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I may be large, I may be powerful, but I will always put others before myself when in danger.
— Tei Phylax
Tei Phylax
Commission deathryan s oc tei phylax by resplendentcaballer-d7pchcr
Age 17
Title Vanguard
Status Active
Color Bronze
Gender Male
Race Faunus
Born July 16th
Handedness Ambidexterity
Complexion Light Tan
Eyes Turquiose
Semblance Vector
Height 6'9" (205 cm)
Weight 370 pounds (168 kg)
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Team None
Partner None
Occupation Student
Personal Status
Relatives Adopted Parents
  • Orlando Phylax
  • Lydia Phylax
Additional Info
Emblem Tei's Emblem
Likes Notable
  • Upbeat Music
  • Puppies
  • Relaxing
  • Working on Weapons
Dislikes Notable
  • R&B
  • Cats
  • Small Clothing
  • Small Cars
Special Skills Notable
  • Fishing
  • Forging Weapons
  • CQC
  • Aura
  • Vector Semblance
Weaknesses Notable
  • Long-Range Combat
  • Dust
  • Women's Exposed Skin
  • Lack of training in Aura & Semblance
Character Theme

Tei's Theme


Tei is stoic man with limited knowledge of many emotions. His limited social interactions that did involve fighting makes him rather hard to connect with, He may not understand deeper emotions, but he can understand basic ones such as anger or happiness. Given his limited interaction with people, he is rather shy and often makes him out to be a more silent type.
As far as combat goes, he is willing to take a bullet for an ally. Notably, he can often figure out who he can trust and who cannot given his time in the arena and in tournaments where he had been stabbed in the back by many for giving his trust. He learned quickly how much losing can do someone. If he is willing to trust the person, then he will defend them with all his might.
Tei being a faunus has made him a bit scared to show people his true face. Even more so, he does repress the pain he endured: not because it hurts, but due to the fact that it often sends chills down his back of how people can be. He does not initially hate humans, but he will stand up for faunus being picked on. Though he never tells anyone, he hides it as it makes life easier on himself and for those around him. He truly desires to keep others safe and to make friends, though if hiding his face from them helps, then it must be done.
In regards to spending time with others off-duty and relaxing. Due to lack of socializing and not really focusing on women, he has developed a rather noticeable condition: woman's bare skin can cause him to become rather shy and not speak. He also seems to be a bit of a sore loser when it comes to games such as chess. He is alright, but he hates losing in it for some reason, though it's often with others who many consider to not be that smart. Notably, Tei loves jazz and rock alike, so many find it odd when he switches between the two.



Tei’s attire is fairly basic, but notably the first thing people will spot is his motorcycle helmet. The helmet is far from an ordinary crash absorb helmet. The helmet itself is modified with light harden plastic that cover the metal alloy beneath it. Hidden by the harden shell and foam on the inside, the helmet is designed to take head collision and gun fire. The eye wear is a black tinted visor designed with bulletproof VIII protection. Most would find his helmet rather heavy, but Tei notes that it’s the lightest version of the models developed thus far. The helmet itself is a bronze color with a helmet inspired design over it.
Tei’s clothing is rather plain at first glance given the difficulty of finding clothing in his size. Notably one will notice the black leather jacket he sports with flexible metal armor built into the shoulders and elbow regions. The metal is layered in a hex design, but it placed in between the fabrics. The shirt beneath his jacket is rather plain, being all black similar to his jacket. He also sports finger-less gloves with his knuckles having metal similar to his shoulder and elbow metal implication.
His pants are noticeably nave blue cargo jeans. They are a bit baggy, but notably the knee areas stick out due to similar metal plating placed against the knee. He wears two belts. The first is a plain black leather belt around the belt to hold it up and the second is one has six boxes planted against it. Each box is able to hold roughly four belts of ammo for Metallum Cancer. Each box has his symbol embedded into each one. They have a lift lock that is easy to flick open. His boots are reminiscent of military ware. Notably they are black with steel-toe design.

Body Type

As it stands, Tei is a large man mainly built out of raw muscle and little of anything else. His sharp eyes and chiseled chin seem to imply his a brute type even more with his large muscles which often lead to him to breaking clothes that are below the double extra large shirts. Even more his large hands and feet also seem to match his massive size. Though his tan skin isn’t shown for the most part, he does have a couple large scars around his upper arms and calves. He bares no hair despite having hair legs and arms as he’s called ‘wood limbs’ mocking that the color and skin resembles tree bark. If one were to ever catch a glimpse of his head, they be greeted by two circle white plates that were once meant for actual horns. Being bald makes the remnants stand out fairly well. 

Weapon & Abilities

Metallum Cancer

Tei’s signature weapon is ‘Metallum Cancer’ which usually described to be a Aspis, which bares his symbol. The Aspis is paired with a Scissor-type of weapon that resembles that of a round guillotine blade. The Scissor seems to be able to turn into a double-barreled shotgun completely encased in metal. Due to it’s short-range, Tei has to get in close usually take the shot first and slice or vice versa depending on the enemy type. The metal on his weapons are a dark bronze color with an eggshell shine. The weapon can easily be converted into a large sheath that can be strabbed to his back and have either the gun form or the scissor form slide into it. The sheath retains it's bronze coloring, though the strapping seems to be similar to leather with the same material used to hold up the Aspis form. 
In the core principle, Metallum Cancer is designed with a SxS double barrel shotgun meets a Scissor. Notably, the shotgun’s barrels and trigger as built into directly into base of the weapon as the trigger is built  directly into the hilt of the weapon. The middle of the Scissor is directly split for the barrels and the blade itself to make use of transition. Typically the arm of  the Scissor is shown to have layers of metals that can extend and retract to transition with the barrels that follow this principle. The transition from Forfex  to Barritus show the arm of the Scissor pulling back as the barrels extend out out. The arm will rotate the blade 90 degrees down to provide the shotgun with a bayonet.
The slugs used in Metallum Cancer are based upon the Plumbata slugs. Notably the encasing is made with white dust to fire the shell and the actual projectile has the tip laced with red dust to incorporate fire. In combat, these shots have further range and enhance the damage with heat. Notably they shot will explode with flames on impact. The explosion isn’t rather large, but is clearly visible. The rounds are held together on an ammo belt that is split to feed each barrel to increase the firing rate. 
Typically range is an issue in the middle of combat and given the spread of the barrels, sights are needed to line up which shot is to be taken. The basic slug may be slower compared to typical shot, but the white dust used to propel the shot increases it's speed and decreases the time between each shot significantly. Given the smooth barrels, the shots are intended to deal with closed areas. To mark it's hit, the slug will combust and burn through most materials not resistant to heat or to powerful slugs. Typically, Tei can aim up to 26 yards, while in a calm field this can nearly triple in distance, but given in battle range is still an issue, his range is sliced if under fire from long distance.
Metallum Cancer’s Shield however shares the transition from sheath to shield as many weapons use. Notably the sheath is often larger then most due to the sheer size of it. The Aspis stands at 5’6” (167.64 cm) with a weight  of 32 lbs (14.515 kg). The Armiger form cuts the length in half and becomes 3’(91.44 cm). Arx mode to Armiger  splits the shield and retracts to form the sheath. The leather band that is used to support the shield is split  between two armband that have a metal shell. Notable the shell is layered similar to the scales of of a reptilian and pressed down. 
When the transition between Arx to Armiger. One band transitions below the other and allows for one to carry the Armiger on their arm or slung behind their back. Forfex mode is able to make use of the fire power of Barritus mode, but the range is limited, but adds damage. Even more so, Barritus can stab and unload slugs into an enemy as well. 
Notably Metallum Cancer’s design allows Armiger mode to act as a blunt weapon. Given it can be carried on arm, it can allow Tei to enforce the weight of the weapon plus the force of his punch into a smaller area then Arx mode, thus more damage. Ironically, if the slot is facing down towards his fist, he can sheath his opponent’s weapon if they stab forward. Blades, pole-arms and infantry guns can be sheathed. This allows Tei to trap his opponent and disarm them. Though it is rather difficult to perform, it does prove some worth.
  • Arx - Aspis in shield mode
  • Armiger - Aspis in sheath mode
  • Forfex - Scissor Mode
  • Barritus - Shotgun mode

Combat Style

Get in close and hold the lines is what Tei’s specialty. As far as roles go, Tei fills the Tank role in the group most of all. Typically, Tei will be the first to charge in to act as a distraction for his team and in the long-run, it makes sense.
Given Metallum Cancer’s size and durability, he can plow through Beowulves and various other smaller opponents. Add in his muscles and him charging leads to even bigger opponents to be knocked back. The Arx form may prove difficult for quite a few to lift, Tei can use it with ease as a close range weapon. Forfex mode can often be used to hook in opponents if he reaches behind and pulls them down. He can wedge them down on to the edge of the shield if planted into the ground. In certain cases, it can be a trap for others to take the target from behind while he holds them in place.
In one on one combat, he will often use the shield to block incoming fire. Most would presume he would hide behind it, but it can be quite the opposite. He will use it to ram into his opponents and if they dodge, he usually has Barritus mode prepared. Though he lacks in Dust and Semblance, his aura is used primarily to heal him and long range may prove difficult, he can often use the shield to hold off attacks.
If disarmed close up, he has no problem using his strength to take hits and even more so disarm his opponent by either kicking or grabbing a limb. His long reach proves used and his immense strength also helps. Typically agile people will try to retrieve their weapon only to be met by Tei’s defending it and even more so keeping them out of distance.
The biggest mistake is direct hand to hand combat: possibly Tei’s strongest point. He is a Grappler: once he gets in his grasp, he will use his strength and weight to break his opponent. Though, against armor foes, his strength is very much capable of lifting and tossing even bigger foes. Despite not having aura or a semblance to improve his base strength, it is still capable of dealing with tougher opponents.
If you think he only applies it to humans, you’d be wrong. Grimm of Beowulve and Ursa size have been greeted in direct combat bare handed. Most would think Tei would be in danger, but even an Alpha Beowulf is not enough to stop this brute. To put it nicely, he can tear a Beowulf’s head apart by force alone.
In regards to implanting his semblance, it is rather attached to his instincts and not his own skills. Not heavily trained in aura or semblance, Tei relies on his own strength. Though his physical strength is great, his time in Beacon will primarily be focused on improving and implimenting his aura and semblance into his fighting style.

Signature Moves

  • Aspis Charge - This move is a straight forward tackle using the shield
  • Psylax Aspis - He will plant the shield and use the shield to block attacks, while using the shotguns to shot from around it mocking a wall sentry.
  • Upside-down Guillotine - He will usually push an enemy up with his shield and hold the scissor which will behead or injure the person
  • Aspis Guillotine - By knocking opponent down, he'll holdthem down with one knee and arm, then swing his shield down decapitating them
  • Banshee Killer - Opposite to Psylax Aspis, this move is an upcut to the chin with the shield before following up with blasts from the shotgun.
  • Wedge Breaker - Using the shield, he will swing into a line of the armor and use it to split the armor apart before pushing the scissor in and remove the shield, as the armor retracts, the scissor transforms and will unload into the soft spot.
  • Brute Breaker - This is a move without the assitance of his shield, he will use his scissor weapon and his brute strength to puncture an enemy to follow up with a shotgun blast, though, he will also use an arm to choke an enemy.
  • Titan Slayer - This is a move meant to be used without a single weapon. The move starts out with him spinning around placing his arm under the left arm and gripping the front of the neck, while placing his right foot behind the enemy. He we'll kneel with them pulling their spin directly into his knee as he forces the spine backwards. He will then push over and flip them on to their front side as he slowly gets u, but will grip their legs and pull them through his legs, before falling back cracking the spin even further. As he roll out let go, he will grab their legs once more as he will pull them up and begin to spin before tossing them up as they come down, he will catch them and finish up with a Piledriver. This move has been performed on Grimm, though if they are not done for, he will step on their throat and begin to stomp on their head, though this only works on Grimm's that have a humanoid figure such as Beowolves. This move will undoubtly break a human spin, legs and their skull due to the power that Tei pushes into this move.

His Growth

  • Fishing for long periods of day has extended his patience.
  • Working in the forge has built up his heat resitance.
  • His change in diet has changed his intake in proteins.
  • After having his horns broken off, he had begun to build pain resistance as he has suffer many blows through his tournament career
  • His tournament fights and his time in the forge also have allowed him to become well versed an array of weapons.
  • During his time with the Hunter, he learned to engage Grimm in different manners.
    • In open areas with a pack of Beowulves to enhance his reflexes.
    • One on one with Ursa just using Arx mode.
    • Engaging Grimm underwater with Forfex mode alone.
    • Fighting Alpha Beowulf in hand to hand combat.


Tei's aura is a bronze color that seems to become apparent when injured. When he uses it, his tinted visor lightens up do to his eyes gaining a bronze hue. His aura will fixiate itself on the wounds and consentrate on it. The more damage, the greater the glow. Given his face to face combat style, Tei's aura doesn't seem to be used offensively or defensively as opposed to healing his injuries or protecting himself. Though Tei isn't entirely aware of his aura, he has a basic understanding of what it is. As far as stamina goes, his healing doesn't inflict his stamina all too much as it doesn't entirely consume much energy. Given his physical stamina is above thta of most, it allows him to prolong a fight despite minor injuries that are not fatal.


Tei’s semblance is named Vector: the ability to rewrite vectors of objects. Notably, Vector modifies the magnitude and velocity of any object that has a Vector. Tei, who isn’t all to aware of it’s true purpose has used it in the past. Notably, Vector can overwrite any incoming attack including long range weapons. Vector in appearance creates a bronze shell where the attack is going to hit. Even more so, a ripple effect occurs and sends the ripple back sending the attack back. Though it does not entirely provide complete protection: abilities such as magnetism and properities that do not have an initial vector, which does not apply to glyphs either.
In the past, Vector was used to block a a long-range shot when Tei had been focused in a close range engagement. Hearing the shot, he turned and his Semblance had awaken. His aura had already been awaken previously, but the bullet had been reflected and nailed the culprit. Tei was unaware of Semblance, but had left it as chance. It has been tied to his instincts due to the lack of training he possesses in semblance.
Since then, Tei has yet to train in the use of his semblance, which has left Vector in a stored state. As of now, Tei has had this moment tied to a tournament that was looked over by a Beacon staff member and informed Tei that he did possess a semblance which he had been ignorant of. Upon being informed, he was noted to take a course and have his scheduel changed in a later semester to aid him in this field.
As far as stamina consumption, Vector does not comsume much in short burst as it projects a barrier that only redirects the force of the attack in the direction it originated from. Unlike asorption, it doesn't require to a prolonged period to be kept up, but in the cse of multiple attacks in a stready stream, it will begin to drain Tei's vast stamina. Though given he has yet to even use it more then once, Vector's full capabilities in combat is unknown.


Tei’s strength lies in his physical strength and durability. Tei’s ability to read his opponents weapons in combat allows him to decide when to attack properly and by using his default strategy to charge at them to see what they do allows him to develop an attack on the fly. His Metallum Cancer’s diameter allows for Tei to create mobile cover. Even more so, his shield also provides offensive capabilities and in combination with the Arx/Barritus mode, he can easily switch between offense and defense. His experience with forging weapons and one on one fights also gives him experience with others while his training has allowed him to read a Grimm’s attack. Unarmed, Tei can still fight on par with armed enemies. His aura also provides a healing factor that allows him to prolong a battle if needed.


Tei’s weakness lies within his lack of long range combat and his basic knowledge of aura, semblance and external dust use. Given Metallum Cancer is a shotgun, it’s range is limited greatly. His aura is very limited as he has never learned about it besides what it is and this is the case with his semblance. His aura may be able to heal, but it doesn’t have nay defensive or offensive capabilities. His semblance is tied to his instincts and only reacts if it is truly needed. Dust in the latter case has only been limited to his slugs which use a combination: other then that, Tei is not aware of Dust’s full potential. Notably, due to his lack of socializing and dating, he is inexperienced with women and further more when they reveal skin: which ironically may be his greatest fault. Though it may not entirely inflict combat, but it does cause a lack in communication and causes Tei to become silent. Notably, he also finds people’s reactions to his face bothersome and often hides it solely to avoid confrontation on the subject, thus why many have never seen his face.

Back Story

   Tei was orphaned by his real parents at an early age. Left in the streets, a lone fisherman known as Orlando passed by the baby in a basket. Noticing it was a fauna, he knew the child wouldn't survive in an area inhabited by humans who were still following the stigma. Taking the orphan home with him, his wife Lydia was surprised by her husband holding a child. At first Lydia wanted nothing of the child, but after Orlando persuaded her, Tei was given his name and fully adopted by the family.
  Tei was raised as their child and treated no different then they were. On one hand, he learned to fish with his father and on the other, he learned how to forge weapons thanks to his mother. As he learned about both careers, he noticed both his parents were dog faunus, while he had horns. Confused, he often asked his parents who tried to hide the truth from the boy.  
  Tei was raised on low income learned quickly how people like himself were treated. Tei was rather small for his age at the time and human children picked on him for his horns. Even more so, adults would often attack the boy by slapping him or kicking him away for being a faunus. This lead to his parents keeping him away from others and raised him away from the other children. He was raised as a working boy. He was either helping his mother forge weapons or out fishing with his father.  
  Time passed and by age 9, he had learned how to fish and forge basic weapons. As he learned, his parents hid the fact that Orlando had found him on the streets. Notably Tei was raised away from children, but time after time, Tei saw other faunus around his age being picked on. The boy for some reason would often go and fight the children to help the others out. His parents noticed the boy liked to fight and protect others. Notably, he would eventually enter a tournament for children nine through twelve years old.
  He fought well and from his spare time playing with the weapons, he learned quickly how to watch his opponents. It wasn't until one match where the child he beat for the win attacked him from behind with a club and smashed the boy's horns into pieces. Knocked out Tei's parents and other adults interfered. In surgery, Tei's horn remnants were cut down and turned into flat plates to help. Tei remained in the hospital for some time, but the short time made him vow to fight again and so he did.
  His parents were against it, but Orlando saw how happy fighting made the boy. He wasn't stuck inside all the time and so he handed down a family heirloom. Tei at first didn't understand, but he used it still unmasked in fights that allowed him, but his diet and training lead him to bulk up. It wasn't long, until Tei began to look at bigger tournaments. His father helped out and so did his mother. 
  At the age of fourteen, Tei had went out and begun to enter higher tier tournaments. Though he had entered faking his true identity. He had to reforge his family’s heirlooms to hide that they belonged to a faunus and even more his now flatten horns. He had created Metallum Cancer and took on what became his staple helmet. Tei entered tournament one after the other and he begun to gain a following.
  It wasn’t hard to not like Tei, despite his hardships, he was rather reserved and he always gave the audience a show. He became known as the Vanguard due to how he charged in and took his opponents face on. Notably, his opponents lacked the strength and strategy. It was common for those who had heard of the boy to avoid him and drop out as Tei was known as a monster. Tei wasn’t afraid to even grab and use his opponents weapons against them. In the few cases that he was disarmed, his opponents tried to attack him with their weapons. Tei would often use his strength to disarm his opponent and follow through with his grappling techniques. A year and a half passed before he was recruited by a Hunter.
  Now fifteen, Tei was now begun training to fight Grimm. The Hunter saw his potential from his last fight, where he was up against nineteen other opponents and came out victorious. Though what he saw, Tei had no idea about. Tei had a semblance and the man knew the boy would be waste fighting in tournaments. Using Tei's ambition to fight stronger opponents, the Hunter began to teach Tei about Grimm and Hunters. Tei was pitted against an array of Grimm before the Hunter finally saw Tei perfect his ability to engage Grimm with his weapons alone. His time forging weapon, fishing for long periods a day, fighting from a young age and learning to use his basic skills to engage Grimm. The Hunter had already been in talks with Ozpin, who had been shown what Tei was capable of. It was a clear decision.. The Hunter never gave Tei his real name, but told him he would once he became a hunter. At the age of seventeen, the masked fauna known as Tei Phylax is a Beacon freshman.
Tei's Adventure will note his time in Beacon via events he's involved with. It will be fashioned in a journal style.





  • Idle "I use to catch a fish that take hours on end. . ."
  • Looking at dog "Look at those legs, the mane, oh and. . . oh I'm talking out loud by accident about dogs again, aren't I?"
  • Looking at a weapon "Lets see. . . the overall design built with it's weapon types and mechanic. . . oh sorry, just a habit when I see new toys is all."
  • Being Acepted to Beacon "Hey I got accepted despite having little education! Success!"
  • Battle Phrase "Don't worry I got your back and so does my shield!"
  • Struggling "Wow a challenge, lets see how this can go. . . I have a lot patience."
  • Tired "Jeez. . . this is draining me. . . like that time with that huge swordfish. . . learned why they are called that too."
  • Defeated "Damn. . . I haven't lost since I was a kid!"
  • Seeing a woman's skin "Oh no. . . could you cover your skin Miss?"
  • Meeting people at first "Um. . . do you have a hobby?"
  • About his helmet "I like not getting my head sun burned. . ."
  • About his Aspis' weight "Does the fact that I'm the size of truck not say why I can lift my shield?"
  • Why he's early bird "I use to go fishing before the sun even rose, so I use to wake the rooster."
  • How he's actually tan "I use to only wear shorts. . . though I think with my size, I don't want to make people feel even smaller."
  • Insulted about his size "At least I can actually lift three times my weight without a sweat. . . oh sorry didn't know you couldn't lift twice your weight."


  • His first name Tei comes from the Roman word ‘Teichos’ meaning Wall. His name Phylax is the Roman word for ‘Sentry’. Teichos Phylax would result in his name meaning ‘Wall Sentry’
    • In Japanese Tei means 'air' or 'sky' which ironically can fit his eye color
    • The Chinese equilivant 'Tai' fits Tei due to it meaning 'great'
  • Metallum Cancer could mean either ‘Metal Crab’ due to the Zodiac or ‘Metal Death’ due Cancer being a disease.
    • Arx means fortress in Roman and reflects the shield being Tei's mobile fortress.
    • Armiger means armed man in Roman and refers to the sheath being armed with Tei's weapon.
    • Forfex means battle-scyethe in Roman and reflects the Scissor resembling a guillotine which is often paired with death who often appears as a skeleton wielding a scythe.
    • Barritus means battle-cry and can refer to the loud sound made by a shotgun shot.
  • Being raised by a fisherman, he’s quite the fisherman and even more, he’s developed skill in stamina for fishing big game that can draw out for hours and he seems to be able to fight underwater for short periods using his bare hands.
  • Being raised by a fisherman, he’s quite the fisherman and even more, he’s developed skill in stamina for fishing big game that can draw out for hours and he seems to be able to fight underwater for short periods using his bare hands.
  • Tei is actually allergic to cat fur and certain trees.
  • Indicated by his love for the classics, it may be implied he’s into swing and jazz music.
  • It is also implied that he may own his own motorcycle by his helmet and the fact that he will mock the sound of a motorcycle when either bored or waiting.
  • When speaking Tei is known to speak quickly and often not use 'r' sounds when speaking. This becomes troublesome when he pronouces names starting with R or words relying on them. Other things to note is that he is able to roll his tongue which may draw out things.
    • Example: Ryan will becom either 'Bryan' to make up for not being able to say the r at first or 'Ian' with a silent 'r'
    • Example: Vodka may sound like 'Vvodka' giving it a silent w'
  • Tei is a light sleeper and always wakes up before the sun rises.
    • It seems that it was common  for his father to dump cold water early in his life before taking him to fish
    • He also became easily startled and adjusted to his father trying to sneak in to dump water on him.
  • He fits into some running gags
    • Losing to someone in chess who doesn't come off a bit on lower scale of knowledge.
    • A female teammate dressing in lesser clothing to get his reaction.
    • Having issues with clothing due to his size.


  • His background is based upon the gladiator Flamma
    • His record of wins to losses and 
    • Notably, both have the same interest in battle
      • Flamma died in combat and was offered freedom on four occassions, yet turned them down
      • Tei similar to Flamma bares little armor and enters fights willingly even if losing may occur
    • He also wears very limited armor
  • Another notable figure that influenced Tei is the Roman hero Hercules
    • His strength and his childhood
      • Tei takes from a couple factors
        • He wasn't raised by his parents
        • His weapon and name could be a played joke
          • Notably, Cancer the crab was kicked into the sky (Japanese meaning of Tei to some degree) and became a constellation
            • Metallum Cancer was reforged by Tei
        • Hercules' Seventh labor was to take away the Cretan Bull
          • In some fashion, the Bull was released due to Hera's rejection
            • This could reflect Tei being orphaned
        • Tei being based off gladiators and Spartans
          • Some myths link the two to Hercules due to their will to battle and fight anything pitted against them
        • Tei's Chinese equilivant 'Tai' also matches Hercules' to some degree
          • Tai meaning 'Great'
          • Herculean meaning 'Strong'
            • Both reflect Tei's stature in terms of description
  • His clothing and body style are influenced by Guile of Street Fighter, Oleg from Saints Row, Senji Kiyomasa of Deadman WonderlandSkull of KHR, The Stig of Top Gear and Maine/Meta of RvB.
  • Tei's personality and role could be similar to Tank-like characters in multiple series who are often silent and rarely speak unless needed to.
  • Tei’s overall combat and weapon choice is influenced by both Spartan Soldiers and Roman Gladiators who were both treated extremely roughly and were fearsome warriors.
  • Metallum Cancer’s shield may also reflect that Cancer is the zodiac connected to the moon.
  • Being raised as a fisherman’s son and becoming a giant which may reflect Portugal during the era which Rome was conquering Europe as Portugal was often to be at a constant war with Rome, until the fall of Viriathus and the Lusitanians as Viriathus managed to repel Roman invasion, until he was betrayed.
    • Notably, Lusitanians were known to use an array of ranged weapons that even included throwning knives.
    • Jokingly, if it could be thrown, they used it.
  • Tei's CQC skills are a reflection of Cancer being a crab and as animals who fight in CQC.
  • His birthday is the start of Cancer's ruling in Tropical regions, while still being in Cancer's usual span of control.
    • Ironically, his name's meaning in Japanese could also be used to refernece the location in the sky.
  • Metallum Cancer's design was inspired from different sources.
    • The Aspis is often the most reconginizable weapon of the Spartan Troops
    • The scissor is a Gladiator weapon often not noted, but is considerably an odd weapon
    • The Scissor in design resembles a swinging Guillotine used by Villains of dirrent medias as a trap to kill intruders.
    • The Double-Barreled shotgun isn't often used for anything outside out of hunting or self-defense nowadays.
    • The Shotgun recieved it's infamous nickname 'Boomstick' from Ash Williams of Army of Darkness.
  • His childhood could reflect that of Hiccup from How to Train Your Dragon
    • Most notable: being the weaker child and spending time working as a blacksmith in his teens
      • Tei however grew to enjoy fighting at a younger age
  • His personality to speak only when forced to resembles that of Soundwave from Tramsformers Prime & his battlestyle may have originated from Grimlock of Transformers FoC for being a CQC even more so his weapons resemble a Roman Soldier in his robot form.
  • His height and weight are somewhat similar to that of the Big Show of WWE
    • His height is a play on the 69 position and the fact that it resembles the symbol of Cancer
  • His move Titan Slayer was inspired by King I of Tekken and the Undertaker of WWE
  • His semblance Vector originates from one of the theories that surround Jaune's semblance
    • Notably, this theory is disproven due to Cardin's fist not bouncing
    • The idea of Vector control comes from various animes that can be found here.




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