Death is the truest form of Chaos
Cyborg Ninja by ichitakaseto

They are the common Machines used in every conflict as basic foot soldiers often using basic tactics and weaponry, although that does not mean they are simple to beat, nor are they easy to disarm.


They are used as the ground soldiers for Discordia Inc. as such they are made of less durable metals then their other brethren. Despite this it is found that these machines are not as easy to defeat as they seem and are often powerful in large numbers. They often use very basic strategies which is only usable in their numbers.

Abilities and Weapons

They have powerful processors allowing them to react faster then a good number of humans and other machines and this allows them to defend and attack in quick speed often taking their opponents mostly by surprise. To give them a more psychologically disturbing edge they are added with voice modulators that allow them to speak in poetic terms often about chaos or death.

They often have steel/titanium alloy that allows them to take very powerful attacks without quickly breaking down. They are equipped with powerful Carbines that give there ammo an extra punch. If their weapons are not working for them they will switch to Slash mode which in that case they reveal their blades that are strengthened by a unknown alloy allowing them to heat up their blades and cut through most metals.


The Ifrits Theme is "We All Soldiers" by Skitz The Samurida

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