Par one will focus on setting up the three factions, each POV will be a faction leader.

Chapter One: POV Nox

Nox sat in the back of the filled classroom. He scanned the dismissive faces of the other students, gathering one shared reaction; boredom. The teacher in front was going on about one of his Grimm kills. One of his many brutal, savage victories, and yet, it couldn’t keep Nox from being bored to tears. Oh, DO tell me how tightly your fists coiled around that Beo-, oh, it was an Ursa this time? Interesting. The young boy pulled out his Vibro-knife, using the hilt to scratch at an age old scar across his face. His midnight blue streaked hair left an image of a boy to experienced for his age on the reflection of the knife. He began to twirl it in his hands, admiring the faint buzzing.

“Hey, kid, do my lessons bore you?” The man in the front glared at him incredulously. His silver eyes looked cold, his gleaming blue hair completed the look, as did his nose, so pointed, it could probably kill you.”Answer me, please?”

“No, Professor Myte, your recycled stories of a heroic, pompous, Hunter well past his prime, entice me. Please, go on.” Nox frowned, I wonder if he even understands sarcasm.

“Ah, young man, this is all my fault, I should've known that you were a more, ‘hands-on’ learner.” He smirked, “Come to the front please?”

Nox reluctantly traveled to the front, his eyes forming to slits, “You planning on having me fight one of your pet pigs, Professor?” He slid the knife towards chest level.

“No, good man, you are going to fight me.”A wide smile crossed his face.

“Just like a Hunter, when you can’t win with words, you’ll beat the shit out of them.” Nox growled, getting into a striking stance, his knife at the ready. Myte stood in a relaxed position, as if he was stretching for a game of minigolf, instead of a duel. Nox frowned, And you wonder why I hate you people so much. “Stop taunting me. get on with it!” The experienced hunter seemed immune to Nox’s harsh words, enraging him further. Nox charged head first at the man, then stopped on his left foot, jumping to the side of the Hunter, aiming a precision strike at his knee cap. Nox’s foot glanced off.

“This is called defensive type aura, when strengthened enough-” He stopped speaking as Nox slashed three times in quick succession, one at the temple, one at the arm pit, and one at the jugular, “-you can defend any type of attack.”He finished, as the three blows bounced harmlessly off of his glowing orange, aura. He leaped high over Nox’s head, landing on the top, his black shoes making imprints on his streaked hair. “This is agility type aura, this can be used to perfect your balance in combat, and perform acrobatic styled moves.”

He performed a perfect 180 off of the student’s head. “ And for the grande finale,” Nox focused his energy into his legs, hoping to utilize his speed to catch the arrogant Hunter off guard. He slid on his knees, coming right up under the Hunter, he slashed at his kneecaps. Sliding out the other side,he stood up, right as the Professor finished his speech, “Attack type Aura, can be used to push the enemy back, striking at his defensive points.”

Three indents appeared on Nox’s uniform, and three faded rays of orange aura appeared beside them, he flew a few feet back, landing on his side.

Huff, Huff.” Nox pushed himself of off the floor. He glared at Myte.

“I was honestly expecting more from HIS trainee.” The man began to pack his things, “Class dismissed, do not forget to study for next week's test!”

Nox’s face flushed in silent fury, dark, black thoughts of torment and murder flashed through his head. He abuses his status to embarrass me, then has the audacity to speak of my father. Darker thoughts swirled through his head, of a different kind. What if this is my limit? What if I simply can’t become good enough to shut these pompous bastards up! Mercenaries can’t continue to be second class to Hunters!  The torrent of emotion subsided, and Nox’s mind took a more sane route.

“You getting that same feeling, huh?”A blonde haired boy, about as tall as Nox, popped out from the corner. He thrust his hand out to Nox,”I’m Ira, and yeah I saw what happened in there, and I can’t stand them as well.”

“Their pompous attitude infuriates me. They can’t see past that damned ruby colored lens, into the real world!” Nox’s fists tightened.

“Oh, haha, you’re actually pretty noble! I’m surprised, my reason isn’t nearly as commendable. They just fucking bore me, all that damned nobility, I just wanna beat shit up sometimes, y’know?”

Nox glared, “Why are you bothering me with this now, of all times?” Nox wasn’t one for conversation in the first place, this day just had a worse circumstance.

“I know that you’re a merc, and I know that you want to knock the hunters off of their pretty little high horses. How do you think Vale would react, if a team of Teenage Mercs, beat the shit outta Beacon’s finest?”

Nox flashed a once-in-a-lifetime grin, double canines showing,”Ha, I don’t usually like people who think they can invade my personal life like this, but you are speaking what I like to hear. But, I see one flaw in your plans, how are we going to take all of these loyal, Hunters-to-be?”

“I’m sure we aren’t the only ones who are willing to give ol’ Beacon a little wake up call,”The boy noticed that his hand was still outstretched, “My name is Ira,by the way.” He waited for Nox to shake his hand. Nox ignored the gesture.

“Stop with the formalities, we don’t need diplomats, we need fighters.” Nox began to walk towards his Dorm, a smile stretched across his face.

Ira called after him, “Do you know who the fuck I am? I'm the KING of fighters!”

Chapter 2:POV Messer

Chapter 3:POV Yin

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