful gun of his like a Boombox! What were those weirdos thinking when they gave him a gun that plays bad electronic music and shoots hard downbeats?

Did I mention Lizzy wants to wreck every face that looks at her longer than two seconds? Starting to think she's the one to worry about. We all know Irving wants to kill us. He's not shy to share it. Why couldn't he be shy? Or her, for that matter. Or any of them! Now I remember why I never thought of this before. Respect! I hire these guys. I introduce them to each other, I even give them a cute little nickname to announce when they go bloody up the neighborhood. And they threaten me, attack me, they're going to do something so much worse than kill me. What am I getting into? Next time, Cinder gets to babysit the psychos. I'll just go back to my comfy digs in Vale and call it a night.

work VERY in progress...

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