Fan Fiction:
Tei's Adventure
Author CardinWinchester
Genre Main
  • Action
  • Fantasy
  • School Life
Perspective Tei Psylax
Narrator Author
Official Characters By Order of Appearance
  • Glynda Goodwitch
  • Ruby Rose
  • Weiss Schnee
  • Professor Ozpin
Fan-made Characters *Tei Phylax
  • Sven Searfeld
  • Horatio 'Ed' Edris
  • Garrison Earle
  • Rima Sheridan
  • Vespertilia Lavande
  • Lance Garfield

Description: A look through school life of Tei Psylax, a giant among students who has to learn to work with others and makes friends despite being a natural shy guy.

Tei's Adventure

Note: This is the story Tei Phylax my original character and his journey through Beacon. Though this will not touch the main cast, he may spot or notice them. Nonetheless, it will be edited with each introduction to a new part and be listed as days. It'll be edited for the addition of his journey and may be affected from time to time.

First Day (Going to Beacon)

   On an airship, a fair amount of newly accepted Freshman to Beacon Academy flew above the lands of Vale, though many of the students chattered, it appear many were discussing a particular student on the ship, a towering man by the name of Tei Phylax who noticed students stare at him and make remarks that was in regards to his massive size. He was a giant compared to most, but he did notice some particular students that stood out among those, though they seemed to be off in thought.
   The immense male just sighed as he turn his head to the news bulletin being played in regards to a man known as Roman Torchwick. The man’s face didn’t ring any bells, but the name reminded him of some shady stuff that was linked to some dust theft. The male shrugged it off as he was of no help, but the following news report of a Faunus Protest for civil rights that went quickly south from the disruption of the White Fang. Though he knew nothing of White Fang, he had met a few Faunus in his life and didn’t treat them any less as the male was often picked on and treated like garbage by those around besides his family. As the news broadcast came to a halt, the picture of a blonde woman appeared, she was Glynda Goodwitch, a Huntress of Beacon Academy.
   As she spoke, many seemed to turn to the windows as the male would do so and notice the landscape of Vale. The man not bothered by the height, found it a bit heartwarming as he had never seen such a sight. The sight seemed to come to a short end as the ships would dock themselves and the students began to flow off the airship as Tei would have to kneel down as he almost hit his head. The male would stand tall seeing the towering school and he smile softly seeing the school as he walk along. He hum following the others towards the school, but he notice some students who stood out, but all of them seemed to have their own look and flavor.
   As he enter the auditorium, he stand over most noticing the taller guys around the class, but notice that his heavy muscular physique made him look like a mountain. He sigh beneath his helmet as no one had seen his face yet. Tei would simply cross his arms as he waited and notice a bit of an odd yell from a girl screaming at another. Tei raised his eyebrow beneath the modified motorcycle helmet as he shrug and turn back to see Glynda Goodwitch and Professor Ozpin to take the stage. As the students waited, the headmaster began to speak and his detached speech made many look a bit angry or surprised, but Tei had heard this many times growing up as it only made him smirk. The giant felt happy for some odd reason, be it that he knew he could prove himself or that this school would train him to make him better.
   Nonetheless, Tei would flow through the day and soon come to the day’s ending as night strolled in. He noticed the sharing of the room, but this only made him move close to a wall and sigh as he wait for others to pass out before himself so he could remove his helmet. Tei never changed to sleep as he knew it would be a waste as he felt something was approaching. He would wait some time before the others began to fall asleep and when he noticed the lights were gone, he remove his helmet and rest sitting up. He was use to this as he often slept in a chair or in a vehicle.

Time Skip (From Team GHST to Team RVLT)

   “Time has passed, since I last wrote into this. A string of events occurred. Though my first team didn’t happen, it is to be left alone. Strangely, the events that have occurred have left me to be transferred to another team. Though I’m not sure who my new team is, I hope they are better suited.”
   In the previous events, Tei had gone through the initiation process and was partnered with a man named Garrison. The other two members were Ed and Sven. Sadly, the team named ‘GHST’ was disbanded after a short event.
   The event wasn’t named due to public relations, but the the team was disbanded and Tei was reassigned. His new team is now titled ‘RVLT’. By chance, his initial remains in it’s selected place. All he is aware of our the names of his team.
   The members are Rima, Lia & Lan. His selected partner is Lan. The only other male member. From the information, Lan is very much like him in terms of combat, but the other two he was not informed of.
   From rumors, Rima is said to not be most social person and this applies to Lia from what he was informed of by those he asked. From this alone, he wasn’t entirely sure of what was going to happen. He was partnered with a man named Lan, his nickname and was going to be lead by people who were just as talkative as himself. What could go wrong? Alot.

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