Tebukuro Lorica
Age 17
Alias The Knight
Nickname Lori, Knight
Status Active
Color Peach
Gender Female
Race Human
Born Vale
Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion Pale
Hair Strawberry Blonde
Eyes Blue
Additional Info
Emblem Lorishioemblem



Lorica's top is a dark auburn tank-top with a metal plate of gold- or brass-colored armor covering her front and back torso, while her sides are only covered by chainmail. Shoulder pads and tassets are attached to the breastplate, giving more of a 'completed armor' look. Around her waist, she wears a knee-length, flowing red 'combat skirt'.

She wears armored boots of the same gold/brass coloring with black stockings coming up to just under her skirt.


Lori isn't a very quiet or peaceful girl, but that doesn't make her hostile or off-putting. With how loud she is, there is always a loving undertone to everything she's saying. She also knows how to utilize all of her 'assets' to the full extent, and sometimes can come off as promiscuous or slutty. But the people who truly know her also know that her actions are simply a facade that she shows the world in order to make her seem strong, and that she is very fragile around her closest companions.

When fighting, she tends to take everything as a joke up until the point where she or any of her friends get injured, because she realizes that she knows how to fight and has the ability to protect her friends, but it truly disturbs her and actively enrages her when that protection fails. When Lori is truly angry, she is not a force that anybody wants to be in the way of, as she will demolish everything in her path that she doesn't care about.

Weapon and Abilities


Her weapons are CODC(Combat Oriented Dust Constructs) that are formed from gauntlets she wears on her arms, each gauntlet having a 12-round revolving chamber hidden within them that are loaded with rounds of different powdered Dust, with each weapon she makes costing one round of the powdered Dust. Depending on the elemental type of the Dust that she summons to form her weapon, each attack bears that elemental side-effect.

She can summon multiple weapons from the Dust, but they can only be one element and she can only be wielding one weapon at a time(No ice sword in one hand and lightning axe in the other). The exception to the wielding rule is dual swords, but they must still be the same element. Also, the weapons she can construct cannot be very complex, such as housing the mechanisms of a gun or any flexible material. Her constructs are extremely durable and usually do not break on their own, only being shattered after shielding from several hits of heavy damage.

Inside of the gauntlets is a much more complicated mechanism, in which if all of her rounds run out, there is a spare chamber waiting for her to load more(each one 12 rounds each, making 24 rounds each gauntlet). She carries a backup for each of her gauntlets, in turn making the total shots she can take 72 as opposed to 48.

Her gauntlets also have triggers inside them, allowing her to shoot the rounds with her punches instead of using them for Dust constructs.


Ardent Will: Using the Dust she typically uses for her weapon constructs, Lori can coat her whole body in a protective layer of a singular Dust element lasting for 30 seconds. If she chooses to use the rounds as she punches, she can refresh this coating instead of firing forward, upping the duration of the barrier for five seconds. She can only refresh the coating up to three times, making its maximum duration 45 seconds.

During the Timeskip, she was able to unlock a portion of her semblance that instead of coating her body, it would create a single-use shield of Dust in front of her as long as she blocks the strike. This comes at a drawback though, as every shield her semblance makes, she uses three of her Dust rounds and is unable to hold a weapon until the shield goes away.

  • Red: Fire resistance
  • Yellow: Lightning resistance
  • Green: Wind resistance
  • Light Blue: Ice resistance
  • Blue: Water resistance
  • Purple: Poison resistance


Lorica comes from a long bloodline of Knights in Remnant, her grandfather being a knight that fought in The Great War. Although, being born a girl into a family with very 'traditional' gender roles, she never got the opportunity to learn the noble art first-hand. While her brothers were learning how to sword-fight and use shields, Lori would be sitting with her mother, sewing or learning how to cook. But she doesn't regret the education her mother gave her, even though those skills are something she seldom uses nowadays.

After around 10 years of this gender-normative bullcrap, Lori finally challenged her father and all of the males in her family with the help of her mother, applying to Signal Academy and making a bet with them. She said that if she could return after her education was completed a better Knight and Huntress than the rest of them, then they would stop having to limit the females of the family to ordinary housewives. The men thought that this would come in the way of their pride and that there was "No way a girl could become a better Knight than a man".

So when she left for Signal Academy, needless to say there was a lot of tension. All of her hopes and dreams rode on this one chance. She knew that if she messed up, she would only be proving most of her family right and be stuck as a stay-at-home-girl with only a primary education. But as soon as she arrived, Lorica's life blossomed. She quickly reached the top of all of her classes and, with the help of a few teachers, unlocked her aura and semblance before most of the other students.

The young girl soared, surprising everyone in her family who believed she would fail. But after she was done with her education at Signal, she wasn't satisfied. She knew that she could be even better and still had room to grow. So she took a shot in the dark at Beacon and was accepted, continuing to better her skills through first-hand experience.


  • Lorica means body armour in Latin, and is taken to mean a knight's armor in this case, mainly denoting the color silver.