Tenth was a town in Remnant that now lies in ruins after it was destroyed by a large hoard of Grimm.


Tenth was located in the countryside of the east of Vale. there were a few forests and mountains nearby that had Grimms lurking in them, but due to most of the townspeople being veteran hunters and huntresses nobody ever worried about them.


Tenth was raised alongside his brothers in Incognitus Elisium, where they trained to become powerful and skilled hunters. His father was the head of the settlers who were trying to find a good place for a new settlment. Their mode of transport was attacked by a Death Stalker. His brothers where knocked out by the impact so he had to lead the attack. He and the settlers triumphed and the land was given to him by his father for his bravery.

The father took the other sons to their original destination. But sadly due to old age, he passed away. Tenth and his brothers asked their fellow settlers to bury them next to him when they die. Each section of the town was made in their honour.

After over two centuries the town was viciously attacked by a hoard of Grimm. When it looked like the villagers were about to win, their strongest hunter was struck down from behind by a rogue hunter. After a number of hours the town was in ruins with only one survivor.


The appearance of the town resembles a old fashioned Italian styled town with the love and age of its people on every wall. It can be divided into eleven sections that represent Tenth, his brothers and their father.The town has a large selection on dark coloured plants and flowers and pitaya plants. They often use the skins of dragon fruit to serve vanilla flavored ice cream.

Their is a oddly shaped curved lookout tower. and a statue of Tenth and his family in the middle of the town square.


The people of Tenth are kind and peaceful villagers who come from a long line of powerful hunters. The inhabitants of this small town teach each other their skills to keep themselves strong. These skills include combat, hunting, cooking and being a blacksmith. The people are very kind to strangers, both human and fauna.


The statue of Tenth.

This statue was made in Tenths honour two years after his death. a number of people used leave flowers there to show their appreciation for him building the town.

The round tower.

A round lookout tower that has a lot of strange statues, decorations and a shape that made it look like it came out of a abstract painting. The people who made it had a printer that malfunctioned when they tried to print the design, but decided to use this design due to its unique look.

The bronze station.

A train station that was nicknamed the bronze station due to the colouring of the station floor. The station itself wasn't made out of bronze.


Most people got around on foot. Farmers would use vans and trucks to deliver their goods. There were a few old classic motorbikes, but they were mostly for delivering food like pizza.

Known inhabitants.

  • Mulan Jade.
  • Kurai Jack Jade.
  • The four Mario brothers.
  • Chieften.
  • Around a hundred men and women.

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