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Gary Panner Arc is the second arc in the Four Huntsmen series. It focuses on the new antagonist Gary Panner and his desire to fuffil his desceased sister's wish.



Chapter 8: Your Hand Is

After the fight, the the team headed at the dining hall to sit down. The aurora surround this place was mixed, full of gluttony, crying and bullying, they would infact be sitting with Team WEST. Bridgette looked to Jorey with anger. "I have to kill you for that." said Bridgette angrilly. Approaching the table would be 3 girls fawning over Onyx. "That's not a good battle technique." Onyx said. Jorey turned suprised. "What do you mean?" asked Jorey. "I'm saying you're a bad leader that's what!" shouted Onyx angrilly. Standing up, Jorey looked towards Onyx. "I'm a bad leader?" asked Jorey.  "Stop fighting!" shouted Trond, standing up aswell. "Sit down Trond, let them, it's a huntsman rivalry." Sigvard stated. "A stupid one however." Emma interjected. Eli is then eating a cupcake. Rufus notices this and is annoyed. "At a time like this?" Eli wondered.

Back to Jorey and Onyx, they were both angry at each other. "You don't deserve your place as team leader." Onyx exclaimed enraged. "Want to prove that?" asked Jorey. "Yes." Onyx agreed annoyed.

In the Dueling circle, they'd begin to take their weapons out. "Why does Onyx want to fight me so badly, does he want to prove himself? Never mind, I'll put him in his place." Jorey though to himself. Even before Sigvard said ready, the two began to fight. Rushing off towards Onyx with his nodachi, Jorey sends a strike, but Onyx blocks it. Jorey pushes back at Onyx. Turning into an arrow, Jorey moves back swiftly. Aiming two arrows towards Onyx, he fired them off with such accuracy and speed that they'd be sent hurtling through the thick atmopshere of hate, burning through the fire. However, the arrow was blocked from a bouncing grenade launcher. "What happened?" Jorey wondered. A blue haired person appeared on the dueling circle looking towards Jorey and Onyx. "You're team mates, why fight each other." he said. Eli was suprised and dropped his cupcake on the floor. Rufus was the first to notice this. "Johannes?" asked Eli suprised. Johannes looked towards Eli. "If it ain't my little brother Eli, these must be your team?" asked Johannes. "I'm the team leader!" shouted Jorey. Johannes looked to Onyx. "So, he didn't like it." Johannes speculated. Onyx got up and was angry. "That aiming, it would have it my shirt, he treated me like a teammate." Onyx thought to himself. Walking off the stage, Onyx looked to Rufus and then Eli. "Your brother's a 3rd year?" Onyx asked. Eli nodded to this. "Johannes, you're bleeding." Eli pointed out.

Inside Ozpin's Office, Johannes looked towards him. "What happened to your team?" asked Ozpin. Johannes looked down, tears falling down. "They... died, sir!" Johannes cried. Johannes looked up in shame. "I see." Ozpin said calmyly. "I don't deserve to live." Johannes said. "I've watched you and your team grow up in this time and I don't want to see you demotivating yourself, a true warrior knows victory and defeat." Ozpin preached. "I'll get on the work I missed." Johannes stated walking outside. Ozpin went towards his desk and sat down. "I guess Gary won't stop." stated Ozpin.

Chapter 9: Grimm Investigator

Inside the corridors of Beacon, there was a hollow activity going through out everyones dorms as Johannes walked. All lot of huntress were whispering at their doors. However, the huntsmen were booing and jeering at the same time. Johannes, was fazed, but his steps were filled with solitude and regret. Entering his dorm, Johannes looked to the 3 beds of his former teammates.

Inside the lunch room, Emma was walking across the lunch room and she bumps into someone. The person she bumps into turns out to be bulky and wearing orange wristguards. "Yes?" the boy asked fiercely. Emma could see the rage in his eyes. She then smiled. "I wasn't calling you." Emma stated. The boy grabbed Emma by the shirt. "Now what you gonna' do when I drop ya?" asked the boy. Emma's eyes gleamed. "Help, I'm being sexually assualted by this boy!" shouted Emma. Everyone in the lunch room turned. The boy then started to get shocked. Trond notices this. "If you want to assualt her, let me assualt you first!" Trond shouted. "Who are you?" the boy asked. Out of nowhere, Rufus and Jorey are both sent flying across the dining hall. Jorey falls into the bin. Rufus rams the bully.  Emma then notices Rufus and hugs him. Bridgette walked towards them and she dragged Emma of from Rufus.

Eli walked in the lunch room along with Onyx, looking at Jorey and Rufus. "Are you guys dead?" asked Onyx. "I guess they are." eli replied. Onyx backed away from Eli scared. Onyx then walked to Jorey. "Wake up Team leader." Onyx said. Jorey did not respond. "Wake up!" shouted Onyx, this time tapping him. "Wake up!" Onyx shouted louder and punching him. Jorey then woke up, Rufus also. "You don't have to do that." Jorey stated. As Eli was eating a cupcake, someone threw food at him. "Your brother is weak!" shouted a student. Rufus was stunned at this. Another food was thrown. "Relative of scum!" shouted a fenmale student. Eli looked at the female. His left eye gleamed. "Why are they all throwing food at Eli?" asked Bridgette. "Eli's brother, Johannes was with his team and other teams at a training practice to kill some Grimm, Johannes team kept going on and then the Grimm went into an abandonned area. Following the Grimm, they realised they were trespassers. They were taken out." Tr.ond stated. "Woah." said Bridgette shocked. "So they think Johannes isn't fit enough to be a Huntsman?!" Sigvard shouted out loudly. Then, everyone looked at Eli.

Inside Ozpin's office, Johannes is speaking with him. "Johannes, I want you to become a Grimm Investigator." Ozpin said. "A what?" Johannes wondered. "A Grimm investigator, you check the areas with Grimm Infestation and report back." Ozpin stated. "I'll take the job." Johannes accepted. "Now, as your first mission, take a few first years with you to any district of your choice, while the festival is going on." Ozpin granted. Johannes nodded.

Chapter 10: Rufus and Emma? Jealousy of Public

Inside Team WEST's dorm, where the light was bright and cheery, where the room was organised and well used. Sitting on his red bed, Trond looked to his bishop, he noticed that Bridgette's rook was easily able to be killed. He moved picked up his bishop and knocked of the rook out of the table and onto the floor. Bridgette's brows furrowed, she was dissappointed at Trond. "What did I do?" Trond asked. "Your bishop goes diagonal, how could you hit mine if it was one space in front?" Bridgette asked. "Nooo, it wasn't." Trond stated calmly. "Yes it was!" shouted Bridgette. Trond got up from the floor and looked to Sigvard. "Trond, you told that you'd cheat all lot in the game!" blurted out Sigvard. "Ahhh!" shouted Trond frustrated. Bridgette and Emma both laughed at this. Trond grabbed the chess board and toar in to pieces with rage. Opening the window, he'd throw the rip board and it's pieces out. "Gosh, no need to get angry!" Bridgette backed off. A loud beep is made. "You really should stop keeping that in loud." Emma reccomended. Grabbing her scroll, Bridgette looked at it and saw a message from Jorey. "Emma, Rufus wants to talk to you." said Bridgette. "Me?" Emma asked blushing. Hastily, Emma stood up and walked out of her dorm.

On top of the Beacon Cliffs, Rufus was sitting there looking at the stars and moon. "I barely did anything in that fight in that forest, my parents wouldn't be proud, they'd probably force me in to marriage." Rufus thought to himself. A hand is seen placed on his back. "It's me, Emma." she said. Rufus looked at her and notice that she was there. "Hello, Emma." Rufus greeted. Emma noticed that Rufus was very sad just by touching him. "What's wrong?" asked Emma. "How did you know?" asked Rufus. "My semblance is reading emotion just by your aura, I only know sad and happy so far." Emma stated. Rufus sighed. "Basically, I barely did things in the initation, I wish I did better." Rufus moped. Emma put her hands on his shoulder, being kind to him. Leaning towards him, Emma's lips pursed and pursued at Rufus's. They touched: Emma's pursuit was over. Rufus did not budge her as this was happening. "Sabbia and Austri!" shouted a Beacon 4th year running off.

Next day of school, Rufus is seen walking outside and Weiss approaches him. "Have a minute to talk?" she asked him. "What is it you need?" asked Rufus. "Let's walk." Weiss ordered. "Strolling doesn't count, I do that with my brother, doesn't mean I'm dating him." Rufus said. Weiss scowled at him. "I set up your kiss with Emma, but it didn't go exactly as planned." she said. "Rufus slided back a moment. "So, how did you do that?" asked Rufus. "I got your team leaders scroll and sent a message to Bridgette's scroll about Emma." she stated. "What did you gain exactly?" Rufus asked. "To create bad publicity between our families, so we don't get married and don't you want a girlfriend?" Weiss asked. "To think about it, I do." Rufus agreed. Weiss then walked away from him.

A moonson appeared a large vast abandoned warehouse, filled with greenery arround. A man stepped outside the small green door. It was Gary Panner. Looking up in the air, he noticed that it was raining. "Gary, you seem gloomy." a female voice pointed out. Gary turned to female. She had blonde bob hair and wore orange top, with a black tracksuits, she also had a tail. "Virginia Demad, what are you doing here?" asked Gary. "I watched you leave, my semblance is extended sight." Virgina mentioned. Gary sighed in annoyance. "So what is your beef with this Ozpin guy?" asked Virginia. "He killed my sister, I'll get my revenge and reinstate the Panner family in the world." Gary contemplated with quiet rage. Virginia walked towards him and her tail was wagging. "Many people want  revenge these days, it'll be time that you'll meet one." Virginia preached. Gary nodded her statement. "Call the group, I'll be on the airship." Gary smiled. "Why?" Virginia asked angrily. Gary walked off away from Virginia. "Our plan is starting." Gary said politely.

Inside Team JORE's dorm, Jorey was reading a book titled 'Pickin' Up Chicka's', while Eli was randomly eating a muffin and Onyx was punching a bag. Rufus stepped into the room and everyone looked at him. Jorey approached Rufus with speed and looked at him with cute eyes. "How do you do it?" Jorey asked pleadingly. Rufus moved back from this. "What are you talking about?" Rufus asked. Onyx stopped punching his bag and looked towards the two in annoyance. "He's talking about Emma Austri." Onyx mentioned. Rufus sighed at this. Rufus leaped his arm out towards Jorey. "I guess it was fate that we met!" Rufus said romantically. Rapidly, Rufus was met with a punch by Onyx. "Don't lie to yourself, you're only dating her to lessen the chances of getting married: bad publicity." Onyx stated. Rufus felt his head scathingly. Eli looked at them confused. "So you don't have feelings for Emma?" asked Jorey. There was a pause. Rufus peered his eyes by the door and then looked at everyone. "I will eventually fall in love." Rufus said. Rufus got up from the floor and sat by his bed. "We seem to be getting all lot of female visitors lately, wonder why?" asked Eli. Jorey and Rufus pointed at Onyx quickly. "I saw that Schnee girl take your scroll and Emma passing by." Eli said. Jorey looked in shock. "Why didn't you tell her it was mine!?" Jorey asked loudly. "I didn't feel like." Eli dennounced. The rest of the team fall down in shock. As they get up, Onyx laughs at Jorey.

Chapter 11: Bad Publicity

In Team JORE's Dorm, it was midnight, full of top notch snoring. Onyx was sleeping in a very uncomtable position - legs spreaded out, arms roughly bent and body at a fourty three degree angle. A figure paced in to the room, kicking down with ease. Notcing they were not moking, the figure walked up to Onyx and placed his head close to his ear. "Wake up!" shouted the figure. Onyx jumped up the bed and onto Jorey's. Jorey then woke up and noticed Onyx and his eye's flared. "If this is a way to challenge me then do it later." Jorey stated. Rapidly, Rufus got Natura Orbis out and put it's sword form close to the figures neck. "Hi." Eli's voiced said. "Eli, what are you doing, there's an intruder in the room!" shouted Onyx. Eli walked towards the light switch and flicked it on. The firgure was Johannes. "Hello brother." Eli said. Rufus put Natura Orbis back under his bed and moved away from Johannes, sitting on his bed. Onyx moved off from Jorey's bed and also sat on his. "What are you doing here?" asked Onyx. "Ozpin said so." Johannes mentioned. "Why?" Jorey asked. "Vytal Festival is comming up and I've made Grimm Investigator." Johannes announced. Eli became happy. "So you're an official Beacon staff?" asked Eli. "Not really, I still have to take classes but I do this stuff for the Hunters." Johannes stated. Rufus put his thinking cap on. "So, we have to see if the Grimm come while having fun, great!" Rufus said sarcastically. Jorey moved himself towards Rufus. "You can always get bad publicity at the dance." Jorey whispered. Rufus's face lighted up in knowledge. "But, we need a ship." said Eli. Johannes and Onyx looked to Rufus. "Huh?" Rufus asked confused.

On the Sabbia Airship, Johannes was piloting the ship. "Are you sure you can pilot?" Rufus asked anxiously. "You'll learn soon." Johannes said smilling. Eli looked at Rufus questionabbly. "What's wrong with you?" Eli asked. "I'm very uncomftable with strangers piloting my own airship!" shouted Rufus scared. "Why?" Eli asked him. Rufus opened up his button. "My mother will kill me if it breaks." Rufus stated. Jorey grabbed Rufus by the shirt, then Onyx and Eli turned to this. "Being a huntsman means taking all lot of risks and if you can't, I'll drop you off your own ship." Jorey stated seriously. Onyx then punched Jorey in the head. "Stop trying be me and don't touch Rufus." Onyx sighed. They alll sat down on their seats. Johannes landed the airship by a grass area.

Rushing out of the ship, Rufus touched the floor. Everyone else got outside the ship in single file and starred at him. Rufus emerrged from the floor and looked at all of them. "Now, we split up." Johannes said disappearing into a tree. "What the?" Onyx said confused. "Semblance, he can move into an object and teleport into objects similar." said Eli. "Only problem is, he doesn't know where he'll end up within a 1.75 mile radius."  Rufus was amazed at this.

When the team strolled in to the town, Rufus noticed a woman running towards him. "Rufus!" shouted the woman. Rufus started running away from the woman in fear and noticed that she was comming towards him. Rufus ran off and then everyone noticed him running. Jorey then saw a glimpse of the woman. He noticed her brown long and curly hair and lucious figure and watched as she ran gracefully. "Mum, don't kill me!" shouted Rufus. The others walked towards the two. When they reached them both, Onyx stepped out. "Good morning Ms.Sabbia." said Onyx. "Ms.Sabbia?" Jorey wondered.

In the Sabbia Family Manor, Ms.Sabbia and the others are in Rufus's bedroom. "So, what did you bring me for?" asked Rufus. Ms.Sabbia passed him a magazine with speed. Looking at the magazine, Team JORE noticed that the header said: "Rufus cheats!". Jorey pulls himself to the magazine. "The media is fast." said Jorey. Rufus smiled at this. Ms.Sabbia saw this and sighed at this. "Let me guess." she said standing up. "Huh?" Rufus asked confused. "You're doing this to have the wedding not happen." Ms.Sabbia stated. Rufus was suprised. "Yeah, I hate having to be forced do things I'm not." Rufus moaned. Eli boiled a little. "The wedding wasn't going to happen anyway, when we were taking about it, the media went with it and you father is a media consumer, so he geniunely believes them." Ms.Sabbia sighed. Jorey winked at Ms.Sabbia. She moved back a bit. "Emma Austri is the girl I'm taking, you'll be seeing us going out a few times and we'll be dancing." said Rufus. Ms.Sabbia nodded at this and the team left the bedroom. "Now, without further ado, let's continue our job." Jorey ordered.

Chapter 12: The Rivalry

It was a very merry Vale morning, Eli and Rufus were walking through the town. "Was there any point of this mission?" asked Rufus. "What do you mean?" Eli mumbled on eating a cupcake. "It seems like there isn't going to be any trouble at all." Rufus thought. "How come?" Eli asked. They stopped on the sidewalk. "Because, why would Grimm come to Vale?" Rufus wondered. "Unless Ozpin knows something might happen?" asked Rufus. Suddenly an explosion happens outside a shop and the window breaks. "What the hell was that?" asked Rufus. When the smoke emerged, the two could not see who committed the crime and how many. Eli's pocket loudly beeped at this. "What's that?" Rufus asked. "My own scroll." Eli said. Rapidly, Eli moved away from Rufus and headed to roof, without him noticing. Rufus looked round to find where Eli was. "Eli?" wondered Rufus confused.

On the rooftops, Eli was reading his scroll, it was from a black figure called 'Master'. Eli started to read the message and it said: 'TARGET: ETHAN POEM, CODENAME: JKR6-FN5, TIME:20H13M20S'. Eli's eyelids were determined. He jumped of the roof and stood near Rufus. "Woah!" Rufus shouted shocked. "Let's move before something crazy happens again." Eli said. The two began to move switfly and hastily towards central Vale.

While they were walking, Eli passed Rufus a cupcake. "For me?" Rufus wondered. He took the cupcake slowly and gripped it. "I'm only giving you this once." Eli said. Rufus pulled the cupcake closer to his mouth. Unsuspectingly, the cupcake is shot by an arrow and moved out of Rufus's hand. Rufus dropped to floor. "Noooooooooooooooooooooo!" screamed Rufus. Eli observed the arrow and facepalmed. Rufus looked to Eli, wondering what's wrong. Eli pointed to the North West direction. Rufus looked: Jorey and Onyx were fighting.

Jorey switched his bow into nodachi form and started swing it towards Jorey. "Why do you want to fight me so much?" asked Jorey annoyed. Furiously, Onyx sent a barrage of punhes towards Jorey. "It's because..." Onyx said. "Because." he repeated. "If I'm not strong enough, then I can never get my revenge!" shouted Onyx about to send an uppercut to Jorey. Badushkaabooom! Onyx and Jorey are dragged underground. "Let's go!" shouted Rufus. Eli stopped Rufus from running. "You heal." Eli said running off. Rufus sprinted towards the civillians in the area and watched them run off.

Off in the distance, Johannes noticed that there was an explosion. "Isn't that were the power routes in Vale are?" Johannes wondered. Johannes faced opposite the power routes and ran off. "Someones trying to find some artifact!" said Johannes suprised.

Chapter 13: Panner Terrorist Attack

Johannes began ruunning as fast he could, trying to follow the abandonned electricity lines in the town. Turning right, he stopped. "The artifact the follows those wires is that artifact that was destroyed a long time ago." Johannes wondered. Punching the floor, Johannes eyes pulled down a little: he was serious. Beep! Beep! Johannes looked at his belt; took out his scrool and was reading. "Your brother Eli has gone to take out Ethan Poem, now you have to take out Gary Panner when he does that, from The Master." read Johannes. So Johannes made his haste towards a different direction.

Inside the tunnel, Jorey was running across, noticing a female in front. "I'm going to get you!" shouted Jorey. Attempting to drag out Emerald Stagger, Jorey noticed the height of the tunel. Onyx was right behind Jorey and was getting annoyed. "Stop already!" shouted Onyx enraged. Rapidly, Onyx was blocked by a long pole from another pathway. Eli aimed Bolzen towards Onyx. He turned. "Eli what the--?" Onyx was sent flying by Eli's bolt and into the outskirts. Eli began his pursuit chasing the long pole that had retracted.

Overground, Onyx hit the floor and is sent sitting down. Feeling his hurt bum on the strong concrete floor, Onyx got up the floor and looked at his surroundings. He begin to hear a very chaotic storm and watched as the trees taunted him. Onyx could see that there was no building in sight. The soft and thick breeze was attempting to induce the fear in a very stagnant Onyx. Readying Ironmen, he'd then notice a female with blonde hair and an eye patch. "Who are you?" asked Onyx grinning. Virginia laughed. "I'm stopping you vile idiots of Ozpin." Virginia pointed out. Onyx looked confused. "Oh, so you thought I was here to stop a terrorist attack?" asked Onyx. Virginia nodded. "Incorrect. Grimm Infestation." said Onyx. "Lies, he did that to get you here." Virginia stated. Rapidly, Virginia drew out her weapon.

Running with pace, Onyx started to rush towards Virginia and tried to send a furious punch. Virginia moved away. Before falling, Onyx gained his balance and turned round to Virgina then swang. But then Onyx was whipped by something. "What was that?" Onyx wondered. Virginia turned her head to him. "Purr." Virginia called doing a cat claw. Moving her hand towards him, she, with force, pushed him back. As Onyx was sent flying, he hit a tree. Onyx got up from the floor. He stared at Virginia's eyes. "What's wrong, I got your tongue?" asked Virginia laughing. Onyx punched the ground. "Laugh all you want, but, since you're Faunus, it means focusing my strength in defeating you." Onyx stated. Virginia blew a bubble from her nose. "White Fang killed your loved ones?" Virginia wondered. Onyx made his charge again. Unlike last time, Onyx hit Virginia in the stomach. "This time, I'll win." Onyx said.

Chapter 14: Control of Grimn? Romeo Artifact

Back in the tunnel, there was a great mist surrounding it. Eli then started to run furiously, as if his life depended on it. Aiming Bolzen towards the top, he'd run away from it. Detonating it, the top exploded and Eli climbed out of the hole and saw a man with blonde hair. He was tall and wore ragged clothes and weilded a light machine gun. "So you must be from CoR." said the man. "You know too much Ethan, I must destroy you." Eli stated. Eli's left eye began to light up blue. He fire and detonate another bolt to push himself towards Ethan. Suprisingly, Ethan's LMG turned into a rod. In the air, Eli took his cap off, revealing the knife on the bottom. The two engaged clashes. Eli striked with a fierce demeanour, trying to attack every opening.  Then, fired two bolts on the rod.  Quickly, Eli slided back to a building. Ethan extended his pole towards Eli. "Take 'em back!" shouted Ethan. Unknowningly, Eli detonated them and blew him self back on the wall.

In the secluded area, Virginia was triumphing. When Onyx tried hit Virginia, she dodged and stabbed him with her claws. She removed them out of Onyx's body and then he dropped to floor. He began cough out blood. "Are you done pretty boy?" asked Virginia. "Is this how I turn out, dead?" Onyx thought to himself. "I'm weak, I'll never get my revenge." Onyx said solemly.  Virginia about to stab Onyx is then coughing blood herself. Onyx was confused. When he looked up, he saw Rufus. "Rufus?" wondered Onyx. Rufus smiled - Onyx smiled back. "I guess this time I saved you." Rufus mentioned. Onyx stood up from the floor. Removing Natura Orbis from her shoulder Rufus moved towards Onyx and looked at Virginia falling. "Let's go!" shouted Rufus ordering. Onyx put his index finger up. He went to Virginia's fallen body. "You're a sick boy aren't you, that what you wanted to do?" asked Virginia. Onyx's eyes melted. "Nooo, I'm not doing that!!!" snapped Onyx.  "So what?" Virginia wondered. "I want your eye patch and your claws." Onyx replied. Virginia paused. "I'm gonna stay imbolised untill the police get me anyway." Virginia stated. Onyx took her eye patch swiftly and noticed that there's a hole on her eye. He then moved down the bottom of her body. He then took the claws on both hands. Getting up, Onyx took of Ironmen and fixed the claws on top of Ironmen.

Deep inside the open space, Johannes was running across, trying to reach a stone. In the distance, he could see Jorey fighting the person who he was chasing. "That's the girl that started the explosion." Johannes pressumed. He noticed how Jorey was fighting her with his sword, both trying to land hits on each other. However, Johannes kept running with a plead.

Johannes later stopped at two rocks between a chisiled stone fountain. "I can't quite remember how to get here." Johannes thought to himself. Johannes leans himself against the giant rocks. He then noticed how they moved with ease and saw a hole. "Whoever did that is an idiot." Johannes thought. Climbing down the ladder, he wouldn't close the hole. Inside was a bit bigger than the underground tunnels. The incandanscent walls were wide and the compact hallways were long. Instead of going through the split paths, Johannes went foward and climbed out the area. Adjusting his eyes, he saw a bookshelf and Gary Panner with an ormental stone. "So you wanted the Romeo Artifact, completing the families job?" asked Johannes readying his weapon. Gary turned around and faced Johannes. "Oh yeah, I remember my team killing yours!" Gary said laughing. Johannes went cold. He rushed with a passion and dragged out his weapon about to fire. However, he turns back and slams the back of his weapon into an Ursa. "The Romeo Artifact allows me to control Grimm, as soon as I tweak it, I can use it to crush all of you." said Gary.

Chapter 15: For My Team

Eli's fight with Ethan was going on strong both of them sending hits. Quickly, Eli moved back as Ethan tried to slam him with the rod. He then watched as Ethan switched towards his light machine guns and fired at Eli. However, being fast as he is, Eli dodged the dubious bullets. Eli aimed Bolzen towards Ethan; the bolt had fired off and hit near his foot. Eli would detonate the bolt, sending Ethan back. Using the blade part of Bolzen, Eli rushes of and attempts to stab him. Doosh. Eli is then bashed at the back of the LMG. Opeining his eyes, Eli notices Ethan's dark figure. "You really thought you could have killed me?!" shouted Ethan laughing. He then noticed Eli's eyes were closed. "I've killed him, Eli Leictreach is dead!" shouted Ethan. Turning behind, Ethan started to make his way. "I must help Gary, he's in trouble." Ethan stated about to run. A flick of blue light appears near Eli. Ethan turned and was shocked: he noticed that Eli was standing. "You monster!" shouted Ethan. "I'm a demon!" shouted Eli. His eye gleamed blue. Eli twists a switch in Bolzen that beeps. "I guess my name has caught alot of attention." Eli said. Eli began his approach to Ethan. "What are you doing?" Ethan said falling to his knees.

Off in the distance, Rufus is carrying Onyx. "Yaaaah!" screamed Ethan. Rufus and Onyx moved back. "That was freaky." said Rufus scared. "It sounds like someone was stabbed disturbingly in the heart." Onyx stated. Both of the friends paused. "Eli?" wondered Rufus. "Probably him, that guy is creepy." said Onyx.

Chapter 16: Together

Far off from where Johannes and Gary was fighting, Jorey was on the floor. Looking up, he saw a girl, the same age as him with blonde hair and a very slim body. She wore a red blouse and a long golden scarlet skirt. Approaching him, was her machete. "Don't try to ask me out." the girl said. She switched her machete into two revolvers. The girl aimed them at him. "Any last words or actions?" she asked. "I didn't get your name!" Jorey shouted weakly. "Cynthia Ranger." she announced. As Cynthia rested her fingers on the trigger, there was a white line extending under her. Cynthia turned round. "What's that?" Cynthia wondered. She was kicked onto the floor.  As she looked up, she noticed Jorey with his nodachi. "It was you!" shouted Cynthia. She got up from the floor.

Both fighters stood still towards each other. Jorey looked at her smiling. "How are you so calm when you know you're going to die soon?" asked Cynthia confused. Jorey looked up. "Because, I have goals to complete and to defeat my rivals." Jorey stated. Cynthia laughed. "Such a cliché." Cynthia mentioned. Jorey put his behind his back. "You can say that all you want, but that's comming from a girl who's never been kissed before." Jorey blurted. Cynthia eyes boiled. "You're going to die!" Cynthia snapped. Rapidly, Cythnia ran like an falcon. Putting his hands on the ground, Jorey would smile. He also started to run as Cynthia was pursuing him.

As the pursuit is going, Jorey stops at a barren sandy area. "So you can't run!" shouted Cynthia angry. She switched to her machete. Jumping up, she was ready to hack of Jorey's arm. Jorey would jump back a big distance over some sand. Cynthia then lands on the sand. "I'll kill you!" shouted Cynthia. As she tried to pick up her machete, it was not budging. "It's quicksand." Jorey stated. "How could you tell?" asked Cynthia. "My semblance can detect the terrain from a distance just by touching the ground." Jorey stated.  Jorey moved in close to her. "I'll give you happiness, for the rest of your life, in prison." Jorey said. He the kissed her on the cheek.  Cynthia's rage had turned into a smile. "See, that's a smile!" shouted Jorey. "Uhmm, thanks, I haven't been this happy in my life." said Cynthia. Jorey got up his scroll and sent a message to a person called VPD. "Who are you calling?" asked Cynthia. "Vale Police Department." said Jorey. "I get it." Cynthia said disgruntled.

Gary was powering over Johannes in the fight. About to shoot him, a bolt appears near his feet. The bolt detonates and Gary moves back with speed. "Eli!" shouted Johannes. "I have to help my brother." said Eli. "I'm a Beacon graduate, you're a first year." Gary mentioned.

Chapter 17: New Mission Assigned

Near the clustered area where Eli was, Onyx and Rufus grimmaced at the dead body left by Eli. "Eli is creepy." said Onyx. "I'm scared, what if he kills us next?" jittered Rufus shivering. Onyx pushed Rufus off him. "Shut up, he shouldn't be that scary, he's our own team mate." Onyx stated. Onyx closed his eyes to think. "Besides, he would have been kicked out this school the first time Goodwin laid eyes on him!" Onyx eclaimed. Rufus sighed. "You cleared that up easily!" said Rufus relieved. Opening his eyes, Onyx looked at Rufus. "How did you heal the civilians so quickly?" asked Onyx. "The Ambulance." Rufus answered.

At the large forest area, Eli picked his brother up from the floor. "You have to go, you'll die!" shouted Johannes. Eli's eyes raged. "I'm not going to leave my brother alone!" Eli argued. Eli's scroll beeped. Pulling it up, Eli saw a message from The Master. The following words appeared across the screen: you can now help Johannes against Gary Panner. He put the scrow back. "The Master said I have to help you." Eli announced. Johannes sighed annoyed. "Guess you do." Johannes said. Looking at the Ursa's near them, Johannes smiled at Eli. Eli smiled back. Both of the two brothers moved back with ease and readied their weapons at the Grimm around them. Facing back to back, they both speak in a different language. "You Chamber of Reqiuem kids can't defeat me, I've had fights with him!" bellowed Gary.

Eli turned his attention to the Ursa's. Eli fired 5 bolts and detonated 5 of them, killing some Ursa's. Taking off the grip of Bolzen, a knife would appear. Eli jumped into the air and stabbed the Ursa on it's back and watched it disappear.

Johannes fired Granatwerfer at Gary, as the grenade detonated, Gary had dodged the shot. However, the Romeo Artifact was sent flying towards Eli's hands. Gary turned his staff into his Submachine guns and aimed them at Eli. "Eli look out!" shouted Johannes. Rapidly, Gary, who turned his SMG's into a staff, slapped Johannes out of the way. Swiftly, Eli turned around to face Gary but fell on the floor. Gary gripped his staff tightly and smiled at his usual compsure. Grabbing the Romeo Artifact, Gary held it like crown jewels "I'll let the Grimm eat you." Gary hissed. Gary then walked of away from the two brothers and left them.

In a quick moment, Beowolves appeared around the area. Eli was almost about to grab Bolzen as a Beowolf looked at his face confused. A nodachi is seen piercing the Beowolf. "Jorey?" asked Eli. "I followed him." Johannes mentioned. Jorey grabbed Eli's hand. "You're my team mate, if you die, it's my fault." Jorey stated.  Jorey looked round and smiled at Eli.

Chapter 18: Chase to Base

Jorey sits down on the floor looking at Eli and Johannes. Getting up, Johannes brushes himself up. "You're a very good friend towards Eli." Johannes thought. Jorey put his hand towards Johannes hand. They both shook their hand together, as a sign of friendship. Eli had also brushed himself. "Lets figure everything out first." Jorey said. "Who were those guys and what happened?" asked Jorey. "They were a terrorist group known as a Dipudore's Navy." Eli stated. Jorey thought hard. "Why did they bomb a street?" Jorey asked. Eli looked at Jorey. "Looking at the item he has, the Romeo Artifact." answered Johannes. "I'm confused." Jorey wondered. "It was distraction, they attacked you because they didn't want you to blurt out their plan." Johannes told him. Jorey put his finger up. "I get it, they wanted to reunite the Romeo Artifact with the Juliet Artifact!" exclaimed Jorey. Johannes looks down in the floor disgust. "That was a horrible realisation." Johannes mummbled. Eli looked to Jorey. "The Romeo Artifact has the power to control a few Grimm, it was owned by his family to help use them in combat and no one wants it to fall in the wrong hands." Eli mentioned. Johannes nodded towards him. "I see." Jorey realised. "If you're wondering who that was, his name is Gary Panner." said Johannes. "Who the Grimm is that?" asked Jorey. "A former grduate of Beacon, he was set to be a good Huntsman, but Ozpin had done something that I don't know off." Johannes mentioned. "Alright, lets wait for Onyx and Rufud and lets get him!" shouted Jorey. Johannes glared to Jorey. "Don't get involved, this is between me and Eli!" argued Johannes. Jorey's face was dissapointed. "Doesn't matter, I'm the leader of this team and I give the orders!" Jorey emphasised. Jorey pointed his thumb at himself.

Onyx and Rufus then run towards the 2 of them. "The hell happened here?" Onyx asked them. Eli and Jorey looked to their other team mates. "Onyx, Rufus!" Jorey called out. They both look at them all bruised up. "What the hell happened here?" asked Onyx. "I'll tell you." Jorey said.

Later, Onyx and Rufus are dumbfounded at what happened. "Well, why are screwing around here, let's get him!" shouted Onyx. "Well, we don't know where he was going and we need to recharge ourselves." said Jorey. Eli opened his bag and passed Jorey and Johannes some fizzy drinks. "Drink up." Eli said. Both of his team mates drank their drinks. Rufus and Onyx looked at Eli, both grimacing. "Should we tell him?" whispered Rufus. "No." Onyx replied. Jorey and Johannes had finished their drinks. Jorey stood up from the floor and then headed back outside the shrine. "Where are you going?" asked Rufus. "There's a girl called Cynthia Ranger, she'll lead us to him." Jorey stated.

Back outside, the group would approach Cynthia Ranger. She was torso in the quicksand. "Mr Panner should be going back to base, it's just East here." Cynthia stated. "I'm going to head back to the ship, you guys stay here." Johannes told them. Johannes walked inside a tree and teleported.

Finally, they were all in the ship, Johannes started to transport them eastwards. "Jorey, why did you abandon our fight?" asked Onyx. "Because, the fate of everyone is better than some stupid fight." answered Jorey. Onyx was furious. "Don't worry, we'll have a rivalry to keep together Onyx." said Jorey. Jorey offered his hands to Onyx. Onyx shook them.

They all landed at the outside of Gary's base. Looking outside, Gary would be seen running. All them get out of the helicopter and find Gary. "Stop right there!" shouted Johannes. Suprisingly, Grimm appear around all of them. "Prehensuers and there's a King Taijutu!" shouted Rufus. Rapidly, a shadow starts to run of towards Gary.

Chapter 19: Descendants of the Best Hunter Four! Gary vs Marcin

As the shadow rushes towards Gary, it then tries to attack him using its longsword. However, Gary blocks the attack using his rod. Gary looks up and notices a main fairly tall as him. His eyes were brown and his hair was white as ice. The man a very scruffy stache. He wore a denim brown jacket with blue trousers. Gary took another look at him and was shocked. The man moved away from Gary. "Marcin Berg, fellow friend." Gary said calmly. Marcin stood and nodded towards Gary. "What are you doing here?" asked Gary. Marcin pulled his hair back a bit. "Why do you want the Romeo Artifact, you're family was the ones that caused these grievances on you!" shouted Marcin. "My sisters death is the fault of Ozpin." Gary said losing patience. Marcin's eyes looked away from Gary. "Who here has a sister?" asked Gary loudly. Jorey put his hands up. "Actually, triplets." said Jorey. Gary made his way towards Jorey. "Imagine all of them died right in your eyes by the hands of your teacher!" shouted Gary. As Gary reached Jorey, Onyx moved in front of him.

Fifthteen years ago, there would be a large corridor with many areas. A young Gary ran across the corridor and then was bumped by another child. "Damn it Marcin!" shouted Gary. Marcin looked at Gary smilling. "If you don't know how to run away from the Grimm, you'll never be a huntsman!" Marcin laughed. Gary got up the floor. Putting his thumbs up in the air, Gary smiled. "Don't worry, I'll be a- no the best Huntsman, once in a generation!" shouted Gary.

In the present, Gary faced Marcin. His eyes went down and ran towards him. Gary slammed his rod towards Marcin's stomach, sending him back on the floor. Switching towards his SMG's, he turned one to face Johannes and fired them at him. "Don't get involved." Gary said. Marcin then got up and tried to attack Gary with his longsword. However, Gary was dodging every hit he had made. Gary aimed the SMG's to Marcin then switched them to his rod and pushed him on the tree. Spinning the rod, Gary moved slowly towards Marcin. "Au revoir." said Gary. Suprisingly, smoke begins ensure around the area. Gary coughed. Apearing of nowhere, Marcin is riding on Gary. This weight drops Gary towards the floor and Marcin smiles at this.

A bunch of Grimm appears inside the area and Johannes nods towards them. Jorey gets out his Nodachi and runs towards a Beowolf and slays it. Out of nowhere, an Ursa slaps Jorey on the floor. Angered, Onyx sends a dashing puch towards the Ursa. "Get up, we don't want our team leader dying to quickly!" shouted Onyx. Jorey got up from the floor and smiled at Onyx. Eli swiftly moves towards a Boarbatusk and fires three bolts on it's tusk. Rapidly, Eli explodes the bolts and distergrates the Boarbatusk.

Quickly, 6 Beowolves apppear in the area. "Tactic 1!" shouted Jorey. Climbing on a tree branch, Jorey fired arrows at the Beowolves. Some arrows had hit, but some missed. As Jorey reached into his arrows, Rufus had launched up a Bubble Shield usng Natura Orbis. Eli had fired of some bolts on the bubble shield. Running, Onyx launched out the lion claws he got from Virginia and pierced in in a Beowolf. He then started to rapidly punch it twice. Eli had got the knife part from Bolzen and stabbed it inside a Beowolf. Another Beowolf had slipped by them and prepared to attack Jorey but then was exploded by Eli's bolts. Johannes watched in awe as they were defeating the Beowolves. "These guys." Johannes wondered.

Chapter 20: Four Gen

(A flashback Chapter)

Outside in an unknown kingdom, two middle aged men appear taking to each other. One had silvery hair and wore only a blue tanktop and some black jeans. The other man had snowy hair and wore a respectful coat and a boastful royal vest. "Aleski!" shouted the silvery one. "Ian!" shouted the snowy one.  Aleski had quickly approached ran towards Ian with speed. "You two idiots, learn to converse with proper manners!" shouted a guard standing right between them. Aleski frowned at the guard. "We could just kill you right now you know." Aleski tortured. The guard moved back in torment. "Noo!" exclaimed the guard. As Aleski was readying his fists, he was stopped by Ian on his shoulder. "You've been dismissed." Ian ordered. The guard had then walked away. "So why did you want me here?" asked Ian. Aleski sighed. "The war, it's been going on too heavily now." said Aleski. Ian's eyes got wider. "Well, we should stop it, I mean, we have all the power in the world." Ian proclaimed. Aleski's sighs got deeper. "That's the problem, we have too much power." groaned Aleski. Kicking the ground, Aleski would be angry. "If we pick a side, we get executed!" exclaimed Aleski. Ian moved back a little. "Let's hope Helen and Ray follow through." said Aleski.

Running through a town, a girl with brown messy hair is carrying four swords. The twins see this and smile. As the girl passes by, Ian grabs her cloak by the neck. The girl stops. "Helenia, stop." said Ian. Helenia glares at Ian. "I'll smite you." murmured. Ian pulled her closer to him. "We're both adults, so let's stop being children and lets go on a date." Ian smiled. Out of nowhere, Ian is servely punched in the stomach by a fist. "Leave my sister alone!" growled a man. "So Raymond is here!" shouted Aleski moving away from him. As Ian drops to the ground, Helenia laughs at him. "No." she hissed.

After Ian had recovered, the Sairyou Ryoushi recouperated and talked. "I don't like this at all." Raymond complained. "The war right?" wondered Aleski. Raymond nodded. "I'm really wanting to join in, there's this Artifact I've been testing but I'm not sure if it works, it could save the endless slaughter." he said. Raymond then walked off. "But you can't, you'll be executed!" shouted Aleski.

Later at night, Aleski is sleeping on his bed very noisly. "Wake up!" cried Ian. Aleski jumped of his bed startled. "What?" asked Aleski. "Helenia has just robbed a sword stall!" announced Ian. Aleski was suprised. "Why would she do that, she's calmer than this!" yelled Aleski saddened.

Reaching a town district, Aleski and Ian are both equipped and see a few fallen people. Ian had walked towards them worried. "Get the 50 Swords." droned one of the fallen civilians. Ian was shocked. "It was her!" shouted Ian. Aleski nodded towards Ian and both of them headed to the sword stall. As they got there, Ian was about to open the door, but was stopped by Aleski. "Don't be hasty!" exclaimed Aleski. Ian shrugged Aleski off and opened the door. Quickly, he was slashed by Helenia the moment he opened it. Aleski's eyes got wide and dropped to the floor and had dropped tears. Helenia was shocked as well.Rapidly, Raymond is pulling Helenia away from the site.

The next day, Aleski was sitting at a garden on his own. "There'll be new people to take the position and someone will be replacing me soon, I bid you -" said Aleski. "Charge!" boomed a man interrupting Aleski. Rapidly, a swarm of an army is seen rushing somewhere. "I guess they don't care about a former Sairyo Ryoushi." Aleski said drearily. Looking into the crowds, Aleski notices Raymond and Helenia. "They've gone insane!" Aleski thought in his head.

Back into present day, Marcin is punching Gary furiously.

Chapter 21: Romeo Artifact

Gary was on the floor. Battered. Blood everywhere. Marcin looked at him annoyed. "You idiot." said Marcin. Gary pulled an annoyed look on his face. "You think restarting the same thing that ruined your life will make you happier again?" asked Marcin. Standing up, Gary brushed him self of casually. He looked at his friend. "To finish her last job and to get my revene by runining his." Gary demanded. Marcin pulled Gary's collar. "So the sacrfication of people is less?" Marcin complained. Pulling back Marcin's hold, Gary looked at him calmy. "Call me a hypocrite all you want, I'll rather be one then not finish the job she failed." Gary said readjusting his clothing. Marcin's eyes ignited. "Guess what, nobody cares about your damn sister!" yelled Marcin. Viciously, Marcin was sent thorwn onto to the floor by Gary. "And nobody cares about your damn life!" shouted Gary. Holding his rod, Gary striked it down into Gary's arms.

Out of nowhere, the hilt of a sword is stoping Gary from making his attack. As he measured it, he realised how long it was. Gary turned: it was a nodachi and the wielder was Jorey. "You need to be stopped." said Jorey. Gary went calm.  He elbowed his rod in to Jorey's stomach, pushing him down. Onyx had watched this and started to run. "Metal knuckles, I can dodge this." Gary claimed. As Onyx made contact, Gary had blocked it. But, Oynx activated the claws and stabbed Gary in the gut. Dropping to the ground, Gary felt his stomach paining.

Onyx quickly goes up towards Jorey worried for him. "Rufus!" shouted Onyx. Rufus looks to Onyx and runs off. "Take care of the Ursa's Eli!" shouted Rufus running scared. When Rufus reached Jorey, he immediately switched to Natura Orbis's healing staff. Rufus placed it on Jorey's chest and started to heal him.

Johannes and Eli stood side by side once again. "You ready?" wondered Johannes. Eli nodded. Both split apart and then Eli aimed and fired Bolzen at the bigger Ursa. His eyes slanted: he had a plan. He watched as how 2 Ursa's went by his sides. Detonating Bolzen, the 2 Ursa's died. Rapidly, Eli slammed the knife of Bolzen into the Ursa. Johannes had fired of his grenade launcher twice. He watched as it took out an Ursa. Out of nowhere, an Ursa comes right behind hm. Johannes shoved it right into it's face. It then began to feel it's face and fall down. Johannes fired his grenade launcher at it blowing it up. He then made his way past Jorey.

With the three, Jorey began to wake up. "Rufus you saved me and I thought you were weak!" exclaimed Jorey jumping up. Onyx hit him in the face. "You get up too easily!" shouted Onyx. Eli had watched them mucking around in silence. "Those two are going to be rivals and when the fight happens, hell will appear and the fracture moon will scatter even more." Eli thought. Rufus got up from the floor and looked at the side and noticed that Johannes left. "That guy's semblance.." Onyx thought. Eli head towards his teammates. He noticed a note in a language that Eli would understand. "Why would he?" Eli thought in his head. Jorey scrunched up the note. "We'll never remember that, but there's one thing." said Jorey. Jorey darted to Marcin. "Who are you?" asked Jorey. Marcin got up from the floor. "Good afternoon Mr Berg." Rufus greeted holding his hand out. Marcin shook hands with Rufus and they all watched confused. "We know each other from wealth." Marcin stated. "Ooh." Jorey and Onyx said. Eli laughed at this. "Can we go now?" asked Eli. They all turned to Eli. "We lost our ride remember?" Onyx asked. Marcin looked at them. "I won't be comming because I have stuff, it was nice meeting you gents." said Marcin running off. Eli looked confused. "We didn't even learn anything about what just happened." wondered Eli knowing already. "Who cares, he spoiled the day of the people, he better get what's comming to him." said Jorey.

As they brushed themselves off, they walked into the sunset. "How are we going to get back?" asked Jorey. Rufus put his hand up. "I'm piloting!" shouted Rufus. "Nooo!" exclaimed Onyx annoyed.

Chapter 22: Brainwash

Birds flew around Beacon Academy, proud as they could and peaceful as they could. The atmosphere was a very relaxed and enhanting area. Almost as if it was fake. In the boys dorm, Jorey held a bag full of green gooey stuff inside. Rufus was very hyperactive and jumped alot. "Stop jumping!" complained Jorey. Rufus stopped jumping. "I know, but it's going to be funny when Onyx gets the jelly on his body, I can't resit!" shouted Rufus. Jorey looked behind him and noticed Eli reading. "Come join us Eli." Jorey offered. Eli put down his book and looked to his teammates. "I reject, the feeling of you two getting bloodily beaten is just as enough." Eli said calmy. Rufus and Jorey moved back in fear. "Whaat's wrong with you!" sttutered Rufus. As Jorey placed the jelly softly on Onyx's bed, they smiled.

Jorey and Rufus sat down on the floor reading aswell, just so Onyx wouldn't suspect them. The door opened. Onyx had came through the door. "Sorry I'm late guys, detention, Old Fatty kept me behind for failing to come up for a show and tell." Onyx stated. He noticed that there was no reply. "Hmmm.." Onyx wondered obviously. Onyx walked towards his bed and noticed something green on his bed. He looked to Jorey and Rufus, then back to his bed a few times. POW! Jorey and Rufus were knocked outside the room on the floor. Onyx walked towards them. "If you're going to do a prank make sure it's hidden!" shouted Onyx enraged. Jorey and Rufus had bruises. "How did you know it was us?" asked Rufus. "Eli is smarter at pranking and plusss, he's pretty scary." Onyx said begrudgingly. Eli had walked outside of the dorm without any of them noticing and headed somewhere.

On the rooftops, Eli is reading a message at his scroll. "GP is being dealt with but it'll take a long time." the message read. Eli sat down and read the message.

At a classified location, Gary Panner is dragged across a room by two strange men. He is put into a courtroom, filled with atleast 500 seats. At the seat was not a judge, but looked like the leader. His face was hidden as he wore a cloak and and rugged trousers. The courtroom had no lihts and nothing there. "Now, what should we do with Gary Panner?" asked the leader boomingly. "Execute him!" shouted a member. "Imprison him!" shouted another member. "Torture him for an entire year!" shouted another member. "Exile him to an unknown island!" shouted another member. A cough was heard. "To whoever chose such a desicion to exile him, do you really think he'll stay on the island, he's a big time criminal!" shouted a member. "But executing him is like letting the Grimm win!" shouted a member. "His team murdered 3 people, are you willing to let him live?" interrogated a member. "Toture is the best answer, we can stop his threats!" shouted ta membr. The leader sighed. "This isn't going to solve, so I pass the desicion to the person who brang him in, so Johannes?" asked the leader. Johannes was sitting in the middle of room. Everyone peered his eyes on him. "Brainwash him, make sure he thinks his sister died by the disease." Johannes stated. The leader banged the gavel. "Gary Panner is being brainwashed!" shouted the leader.

Back at Beacon, Team JORE is Goodwitch's Office. "Congratulations for your efforts at defeating Gary Panner, you shall be rewarded soon." Glynda stated. Jorey put his hands up. "What did he want?" asked Jorey. "Gary Panner was once a student here, he was well liked by most, but was mistreated because of his family heritage and Ozpin killed his sister due to the Romeo Artifact and Gary wanted to kill Ozpin by fullfilling his sisters wish." said Glynda. Eli passed Glynda the Romeo Artifact. "This shall be returned soon, you'll be the first along with another team." Glynda stated. Jorey started jumping up and down in happiness. "We're stronger than the 3rd years!" shouted Jorey. Glynda revealed her whip towards Jorey. "Incorrect, they died at the act of suprise." said Glynda.

After walking out, Onyx bumped into someone. As he looked up, he noticed it was Col Shade.


  • Chapter 17, titled 'Your Hand Is' is meant to sound like Johannes.

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