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Fan Fiction:
The Four Huntsmen
Author Paradise Paradox and Jorey28
Genre Fantasy, Action, Comedy, Romance and Drama
Perspective Third
Narrator None
Official Characters Canon Characters
Fan-made Characters Team JORE

Description: About four Huntsmen.

The Four Huntsmen

The Four Huntsmen is a fanfic created by Paradise Paradox and Jorey28.


The Four Huntsmen is about four huntsmen who are attending Beacon, some of them couldn't make their way to Beacon, others somehow got their by luck. As they are about to take their journey throughout Beacon, they must keep themselves paced and steady. And on this treacherous journey, they will face many great enemies.



# Season/Arc Name Chapters Theme Music Summary
1 Introduction Arc 1-7(7 Chapters) Hero - Blossom About Team JORE making their way to Beacon Academy.
2 Gary Panner Arc 8-22(15 Chapters) Na Na Na Na - My Chemical Romance Gary Panner is set to avenge his sister by targeting students at Beacon.
3 Romeo Arc 23-41(19 Chapters) The World Is Calling - There For Tommorow

After Gary Panner is defeated, the Romeo Artifact must be returned.

4 Sairyō Ryōshi Arc 42-53(12 Chapters) Mountains - Biffy Clyro Team JORE meet the Sairyō Ryōshi, which are the strongest hunters so far.
5 Stigma Town Arc 54-62(9 Chapters) The Swarm - You Me At Six Team JORE are tasked with going to Stigma Town to help them against Grimm.
6 Rogue Arc 63-82(20 Chapters) Running Away - Varna A member of Team JORE has gone missing. They must find him as he is being hunted by the White Fang, archeologists, mercenaries and even his own family.
7 Invasion Arc 83-95(13 Chapters) Hunt Hunt Hunt - There For Tommorow Team JORE and Team WEST plans to overthrow the Master for his corruption.
8 Atlas Vytal Festival Arc 96-117(20 Chapters) Sore Winner - There For Tommorow The Vytal Festival is held again in Atlas as the tournament begins.
9 118-125(8 Chapters) Black Rain - Creeper Jorey is being targeted by the Baozhang Gang in order to find Rufus
10 Disaster Tripocalypse Arc 126- Picture Day - The White Noise Jorey heads to Vaccuo to prevent the ex CoR members trying to sabotage a speech whilst Onyx must save his orphanage from the threat of a Grimm attack and a splinter group of White Fang. The Sabbia manor is also being attacked by the Baozhang Gang
11 Baozang Gang Arc Not Enough - Makari Jorey and Lucretia take on the Baozhang Gang in order to help their siblings.


  • Every 41 chapters starts a new year.