A duel... Two flames raging against one another until one is extinguished. Here, one must show everything they have, or they face certain defeat. Who burns bright, and who will crumble into cinders... This is the OC Battledome.

Battledome Rules

- A fighter will give this fight everything they have. Restraints no longer hold them, and both fighter strive for nothing less than a kill. They are bloodlusted, but still remain in character.

- Fighters will not know anything about the other fighter unless such is actually canon in their backstory.

- Accepted characters only.

- Characters are not allowed outside help. They must fight using their standard equipment, and their own body.

Battledome Format

People will offer their character up for a fight in the comments below, and I will select them. Then, I will gather all battle info from their profile, fanfics, and RPs, accumulating the information into condensed battle profiles. These battle profiles will be on display for about a week, so any interested can debate on who the winner shall be. During this time, myself and two comrades of mine, unaffiliated to the fanon for ensuring lack of bias, will look over the characters and their comparisons, determinging the winner. Then I shall write a gripping fanfiction outlining the fight. As time goes on, this has the potential to upgrade into full on animations.

So, post below if you've the desire to have your character in a battle to the death.

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