Temnny, Sumerki, and Svet are the three weapons used by Kingsly Kay durning his time at the Beacon Academey, in the fanfic BLCK.  


Temnny, meaning Darkness in russian, is a single action revolver- crossbow combonation. Utilizing the revolvers single action style hammer to pull the crossbow limbs to a fireing position. The original revolver mechanism fires the bullet, while the crossbow integration, combined with Gauss rifle style technolgy, sling the bullet even further, and at a higher velocity. With black painted metal parts, and dark wood crossbow limbs, and handle plateing. It has the capability to fold up and out, to form a police baton for non-lethal attacks. It's name is etched on the barrel

Sumerki, meaning Twilight in russian, Is a double barrel shotgun, using a built in beta clip system to keep ammo stocked. The shotgun's double barrels are filled with ammo, by manuely breaking open the barrel, and ejecting the two shells. By slamming it closed, the next two shells are automaticly loaded. The gun can be unfolded to create part of a riot style shield with Svet. It's painted gray, with a swirling pattern of black and white. It's name is etched on the stock. 

Svet, meaning Light in russian, is a bolt action rifle with very little attachments. A built in scope, and lightend frame, make it easier to use and aim, but has no actuall modiifications aside from that. It can be unfolded to create the other part of a riot style shiled with Sumerki. Its painted white, with it's name painted cleanly on the side of the scope. 


All the weapons are police style, matching with the security gaurd style that Kingsly wears. All the weapons are compatable with less than lethal ammunition and other forms of ammunition. This makes it extreamly useful for any situation. 

Note: Picture Pending.

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