We are Bedlam given life
Mech warrior by thiago almeida-d62a8go
The Powerful Commando Machines of DIscordia. They are built to survive any type of terrain and almost the best ground soldiers that Discordia has to offer.


They serve as the elite guards to the Taraka and when it is unleash to destroy Discordia's enemies they are often seen as unbeatable. What makes them strong also makes them limited as the materials needed to make them function at there peak and the strength of their weapons is quite rare and hard to form. This is why they are rarely seen but when needed they can fight almost any force.

Abilities and Weapons

There are armored with a metal that has not been know to Vytal before and is quite resistant to many situations and attacks. They are faster then the Daevas and stronger then the Vetalas, and their weapons are hardened energy allowing them to cut through most material.


The Asura theme is "The Hand of Science" by Skitz The Samurida.

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