One of the many peoples to organize themselves to fight the Grimm in the South-Eastern Isles of Remnant, they built strongholds and trained people to fight them in the name of human preservation.


When The Children of Grimm appeared, arriving by boat to their islands, they almost immediately started fighting them off, starting a conflict through repeated retaliations. Both factions grew greatly bitter and resentful, mounting attacks on each other to gain footing in parts of the Isles. Eventually, the Children of Grimm were driven off, made into enemies of the Kamatayans.

After this, the Assassin's pledged to fight the Children of Grimm and what they stood for.


Over time, the Kamatayans became well known to the everyday man. Their single major city, and all of the wealth that is brought through it, aids in funding their operations in striking against Children of Grimm. They also take contracts in bodyguarding and counter assassinating for other governments.

They retain sects all across the other Kingdoms. Sometimes their presence is small or nonexistent in less populated regions, or abundant in major cities like Vale.

The Assassins are, regardless, still at war with the Children of Grimm...


The Lord Kamatayan is an heir's title, given to the Patriarch and High Mentor of the Assassins. This person is in charge of leading the Assassins with wisdom.

Novices must pass Trials before they are given Specialist roles by the Mentors.

The current Patriarch is in the House Aswang.

Known Members

Known Associates

Trivia and Author's Notes

  • This faction is meant as a counter faction against the Children of Grimm.

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