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Founder:Miles Grenice (Status: Deceased)

Chairman of the board: Suzane Lilyblue

CEO: Lauren Grenice

COO: Ted Gilde


The Grenice Dust Corp. was originally a Humanitarian Company, named the Miles Grenice Corporation, after the founder, Verdantos' grandfather. All of the company funds were spent on helping  the city of Vale, and finding good homes for children. They built Airship stations, and other forms of transportation. They built Free Clinics, for the poor and underprivileged. The founder eventually had two children, one of which died while his mother was in labor. Both the child and the mother passed. Miles Grenice's multi-billion dollar company eventually went to his first, and only, child, Terrence Grenice. Terrence was a kind and compasionate person., showing a great love for all people, surpassing that of even his father. He eventually married Lauren Croitia, and had their only son Verdantos Grenice . His wife believed that the company could make so much money investing in mining Dust. But, Terrance firmly believed against the weaponization of Dust. On his way to promote the opening of a new adoption agency, he was assasinated.

The Rule of Lauren Grenice.

After the death of Terrence, Lauren quickly took control of the company. She instantly took out all of Verda's reserved shares of the company, and sold them to the highest bidder. She completely cut all of the funding of the Free Clinics, and the Adoption Agency. She funneled every spare cent the sompany had into Dust mining, and caused an upraor amongst the Board members. The protest quickly ceased, when the company's profit increased ten-fold. The ones who continued to argue, mysteriously disapeared.  Lauren married multiple men, all inheritors of billions of dollars.  She gave them company shares, and in the process, cut pay for all their mining workers in fouths. She had many sons with them also, all inheriting more of the company than Verdantos. No one knows why Lauren snubbed her son, but some speculate, that it is due to him bein to malleable, and could be manipulated to taking the company back to its roots.

Company Heirs

Tordo Beckinshire, inherits 1/4th of all company shares, in case of the death of his father.

Verdantos Grenice inherits 0.001% of all company shares, in the event of the death of his mother.

Quin Celice, Inherits 1/5th of all company shares, in case of the death of his father.

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