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John Dog

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Kingdoms of Vytal


Kingdoms of Vytal

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The Janitors are a group of five extremely powerful individuals, who are assigned to deal with the cleanliness of the five continents, as well as being one of the major protagonist and antagonist groups in my upcoming fanfiction due to the atrocities they have committed at the orders of the four kingdoms as a black operations group. They are fierce enemies of the other antagonist faction, the Vortigern Clan .


In the violent-filled world of RWBY, with its transforming weapons, suicidal werewolves, honourable robots and battle-crazies, the great many fights everywhere have taken their toll on the janitor workforce, for who wants to be the stinking guy picking up other peoples' remains and the debris that will inevitably be a result of every building unlucky enough to be in a battle field. Not to mention getting themselves killed in the ensuing conflict. It was maddening for the old guys, reaching to the point that all of the janitors eventually rose up in a massive historical riot known as the Abandonment of Brooms. They all signed up for early retirement, not even million-dollar salaries could stop them from leaving.

For the next two years it was alright without them. I mean, if you can call piling up bodies rotting to miasma, hulking mountains of concrete so high that they got their own geographical names and an unusual accumulation of ketchup-stained napkins, 'alright'. It got even worse from there and eventually people begin to talk about it, expressing displeasure at the rising tides of trash and bodies that were left unattended.

As a result, the kingdoms rehired, desperate to please the people. However, this time, ordained with their newfound experience with the Abandonment, with much more specific requirements and with much higher pay and privileges, the Janitors were once again reformed, with one Janitor for each continent, making a total of five. Each one was required to be able to clean their region in eight hours or less.

The stringent requirements made it such that a group of some of the strongest individuals in the world were united and together they became a powerhouse in politics, wars and wetwork, transformed from merely picking up a broom and sweeping the streets to conducting special operations, taking down rogue states, destroying dangerous masses of Grimm and generally being forced to clean up the mess from the kingdoms' mistakes, as expected of their Janitors.

The Janitor Code

The Janitor Code is a set of rules applied to the Janitors by their kingdom hirers due to their extraordinary capabilities in a fight, hence their incredible ability to make even more a mess had to be kept restrained, with this as an answer. Anytime a Code is broken, the Janitor receives a strike and when they get three, they are out, i.e. killed off. However, considering how powerful they are, killing them is not exactly easy and thus, the kingdoms were in favor of making it such that them breaking the Code had to be backed up by any 'reliable' witnesses. Thus there is indeed quite a bit flexibility for these Cleaners of Death to get away with, though how much they exploit this differs between each Janitor.

The Code
1. You cannot attack anyone in a battle scene you are cleaning at unless it is an act of self-defence. Alteration 1.1. Unless ordered by a relevant authority. Alteration 1.2. Janitor 03 is not allowed to manipulate said authority into giving the order.
3. Property damage is strictly prohibited in ANY fight.
4. A Janitor is prohibited from talking to anyone who tries to talk to them. Exterminating such people are allowed.
5. Should a Janitor be sick for a day, please inform the proper authorities and get back to work.
Addition 6. Janitor 04 is not allowed to move beyond the Janitor's house, in accordance to the Janitor's house arrest.
Addition 7. Janitor 01 must remain below speeds of Mach 30000 when at work. Janitor 01 must also follow traffic laws dilligently and is not allowed to move between continents unless through an certified flight zone, along with permission from the proper authority.
Addition 8. Janitor 02 should refrain from causing fissures, unless given Order 66 by the government.
9. In light of three strikes, please do not resist. You will be exterminated.

The Janitors, their powers, relative strength and method of cleaning

  1. Janitor 01 - Zephyr - Lightning - Strongest - Sheer Speed
  2. Janitor 02 - Istafuron - Hell Fire and Brute - 5th Strongest - Incineration
  3. Janitor 03 - Baby - Psychokinesis - 3rd Strongest - Mind over Matter
  4. Janitor 04 - John Dog - Swarm and Territory - 2nd Strongest - Swarm Cleaning
  5. Janitor 05 - Reiner Gorion - Normality - 4th Strongest - Robot Cleaning


Professional Status

Active (Spec Ops)


The Saints (John Dog)

Founded by

Kingdoms of Vytal


Kingdoms of Vytal

When the Janitors are employed by the four kingdoms to eradicate any threat to the power of the governments in black operations, in order to allow them to continue on in their public duties, the Janitors disguise themselves as the 'terrorist' team STAR+S.

With a common task being to deal with rogue nations and cities, usually with the merciless condition of complete obliteration of the city itself, the Janitors have a specific tactic that they use in order to deal with the cities with the least of casualities. In the meantime when the four kingdoms attempt to negotiate with the rogue cities, if the outcome seems to be bad, a week before the assigned assault day, John Dog uses his Swarm in the dead of the night to kidnap people out of the city or give individuals warnings to get them to move out. The resultant string of cases would result in unrest in the populace and hence before the assault day, most of the people would have left the city, with usually the heads behind the revolt left. This job of his thus dubs John Dog and his Swarm as the Saints.

When assault day arrives, the four kingdoms conduct media blackout on the rogue city and the first warning wave of attacks come in the form of Reiner Gorion using her Normality to turn herself into a heavy-set humanoid giant, which will then be used to breach the city. Her unwillingness to take part in this act and her knowledge that she will cause the deaths of many results in the giant outwardly crying, dubbing it as the unoffcial fifth member of the team as the 'Sorrow'. It is, in truth, merely a massive shell to spread fear and scare those with weak wills and thus not true threats away from the city. It completely lacks any significant strength in its blows. However, when push comes to shove, the giant can fight back, though its true strength comes from Istafuron riding on it, using his Hell Fire to coat him and the giant in a ferocious-looking mantle of flames and lava that stave off attackers, while he blends into the lava to secretly fend off anyone who attacks Reiner. His brutal style and almost wrathful attacks hence make it seem as if the giant was a furious beast, hence those who are not very perceptive refer to it as the Rage, which actually belongs to Istafuron. This stage usually lasts an hour.

When an hour has passed, Baby, dubbed the 'Thrill' for her excitement at the relishing of battle, will come in while the giant and Istafuron slowly retreat, using her psychokinesis to block out light around her body to form a disguise of shadows, making her look like a raving mad creature, with her cackles and hoots of laughter unnerving even the most stubborn opponents, causing even more people to flee. She is heavily destructive, becoming a typhoon of destruction throughout the city as she causes utter panic with her blades raining down to cull all those who dare stand in her way and bisect entire builidings.

One hour and ten minutes into the attack, Zephyr steps in. He has no need to disguise himself, for when he comes in, it means that anyone left in the city is a dead man. Even Baby retreat as Zephyr switches place with her. In the next minute, there will a flash and boom as Zephyr activates the third level, Rai-o. In an instant, the rogue city would become nothing more than flat land. As he never really gets any publicity, Zephyr has little use of a codename, though the four kingdom officials call him the Ace, while his team refer to him more appropriately as the Apathy for his uncaringness for the brutal slaughter he brings about. Hence, out of all of the Janitors, he has the most blood on his hands.


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