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Xiii samurai by sephiroth art-d4b6ora
The elite of Discordia's Machines as they attacked with ferocity of powerful warriors and that they are stronger then seen from any other machines.


Powerful Machines that run on higher processes that allow them to trade blows with even the strongest fighters often meeting their attacks blow for blow. The materials that make up the armor is a powerful type of adamantium which is impervious to most attacks. They often used advanced attacks and thought processes.

Abilities and Weapons

With the machines built the way they are built to be strong enough to be able to destroy the strongest fighter in short numbers. On top of that they have an ability to upgrade themselves to be able to avoid attacks or adapt to the surroundings around them to better plan. They are also attached with their own voice modulator which gives them whispering phrases about the people they're fighting and who they serve often making it loud enough to here the noise but not being able to understand the words giving them a psychological edge.

They also can assimilate other metals into themselves to repair them. They are given high frequency blades that allow them to cut through mostly anything in their way. They are faster, stronger, and better then most that try to fight them and have unveil to their defeated enemies why they are so adaptable.


The Daeva Theme is "Demise" by Wonder Brown

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