You are a fool to believe Man's Light can never die. We are evidence to the contrary.

The Children of Grimm are widespread, underground mafia of the most evil and ruthless criminals led by Heinrich Ubel. Only those who have encountered them, work with or for them, have ever worked with them, and survived have knowlegde of them. 



The Children of Grimm have members from and in nearly every major organization within the Northern Kingdom and Vale in their ranks, tied together by other mafias, other corporations, government ties and contracts, etc.

They are led by a sort of patriarchy, the strongest, smartest, wisest, members lead the footsoldiers and report to their Leader.

Known Members

Known Associates

Trivia and Author's Notes

  • This organization is primarily meant for fan fiction purposes, but have been referenced in some of my RPs, previously.
    • Revan MacLeod has sworn his vengeance on this organization and their leader for murdering his family.
    • Detective James Holmes has been investigating this faction and their connections, while his family has connections with them without knowing.
    • Riona Macentire's family was chased away by contesting nobles, under the orders of the Children of Grimm.
    • Yadira Aswang's family has been in a cold war with the Children of Grimm, using assassination and guile to undermine each other.
    • Dresden Copperfield is aware of the Children of Grimm because of his childhood escapades in sneaking into local mafia joints and getting into trouble.
    • Azura MacLeod was taken by Cain Viper to escape the MacLeod Massacre.
  • I realize that this group resembles the Iluminati somewhat...
  • The Known Members are all OCs in the works...
  • Users who have criminal OCs or OC Corporations, The Children of Grimm may or may not be affiliated with them at your discretion. Comment and link if you wish to be an Affiliate.

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