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Introduction Arc is the first arc in The Four Huntsmen series. The arc is about Team JORE making their way towards to Beacon Academy.



Hero by Blossom



Chapter 1: The Clash

In the streets of Vale, it'd be a cold morning, with yellow colored houses with white roofs on top of them. The breeze sways, letting the tall trees dance among the sun. Jorey starts to walk into the street, he then quickly sweeps his hair using his hand. "Fight fight fight!" chanted some people. Turning to the scuffle, Jorey looks to it and quickly rushes towards it.

In the scuffle, there seems to be duel of weapons with 7 people wearing masks. Rufus, who is seen watching the fight, is worried. "I don't want to get in a fight, I really don't want to miss that date I have soon." Rufus states. Rapidly, a person is seen sent flying out on the floor knocked out cold, with many scars. "What the?" Rufus wondered. Getting out Natura Orbis, he'd look to the downed man. "Heal!" shouted Rufus. Placing Natura Orbis on his chest and starts to heal him.

On the rooftoops, Emile is seen looking at the scuffle, watching people getting beat up. "I must do this for my master." Emile said deviously. Grabbing his weapon Bolzen, he'd rapidly aim it towards the scuffle. Rapidly a shot would fire out of Bolzen, hitting the floor. One of the combatants look at the bolt. "What's that?" he'd ask.. "It's a bomb!" shouted another. "Oh hell no!" shouted the man in high pitch voice. The bolt then defuses and sends everyone flying back, either dead or defeated.

Emile puts Bolzen back and starts to run. "Stop, or die!" shouted a person. Turning to the voice, Emile is confused. "Who are you?" asked Emile. "I'm the one who'll defeat you, like a rock, the name's Onyx!" he replied loudly. Emile gets out Bolzen and fires it at his leg. Escaping death, Onyx dodges as Emile detonates it, landing on the street floor. A man then pops out the window of the roof they were on. "How about I do that to your faces!" shouted the man. Jorey then starts to walk around everywhere, not knowning what's happpened. "What's happening?" asked Jorey. He'd then walk in between the two fighting. Grabbing on his holster, Emile throws a smoke bomb, that ensares Onyx and Jorey. "Damn it!" shouted Onyx punching the floor. Jorey then regains his sight and then look forward. "I was here on a stroll, what a waste." he says.

In the Sabbia Manor on the rooftops, Rufus is seen with Weiss Schnee, the heiress to the Schnee Dust Company. "So, Weiss, what do you like doing?" Rufus asks her. Weiss lets out a yawn with this. "Mostly I spend my time sparing." Weiss stated. Peering behind the wall, Mr.Sabbia notices them. "I don't hear any dating going on!" shouted Mr.Sabbia. Both Weiss and Rufus radically jump out of their seats. Putting his hands on his head, Rufus smiles. "Big kiss!" Weiss says with fake joy. Both of them would pretend to make kissing sounds. After, Onyx walks into the rooftops, looking at the two, he then meets Weiss halfway down the stairs. "Hey, what did you want me for?" asked Onyx. "Well, we are going to Beacon, so it's best we use my private airship to get there." Rufus offers. Onyx is then confused. "Why now?" Onyx asks. "I know that, but it's best we get there earlier, besides Weiss only stopped here for her parents, now she's heading to the airship." Rufus stated. Sighing, Onyx heads to the private airship with Rufus. Taking off, the airship just meets the Beacon Airship. "You sure you know how to pilot a ship?" asked Onyx. "This is my first time!" laughed Rufus.

Chapter 2: New School, New Bullies

The Sabbia Private Airship arrives at Beacon Academy, just landing safely on the spots. Both Emile and Onyx climbed out of the airship. "Well we made it one piece." said Rufus goofily. Looking back to Rufus, Onyx gets angry. "REALLY ONE PIECE, I'LL KILL YOU IF YOU EVER MENTION THAT AGAIN!" shouted Onyx angrily. Rufus moves back in fear.

The two friends kept walking across the stone paths, looking at all the 4th year students staring at them. "Why're they staring at us?" Rufus asks. "I honestly don't know. But I don't like it." Onyx complains. As they kept going on with their journey, two 2nd year students approach them. One was tall and had azure hair colour, the other was average sized and and had a mohawk. "What's a royal like you doing 'ere?" the Mohawk fellow asks glaring to Rufus. Moving back, Rufus starts to get scared. "I'm here to fight monsters of course!" Rufus answers. The Azure fellow starts to get even more annoyed. "I don't like the Sabbia Tungsten Factory, annoying pests like you should die." The Azure fellow rambles. Infuriated, Onyx gets out his weapon Rockmen and sends his fists into the ground. This would make a force to push the other two back. "I'm getting sick of this, why not I just end your life!" shouted Onyx clutching his fists.

Onyx begins to rapidly chare at the 2nd years. Then the Mohawk fellow gets out a rope that hugs Onyx. "What's this?" Onyx wonders. Rapidly, Onyx is sent to the ground in pain. "We wern't on heights!" cried Onyx in pain. Rufus goes shocked because of his friend falling down. The Mohawk fellow releases the rope from hugging Onyx and looks at him. "Look at difference between me and you!" shouted the Mohawk fellow. "Urgh." Onyx grunted. "What's your name?" the Mowhawk fellow asks. "Onyx Rocker." Onyx announces. Looking at Onyx, he stood as if he was really tall. "I'm Shadey Cole, if you can surpass me, I'll give you this." the Mohawk fellow anounces. Going into his pocket he reveals 40 dust crystals he stole. "Wait?" Rufus wondered. Shadey Cole and his friend walked off away from Onyx. Realising that his friend is hurt, Rufus gets out Natura Orbis and begins to heal Onyx rapidly. Two random girls come to his aid. "Onyx, we'll help you!" they both shout. Both girls look at each other with impending hatred with each other. "Why do you get the girls?" Rufus asks.

On the other side of Beacon, another airship lands by the area. Everyone is seen either rushing out to go see their new school or walking. Jorey Diamond, is also walking along the pathway, looking at his new school. "I think Beacon's going to be good, I think I'm going to love it here." Jorey said looking up to the building. "Talking to yourself?" asked a female voice. Jorey tuned around, noticing a female his height with westeia purple hair. It was his best friend Bridgette West. "It's you Bridgette!" Jorey exclaimed. "Of course it's me, who did you think it was?" asked Bridgete punching him in the shoulder. They'd both continue walking as Eli would peer across, noticing Jorey. "We've been together since Quantum, Beacon is where different paths are taken." Bridgette states. "That's such a strange thing to say, but you are correct." Jorey states. Looking to Bridgette carefully, he'd then examine her, with robot mechanics pooping up. "Will you go out with me?" Jorey asked. Bridgette turned to him with an angry face. Rapidly, she'd send a slap to him. "You aren't serious." Bridgete rejected. "Nope!" Jorey exclaimed.

In the hall, they'd all look up at Ozpin as he started to make his brief speech. "Atleast I'm not going to sleep in this speech." Rufus stated. "Shut up." Onyx replied. As Ozpin began to say wasted energy. "That's true." Eli agreed. Then, Ozpin began to say that they all look for knowledge. "Ozpin must have been through some dark times." Jorey proclaimed. Bridgette punches him in the gut rapidly. Jorey then starts to feel his stomach in pain.

Chapter 3: The Beacon That Calls

In Beacon Academy, Jorey would be sleeping on his purple matt, next to some unknown people. "I wish I was next to Bridgette." Jorey states"

Moving over towards Eli, who is in the toilets, brushing his teeth quite hastely. Onyx also walks in to the toilets and notices Eli. "It's you short stuff!" shouted Onyx angrily. Looking to Onyx, Eli started to smile. "Oh look, it's an orange, better go get my knife and cut it!" Eli exclaimed jokingly. Onyx became furious with this joke. "How dare you injure innocent people!" shouted Onyx. "I never knew someone like you was caring." said Eli brushing his hair lightly. "Besides, they were not innocent people, they were actually members of the White Fang, I'm just getting rid of them." Onyx's expression changes to relieved. The silence is given. Onyx then starts to hear noises. "I think I hear a catfight, better watch!" Onyx exclaimed running off(Ruby and Yang fighting).

After that night, Rufus wakes up earlier than everyone else. "Early as always." Rufus states. Looking round, Rufus notices an empty sleeping bag right in the middle of a crowd. "What the?" Rufus thought to himself. Rising up from the ground, he then notices Weiss who is sleeping. In Rufus's head, the image of his dad circles around him. "You'll be able to protect and empower the world like this." his dad said. "But marriage? With her?" Rufus questioned. "It'd take years for any affection." Walking across everyone, carefully navigating his way through, he'd make it towards a chair, where he'd see Eli. Loooking at his hair and attire closely, Rufus pulls himself back. "I don't want any trouble." Rufus states. "How can someone like you act so happy with life, when things don't go your way, you're manipulated in to it." Eli wonders. "Oh, so you know of the marriage. Well, it's really basic, I have friends I know, don't you?" asked Rufus. "Not at all." Eli stated. "You're such a loner!" Rufus exclaimed. Eli would then smile. "That's so creepy!" Rufus cried. "Eli then walked off. "I'll be seeing you around, 2nd earliest." Eli taunted.

In the lockers, Rufus and Onyx are seen walking with each other, as well as Jorey and Bridgette, both of them on opposite sides, then they bump. Both of them pull a fist at each other. "Watch where your going before I knock you into oblivion!" they both shouted at each other. They both stopped getting angry after knowing who it was. "Bridgette West." Onyx courtests. "Onyx Rocker." Bridgette courtests. Onyx looked at Jorey, knowing who it was. "You!" exclaimed Onyx devishilly. "Sorry for getting in your way with that fight." Jorey apollogised.  Looking at two, Rufus was confused. "You two know each other?" Jorey wondered. "We were at the Mistral Regional Tournament, we were rivals, he beat me or I beat him, but either way, we both lost to Pyrrha Nikos." Bridgette states.  "Some strange rivalry." Jorey said.

Other students, are then seen welcomed by a different teacher. Looking to the Profesor, Eli is confused. "Why isn't Ozpin here?" asked Eli. "Because there's too much students to hold for one teacher and you might not hear him." stated the professor. The students are then looked by the professor. "Well, today is a different type of initiation, you are gaining relics, you guys have to survive in that forest or die." the proffesor stated.  Rapidly, everyone stands on their launch pads, waiting to be launched. The pads all launch at the same time, everyone flying at fast speeds in the air.

As they got sent out into the air, Onyx realised how he was going to land. Noticing a rock, Onyx then sends a dashing punch towards the rock. Parts of the rock start to scatter and a big boulder hovers below Onyx. The rock connects with the cliff range, sliding down it. Onyx lands. Looking up, he'd notice an Ursa. Onyx begins to charge towards the Ursa and sends a twirling uppercut towards the Ursa. As the Ursa would drop, he'd notice a Beowolf being slaughtered by Jorey. They'd both turn to each other and look towards themselves. "Oh come on!" shouted Onyx. "We should get moving." Jorey ordered. Onyx started to get angry. "Why the hell should I follow you?" asked Onyx. Jorey pulls up a knight in his hand and Onyx starts to get shocked. "Guess you are capable, what's your name, fellow?" Onyx asked. "Jorey Diamond."  Jorey greeted. "Onyx Rocker." Onyx greeted. Two began to trudge on.

Eli was already paired wih Rufus, already making eye contact with him as they just landed. They had already found a relic. Rapidly, Eli is attacked by a Tigris, sending him flying on to the tree. "Eli!" cried out Rufus. Looking back to the Tigris, it started to pounce towards Rufus. Unsheathing his sword, Rufus hits the Tigris in the mask, distergrating it. Rufus then switches the dial to blue and goes towards Eli. Placing his sword on him, this would then heal his cut. "Woah, you healed me." Eli said suprised. "We should move." ordered Rufus.

Chapter 4: The Attack

Bridgette and her partner are both standing in the midst in the forest back to back. "Think you can do this?" asked Bridgette. "I'm Emma Austri, of course I'll win!" shouted  Emma. "We'll win and you can do this." Bridgette corrected. Grabbing her dual wielded long axes, Bridgette runs off and starts to stab her axe on the trees, using them as footstools, going round the tree. She'd then notice a Beowolf and take out her axes and jump off. However, this Beowolf is more agile and dodges her attack. SLAM! The Beowolf is sent flying by Emma's spike ball weapon. "And it's a home run!" Emma laughed. Turning to Bridgette, Emma notices the fire mass of Grimm. "There's some Grimm on the cliffs!" shouted Emma. Bridgette turned this shocked. "We need to go." Bridgette ordered urgently. "How do we get up?" asked Emma. "I have a way." Bridgette said heroicly. The two both started to run off.

Jorey and Onyx are both walking across and are still looking for the way up. Jorey sat down, drawing with a stick for no reason. Onyx looked at Jorey. "Why are you doodling on the floor?" asked Onyx. "I'm etching my marks here, I want to be remembered." Jorey stayed. Onyx looked down, noticing the mark and was shocked. It said "You Can Be Like Us."  "You love kids don't you?" asked Onyx. Rising from the floor. "Not in that way!" Jorey exclaimed. "I'm just educating them." Jorey stated. Rapidly, four Beowolves would drop down out of nowhere. Jorey and Onyx turn to them shocked. Aiming towards the member in the far left, he'd pull out two arrows. "Is he going to waste an arrow?" Onyx thought to himself. The arrows soar through the forrest and then go there seperate ways and impale the person and his teammate. "A double kill, the wind is proud." Jorey stated. Jorey gestures to Onyx and transforms his bow to it's nodachi. Flipping it up, he'd then cut the branches of the trees. As the trees began to fall, Onyx jumped in the air. Onyx punched the branches on both sides, sending them quickly towards the other memebers. Jorey the sheathes his nodachi and looks at Onyx. "We have to save the others." Onyx stated.

Rufus and Eli are already walking along a really tight bridge. "I can't do this!" Rufus cried. Eli turned to Rufus. "I'll fire at you, if you don't do it, I'll also take your girl." stated Eli. "I don't wanna die!" Rufus cried running across the bridge faster than Eli. Catching with Rufus, Eli begins to laugh. Looking up, Rufus would notice Bridgette West and Emma. "You two got here quick!" Rufus exclaimed. The girls turned to the two. Emma then began to blush at Rufus. "Sir Sabbia, I love you!" shouted Emma hovering towards Rufus. Pulling back, Rufus would be scared. "I'm getting married soon!" Rufus said in terror. Emma stops, as she is about to hug Rufus. "To Weiss Schnee!" Rufus exclaimed. Emma moves back a little and stares on the floor. "Don't worry." Rufus said solemly. Rising her head, up, she pumped her fists in the air out anger. "I'm going to kill her!!" shouted Emma loudly. Bridgette would look at this scared. On the top of the Cliffs, an Ursa is seen falling down. "What happened?" Bridgette wondered. Looking up, she'd notice two people.

Trond Norðri and Sigvard Suðri are both facing back to back. "North and South together now!" shouted Trond. Both of them got their weapons ready to attack.

Chapter 5: Rufus's Desprate Call

Back to Sigvard and Trond, the two are both smilling already as they're taking on their opponents. "No Grimm can handle this guy!" shouted Sigvard. A Beowolf rushes towards him and then he starts to spin his shield out. Rapidly, this hits the stomach, causing great pain. As the member drops the floor, Trond looks towards the fire spreading at Beacon. "Let's go!" shouted Bridgette. Eli, Emma, Bridgette and Rufus all each began to run towards the range. "How are we going to get up?" asked Rufus. Aiming Bolzen, Eli fires off 5 speeding bolts to mountain range. "Are you trying to destroy the clif?" asked Bridgette angrilly. Kaboom! The bolts detonate. Then a large chunk of rock forms a ramp. "Oh." Bridgette said calmly.

Heading towards Beacon they would be approached by two packs of Tigris. One of them sent a dashing punch towards Bridgette, sending her to the floor. "Bridgette!" shouted Emma. Emma then swings her spikeball one of them. But, it didn't hit anything but air. Bringing out Natura Orbis Rufus begins to cower. Then the Tigris swipes Emma to the floor.  Rufus drops to his knees as he isn't able to do anything. Eli then starts to protect himself and Rufus with lines of bolts. One of them pointed their finger and a red dust circle appears. Rapidly, one of them to starts to distergrate and appear behind the line of bolts. Quickly, the send such a power kick towards Eli. "What can I do?" Rufus thought in his head. "I've never helped anyone have I?" Rufus digging deeper. "I'm so useless!" This began to echo through his head all lot and start closing his eyes.

CLANK! Rufus opens his eyes and notices something. "Is the noble failing?" Jorey stated. "I'm not your everyday noble!" shouted Rufus. Standing up, Rufus looks towards Jorey and notices Onyx behind him. "Rufus go help the others, your the healer!" shouted Onyx angrily. Heading towards the others, Rufus gets out Natura Orbis and then a green orb appears. Rays begin to appear and transcend towards the others. Emma wakes up first and notices Rufus. "Mr. Sabbia!" shouted Emma infuated. Rising up from the floor she'd quickly walk up to him. "What's wrong with this chick?" Rufus asked running off. Bridgette would rise up from the ground. "She has Love Multiple Personality Disorder." Bridgette stated. As Rufus was running around, his face was shocked. "So she loves me, but has different personalities?" Rufus asked. Rushing off inside the Academy, Rufus would notice the defeated Tigris on the floor. The others would head up with them.

Chapter 6: Find The Way Back

Noticing the long way the others started their search to find Ozpin, among them was: Rufus Sabbia, Bridgette West, Onyx Rocker, Emma Austri, Jorey Diamond, Eli Leictreach, Trond Norðri and Sigvard Suðri. "Alright, we need to find Ozpin." Bridgette stated. "Yeah, I agree." Jorey said. "But what about the Grimm?" asked Rufus. Straws were put on the table by Onyx. "One of the pairs draw a straw, red stickers find Ozpin, yellows defend them." Onyx stated.

After drawing a straw, the groups were set. Jorey, Eli, Rufus and Onyx would go defend them and the others would find Ozpin. These four huntsmen began to walk off, splitting away from the others. "Why I'm I with you?" asked Onyx annoyed. Eli looked at Onyx. "I haven't done anything wrong."  Eli pleaded jokingly. "It's your demeanor, it makes me sick!" Onyx said annoyed. As they began walking, Rufus looked up. Jorey noticed this and aprroached him. "What's wrong?" Jorey asked. "I'm bored." Rufus said. "What?" asked Jorey. Eli and Onyx turned towards Rufus. "I'm so hungry?" Rufus wondered. Onyx sent a jab towards Rufus

These four huntsmen started to run off, looking at how they'd be able to protect the others. Rufus grabbed a wire and noticed how it strecthed. "Onyx, use this." stated Rufus. "Stupid plan, now I bet you're going to make me launch into them." Onyx denounced. Rufus then darted towards Onyx. "You idiot." Onyx said. "Now it's a party!" shouted Jorey. Onyx then sent a punch towards Jorey. "Shut up." Onyx stated. Eli then began to laugh at this.

As the others began running, they ran into a giant Prehensuer. "This is going to be easy!" shouted Emma running to attack it. Striking her spikeball down, she'd begin to hit the Grimm. However, it dodged this with such ease and then was about to gnaw it's teeth. Then, this was quickly blocked by Trond, using his spear.  Trond moved back, letting Bridgette about to strike it with his axe. Rapidly, it'd send a dashing powerful kick towards Bridgette, sendingher back to floor. "We need a better plan." Bridgette announced getting up. Putting her axes back into a staff, she'd look to Sigvard. Sigvard then threw his shield towards the member. Suprisingly, spikes start to appear on the shield. Then, she'd look to Trond. Rapidly, Trond start to run towards the Boarbatusk and then jumped up and slammed is spear into it's left arm. Emma then started to pounce towards the Grimm and slammed her weapon towards it. This would then send it flying towards the dead center. "All in the right place." Bridgette stated. Sigvard starts to strike at the man, send his sheild at it, without spikes. "Never!" shouted Sigvard. Next is Emma, she then smacks the Grimm with the handle. "Eat!" shouted Emma. Later was Trond, who smacked it with his spear. "Shreaded!" shouted Trond. Bridgette started spinning her weapon, this had hit the member in the stomach. "Wheat." Bridgette said.

Back to the area, a pack of Beowolves waltz in. Rufus, who was hiding in the bushes, was confused. "Beowolves?" Rufus thought to himself. These Beowolves were not smart, they had ran into the trip wire and a whole barrage of arrows where fired. As these arrows were fired, they began piercing the Beowolves. Out of nowhere, a Deathstalker appear and then, Onyx launches out and punches one of them in the jaw. "In ya face!" shouted Onyx. A shot was then fired and hit the Deathstalker. "Caah!" screamed the Deathstalker Quickly, this had exploded rapidly. In a matter of seconds, one of them was sliced up by Jorey and then another by Rufus. After finishing them off, there was a bloodsplatter.

They then appeared at the ceromony, and Ozpin started to call everyone up. "Guess, your bride can not be with you." stated Eli. "We aren't really going to marry, it's more of a buisness partnership, everyone thinks it's mariage." Rufus stated. Ozpin then looked at four huntsmen. "Rufus Sabbia, Eli Leictreach, Jore Diamond, Onyx Rocker, you two found the black knight, I herby call you Team JORE." stated Ozpin. "Led by, Jorey Diamond." Ozpin stated. "Oh come on!" shouted Onyx angrilly.

In a dark area, a man with black hair and a suit, was looking onto a window, where a ship was flying out. "Sir Panner, the blue haired person escaped, permission to kill him?" asked a man. This man turned to his henchman, looking to him smilling. "Don't call me Sir Panner, that title belonged to Raymond Panner, just call me Gary." he said. "Okay Gary, should we leave him?" asked the henchman. "Yes leave him, we've killed his teammates, there's no need." Gary order. The man then ran out of to room to tell the others. Gary then walked towards the window and looked at it at anger. "I'll get you Ozpin, I will get you." Gary said.

Chapter 7: The Way of the Leader

Back to the Cermony, Ozpin looks towards the four hunters. "Sigvard Norðri, Trond Suðri, Emma Austri and Bridgette West, you two found the white king, you are herby called, Team WEST." Ozpin announced taking a sip of his cup. He'd then shift his gaze towards Bridgette. "Led by Bridgette West." Ozpin stated. Bridgette would then jump in in the air out of suprise.

Flash foward into the night as the tree's dance in the breeze. The whistling sounds blowing into the doors of the boys. Outside the door, in the appears 2 pairs of red eyes by doors. "We'll peak on him." whispered a female voice. Both of the girls started making loud snifffing sounds. Rapidly, the broke into the door. However an arrow was fired and they skillfully dodged it. "What was that!" shouted the other female. "I want some sleep, so goodnight, I'll hit on you two tommorow okay?" Jorey said tiredly. The girls started to run out of the area screaming. Ozpin, who was in his jammies with some tea was vey confused. "I wonder where they're going, their dorm is the oppisite way." Ozpin wondered.

Flash forward to the next day, Jorey woke up and then noticed everyone else woken up before him. "Woke up before the leader, next time wake up you idiot." Onyx stated. Jorey then looked at his teammates. "Let's introduce ourselves." stated Jorey. "We've already met though." Rufus mentioned. "I meant personality terms, likes, dislikes and ambitions." Jorey said. Eli is then eating a cupcake and Rufus is freaked out. "Woah." Rufus wondered. "Why not you introduce yourself first?" Eli asked. "I'm Jorey Diamond, I like chicks and nodachi's, I dislike people who strive for things they didn't want, my dream is to be able to use the Wind of Sword Arrow technique, crafted by a great someone."  Jorey introduced. "Your weapon?" Eli asked. "Emerald Stagger, Nodachi that turns in to a bow and arrow." Jorey said. "Onyx Rocker, I like challenges, I hate weak people and I hate Faunus. My dream is to gain enough strength to remake Vexa. My weapon is called Ironmen, it just increases the strength of punches." Onyx stated. Jorey began laughing heavily. "What a terrible weapon." Jorey insulted. Sending a punch to Jorey, Onyx would be angry in fury. "Rufus Sabbia, I like staying the back row, I dislike my nobility, my dream is to be able to get all lot confindence to fight. My weapon is Natura Orbis, it heals." stated Rufus. "Eli Leictreach. I like my brother and giving pain. I dislike people who do things that's unlike them. My dream, I have none." Eli stated. "God, you're weird." stated Jorey.

They all appeared in a duelling classroom. Glynda had appeared there, looking towards them. "We shall now be learning how to conserve our aura in battle." Glynda stated. "Team leaders must fight, so, Jorey Diamond vs Bridgette West."  Glynda called out. "Damn it right off the bat." Jorey worried. Bridgette was not hesistant, she was already on the stage. "So, she does want to fight me."  Jorey wondered. Walking up the stage, Jorey began to hear the cheers of detoriation, coming through his fine and sharp ears. "Go." Glydna called out of nowhere. "That was quick." Jorey said suprised. Bridgette began to pounce towards Jorey, spinning her axes rapidly. Jorey then dodges the attack and attacks her with his nodachi. Reacting, Bridgette blocks this with skill. She then sends detaches her axe and sends them both straight to Jorey who is sent on the floor. "I love you!" shouted Jorey. Bridgette then started to blush towards this. Having distracted her, Jorey grips his weapon and sends his weapon towards arrows and starts to fire them with ease. These would then keep Bridgette in place trapped.