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Am I supposed to be impressed by that?
— Tennè Daystar

Tennè Daystar
Age 17 years
Title Tawny
Status Active
Gender Female
Race Human
Handedness Left
Hair Orange with red tips
Eyes Emerald Green
Height 5' 7"
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Partner Raven Duskshine
Occupation Student
Personal Status
Relatives Rita Daystar (mother)
Additional Info
Likes Sparring
Cute things
Her mother
Silvia Nytingale
Dislikes Raven's attitude
Feeling vulnerable
Weaknesses Pride
Team DSRT (specifically Silvia)
Opposite sex

Tennè (Taw.Knee) Daystar is a young woman who strives to be just like her mother, a strong huntress who can face anything. She seems to be crude and a prideful girl in order to better suit her mother's expectation of her.


Tennè has long flowing orange hair and emerald green eyes. She wears a long overcoat with a body corset over a tunic dress and a short tie. Tennè wears long boots with heels with stockings underneath. She wears a feather ear cuff earrings on only her left ear. She also wears gloves. Tennè wears a pouch on her left side that holds ammo for the Moonlit Gleam.


Primarily, Tennè is a sassy character. She can make anything she says seem like a snide remark or like she has an attitude if she wanted to.

Tennè does have a soft side for cute things. While maintaining a cool-looking image, Tennè can been seen squealing over a new stuffed animal in Vale or some small animal. She's never showed anyone this side of her aside from Silvia Nytingale.

Because of her past, she grew a liking to attractive girls. When she finds someone she likes, Tennè tends to hide her feelings for the girl and fail at it. As of late, Tennè has her sights on her teammate, Silvia. In fact, Silvia is the first girl she's ever fallen in love with. Tennè can't seem to get Silvia off her mind. Despite she would get a crush on a new girl every day and her team would always know who, no one knows that she fell in love with the horse Faunus and Tennè planned to keep it that way.

Weapon, Skills, and Abilities

The Moonlit Gleam as a naginata/ sniper rifle weapon Tennè's mother gave her when she made it to Beacon Academy. It has two forms:

  • Lance Form: While on stand by, Tennè has the Moonlit Gleam attached to her back in it's lance form.
  • Rifle Form: Moonlit Gleam's gun form. She rarely uses it's gun form, but Tennè does have the knowledge to use it. In this form, she is able to shoot twenty bullets per magazine round.


While giving birth to Tennè, her mother was worried about her husband, who was on a mission as a hunter. a week later, it was known that Tennè's father died while fighting off a pack of boarbatusks. Her mother waited until Tennè was older to start doing missions as a huntress.

As a kid, Tennè was jealous whenever she was compared to her mother. She was the daughter of Rita Daystar, a well-known Huntress in her area. All Tennè wanted was to be a huntress to outshine her mother. That was it. She trained alone at a young age to some day become a better huntress to step out of her shadow.

Years later, when she turned of 14, she attended a private combat school. Tennè was very excited to become a great huntress. However, on her way back home just months into starting combat training, Tennè was constantly harrassed by a group of boys from her school but she never spoke about it. Some months later, Tennè started to get sexually abused by the same boys. When Rita found out, she pulled Tennè out of school and started home schooling her. Because of this, Tennè developed androphobia, or the fear of men. 

While being home schooled, Tennè learned a lot about her mother. Rita sacrificed everything so Tennè didn't have to live in a world of fear and hatred. While she is still trying, Tennè wanted to help her do just that for the people of Remnant and so her mother doesn't have to work as hard as she already has. Since then, Tennè has worked and studied to become a huntress like her mother.

When she turned seventeen, Tennè was able to attend Beacon to become a huntress. She also went to get over her androphobia problem. With Silvia's help and getting used to her male teammates, Tennè slowly makes progress into her getting over her androphobia problem.


Jerrick Dawn Knight

Silvia Nytingale

Raven Duskshine


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