Neil shall guide us through this time of darkness!
— Members from the Cult of Neil
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After hearing a broadcast from UtVoN, several like minded people discovered each other. Once enough people were together, the Cult of Neil spawned. This happened within two days, somehow enough people found each other this quickly. While actually a sizable group, it has remained largely unoticed.


After it's formation, very little has been done by the group. Most members just spend time together talking about Neil. More recently, the more active and determine members (also the braver ones), have taken to following Tianee about. Of these people, the smarter ones have done so using as many people as possible to avoid actually following her but still being able to track her movements. They have not been successful in their attempts to find Neil.


The Cult of Neil typically does very little, though some of the more dedicated members have taken to stalking Tianee in the hopes of coming into contact with Neil. Most are unwilling to follow this hazardous action, prefering to keep tabs on the girl using an array of members to track her movements. As of yet, they have been unsuccessful.


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