This is XenotheWise135's new fanfic, "The Life of a Graduate".

Prologue: Tobias Hill, Combat Instructor

It all started in a small, quaint little room on the campus of Beacon Academy. The room was scarcely furnished, with nothing more than a bed, a fridge, a microwave, and a small desk with a large stack of papers on it. Light shined through the one window the room had, and right onto the face of the sleeping body on the bed.

He tried to fight it, he truly did, but sleep would not prevail that morning; not for him. Blinking the sleep out of his eyes and yawning dramatically, the man sat up in his bed. He had long, blonde hair that flowed to the middle of his back, and wore nothing but a white t-shirt and some black boxers.

Hauling himself out of bed, the first thing he did was head for the fridge. Opening it up, he was sorely disappointed to find nothing but a carton of milk and cold lunch meat. Sighing, he took a swig from the carton of milk and closed the fridge right back up.

After changing into a full suit, he slowly made his way over to the desk and looked at the top page on the pile of paper that lay there. On the top was a schedule that he picked up and examined further.

7:30 AM — Homeroom with the freshmen.

8:15 AM — Basic Combat Theory with class 2a.

9:00 AM — Basic Combat Theory with class 1a.

9:45 AM — Advanced Combat Practice with class 2c.

10:30 AM — Full Contact Sparring with the freshmen.

11:15 AM — Advanced Combat Theory with class 1a.

12:00 PM — Lunch break in the teacher’s lounge.

12:45 PM Forward — Teacher’s assistant with Glynda Goodwitch.

Sighing, the man folded up the paper and tucked it into his breast pocket. Looking at the clock above his bed, he noticed that he had barely ten minutes to get to his homeroom class. Rather than go out the front door and down the stairs, he merely opened up his window and leapt right out, leaping across the rooftops of the other dormitories until he finally reached his classroom.

Sighing once more, he opened the door and walked right in. The room was massive, and students lined seats going up at least ten rows. On the other side of the room were a large chalk board, a podium, and a desk. In the middle of the room was a fairly large circle with the image of swords crossing pained across it.

The man walked behind the podium and glanced over the freshmen.  They were a largely bland crowd for the most part. A few of the female’s stood out, not just for their beauty, but also their attire. Red riding hood? Seriously?

“Okay, homeroom is now starting.” The man said loudly, ending most of the conversations going on in the room. “My name is Tobias Hill, and I’ll be your homeroom teacher, as well as some of your combat theory tutors.”

The now named Tobias started going through the class roster that was left on his desk. “Well, since homeroom isn’t graded, I’m not going to bother doing attendance for over a hundred of you.” He said.

Most of the students sweatdropped at his lazy attitude.

“I WILL start putting names to faces though, so I’ll notice people who skip. Don’t even think about it.” Tobias then put down the class roster and looked at the students. “I guess I’ll start by saying ‘Welcome to Beacon’. Assuming you heard Ozpin’s speech a few days ago, you’ve all succeeded in taking the first step. I have your initiation grades here, but I’d rather not use them as a reference point. The fact that all of you made it out of the Emerald Forest alive and well is proof enough that you’re ready to learn how to fight.”

He paused; letting most of the students take in what he had said. One girl in particular held up her hand. She had pure white hair in a single pony tail and a white dress. She also had a scar that ran down her left eye.

“But Professor Hill! We almost died out in that god forsaken forest, and you’re not taking our grades from that into account?!” She yelled in outrage.

Tobias gave her a bland look. “That’s exactly what I’m saying Miss Schnee. I take it you want special treatment for defeating a tougher Grim? I’ll admit, some of you performed better than others, but I’m here to teach you how to fight, not coddle the students with the highest grades, even if that student is the notorious Weiss Schnee.”

The girl, Weiss, huffed and sat back down. A row back, the girl in the red riding hood outfit chuckled.

“Now, for the most part, homeroom will be a time for you all to get yourselves in gear for the day. Besides a few basic exercises and supervised practice matches though, not much physical activity will occur here. You’ll spend this time going over any assignments you received the previous day, working with your teammates, and asking me for any help in things you’re having difficulty with. You may also perform weapon maintenance as long as it doesn’t disrupt the class. Are there any questions?”

After confirming there were none, Tobias continued.

“Considering this is your first full day of school, you really don’t have anything to do. Spend the rest of the period talking with your teammates and preparing for the day ahead. If any of you feel like sparring, let me know and I’ll supervise. Personally, I’d save it for later when we all have full contact sparring, a class which I’ll be teaching. For now, just try and be productive. Things will fall into place easier as the days go by.” He finished.

As the students grouped off into their teams and started talking amongst themselves, Tobias walked over to his desk and sat down. He spent the rest of the period skimming through the class roster and putting names to faces. The two students with the highest  transcript commendations were a boy by the name of Jaune Arc and a girl by the name of Pyrrha Nikos. Taking a look at Jaune and noticing his weak looking face and mop of blonde hair, Tobias couldn’t see the strong fighter his old teachers said he is.

Pyrrha Nikos, though, was special. Her flowing red hair and borderline primitive gladiator style dress made her stand out, but that was not what caught the newly appointed  teacher’s eye.

She had graduated from Sanctum Academy at the top of her class, just as he had. And to make matters worse, she won the Mistral Regionals one time more than he did. Tobias would be lying if he said he wasn’t at least a little bitter at having his record broken.

Putting down the class roster and leaning back into his chair, Tobias thought back to how this whole situation got started…

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