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You only live once, but we've died and come back several times...
— Team YOLO



Professional Status



Galaxia Serpents

Team YOLO (Yellow) is a collab between Flora and Mimi. They are a group of bounty hunters who work fo Galaxia Serpents, specilizes in combating Hunters with their Aura-countering abilities.

They used to be normal people with normal life, until the four of them were deceived into being test subjects in AURA and went through dramatic changes in their abilities. After an accident involved a team of Hunters destroying the place, they managed to escape and was taken in by Phiox Echidna - who helped them stablized their newfound abilities. Team YOLO has been working for Galaxia Serpents since.


  • Shan Yao: Leader, Healer, Buffer (Aura recharge) - Spear
  • Oakes Grabmal: Tank, Melee DPS (Aura bypass) - Chainsaw
  • Laban Sang: Assassin, Debuffer (Aura drain) - Denture fangs
  • Airy O'wisp: Ranged DPS, AoE (Aura nullify) - Bird cage dress




  • The team's theme is "Back From The Dead", with the characters modified after creatures that would come back to life after they died (by their own power or being transformed).
    • Yao is based on the Phoenix - a legendary bird that set itself on fire at the end of its life cycle, before coming back from its ash.
    • Oakes is based on the Zombie - the corpse of a human that came back to life.
    • Laban is based on the Vampire - the creature who was once human, transformed into a vampire by another vampire (or sometime, by a bat's bite)
    • Airy is based on the Ghost - the soul of a human who died with regret.
  • Ironically, YOLO stands for "You Only Live Once".

Author Note:

  • This team isn't made for RP! Any questions/complains about how "OP" or "lore-breaking" they are will be ignored!



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