When you have something random, and just don't know what to do with it
This page was made by the Troll Sniper Alpha. I'd appreciate it if you put as much random crap here as possible. Please keep any edits to your own contributions.

I made this page because sometimes I just have something I'd like to put somewhere, but it just doesn't fit anywhere. So, if you have something random that you can't put anywhere else, here is your place.


  • The Wall walked into a tree. The tree said ouch.
  • Beowolves wearing partyhats are the best beowolves.
  • The Cult of Neil started as a joke about UtVoN's broadcast. It has since expanded into a full religion.
  • Reiku and Scarlet sitting in a tree. K-I-L-L-I-N-G, Grimm.
  • I have made two ships accidentally. Both are awesome. Dusty Wolf and Rainbow Ice.
  • This guy has an affinity for coffee.
  • Pamila is overly fond of me.
  • Turns out I am actually a coffee mug golem.
  • I am so proud of myself :P
  • As of the 16th of June 2014, the first time the random page link gave me one of my own OCs occurred. I got Las Saltus


  • My middle name is James. was, until my dad decided to scrap it.
  • I prefer to be called by my nickname, Jet. Some people, however, prefer otherwise...
  • I have a (bad) habit of drumming on just about any surface whenever I get bored. :/
    • On that note, I also air drum every once in a while. Which looks rather...odd. :/
  • The person below me is actually a nice guy.
  • Never, ever, look at Ender in the eye...I'm warning you, he has tentacles.
  • Never miss a hi-five again: just look at the other person's elbow.
  • Got a splinter? No worries, just put scotch tape over it and peel off. PAINLESS.
  • Beer contains fermented sugars, which makes great lawn fertilizer.
  • I love being an esoteric enigma.
  • I am a slow' OC maker - nine months a loyal Fanon member (at the time of writing) and only two OCs. DX
  • I am (NO LONGER) forever alone!!!!!!!! :D (TAKE THAT, VAN!!! XP )!
    • On that topic, I am the author of the OC that owns the Reikuzone...NOT!
      • Tuesday August 12...The Reikuzone disappears :D (Just scroll down)!
  • Also, I stole Krys' Magical Staff. Shhhh...
  • (*Takes a Gorse from Leaf *)

Vanity Chaos

  • Blood x Savannah, Naomi, Zaffre, Jaden, Yadira, Chamoisee, Flannery, Kara, Aurea, Anastasia, Luna, Esmer, Silvia, Karma, Sanguis, Tokari, Marrol, Natsu.
  • Bret calls me Pam. 
  • Someone called me Mr.Banana. <.<
  • My art is getting pretty damn good. (y)
  • I can remember everything, except my memories with !@$%^$#.
  • Today (April 7, 2014), the admins made a mature content category, probably because of some excessive ERPers. DO NOT look at the first thing I wrote. >.>
  • Today (Somewhere around April's last week) Blood gained a ship... a ship unlike any other. 
  • I have an Azure Dragon OC, which I considered as my best offense and a Crimson Dragon OC which I considered as my best defense.
  • May 21, 2014. I now realize the true horrors of... herpes... 
  • I've been... helping people with their problems... helping them change for the better. I've received so many gratitude from them, but deep inside, I don't really know how I helped them... or if I even deserved their gratitude...
  • I've regretted the choices I made with some people, some girls to be specific. I've rejected people's feelings for me all too often, sometimes I reject them, sometimes I act oblivious... I was kinda a dick to do that to them, I should've at least gave them a chance and appreciated their feelings.
  • I haz anger issues. >.>
  • The person above me is Forever Alone </3


  • Edwin seems to believe in a godly being that distributes Tea leaves and Coffee Beans throughout the land.
  • Carol has yet to make his team a full harem- Ange prevents him from achieving this.
    • Its all good now. Harem Team Achieved (For the most part), please. Now, more women are needed.
  • Carol hates a certain persistant spider girl.
  • But you are secretly a wizard, Harry!
  • Linden, Edwin, and Carol all read some sort of "porn" reference in their dorm rooms: Certain hidden games of Linden's, The Karma Sutra and few Erotica stories in Edwin's bookcase, and the Magazines Carol stashes under his bed.
    • Only Carol makes use of his, Edwin and Linden know but are both too spineless. Though, Edwin tends to love a book named, "White Rose Garden".
  • blahblah something else silly.


  • By accident, I have the nickname of Well
  • Enderparadox, as a word, contains the word derp
  • i am a half enderman half tentacle monster, as well as a poyo with those same attributes


  • Oh god how did this get here.
  • I am not good with computer.


  • So, I guess I'm Ruka's "waifu" as of today. Way to start the New Year right! Was it today... or yesterday...
  • This little kitten has no concept of time, ever since she became a Whovian.
  • "The tail was a lie!" - Me to Bret about Esmer's Tail
  • "My butt burns with the fires of hell." - A quote by your's truly.


  • Valuable Words

Glasses, Blue Hair, Long Hair, Hime Cut, Twintails, A-cup to C-cup, Legs, No Socks, Ribbons, Scarf, Pants

No, this is not the girls I like, this is the limitations of my artwork >_>

  • Self-proclaimed biggest fan of fighting games in the RWBY Fanon. >=)


  • Sometimes I wonder if my brother secretly hates me.
  • I will never understand everyone's obsession with anime-speak. An I accept that.
  • There's...There's something you guys should know. I'm....I'm Hispanic! Will you still accept me?
  • I feel like Leonidas has better luck with girls than I do. By that I mean he's actually held conversations with them.
  • Sometimes, I dream about cheese.
  • Everyone in my school has an Ipod or something, and I'm just sitting here listening to Sinatra on my 4GB MP3.
  • If you heard a giant explosion coming from Southern Arizona....disregard it. Also disregard the flying car parts. And the corpses. And the flying cheese.
  • I'm a potato. A Kawaii potato. Who has Ethereal powers. Do not question it, go with it. 
  • Never again shall I hear laughter so disturbingly hilarious that is not my brother's while I play Need for Speed Most Wanted. Curse those Uncle Tommy vans.
  • Ah, China, a magical place of history, culture, an- *Loud car horn* WHAT THE FUCK MAN I'M WALKING HERE YOU'RE DRIVING ON THE SIDEWALK JESUS CHRIST.
  • While dC and I don't talk a lot, we're both Chileans. We have each other's backs. Right? ....right?


  • Has been claimed by Star, Hype, and Bad.
  • Carnival~, Dayo~!*fires fifty corrosive warheads in random directions*
  • Did you know, Russia puts jam in their tea? Sounds much better than just plain sugar cubes~!
  • Has the ability to 'overclock' my body, via causing the body to create adrenaline at will.
  • In reality, I am a 400+ year old ghost, a cute, loli sword wielding mage, and a moe controller of portals!
  • Is the Fleet Admiral and Ship Designer of the Corsairs
  • The shortened of my username that everyone calls, "Kimi", is actually my nickname for my cousin.
  • Self-proclaimed Sempai of StarlightAT :3!
  • Is actually onboard IJN Nagato, hiding from IJN Kongou. I prefer twin kimono'ed girls who talk philosophically, than deal with a psycho European woman hell-bent on my destruction (-_-")
  • Is the one who started the Initiation of the Pomfs!
  • Need a weapon for a character? No problem! Click here for a list of weapons, all ready to be claimed!
  • I have ascended, from a normal, mundane ethereal, into a Shinigami!


  • Uguu~ Ender-sempai will protect me~
  • Noctum is my Buddy
  • I am a skeleton. I have been dead for thousands of years. PLEASE try to keep in mind that I'm already dead.


  • I have a little sister now. I will teach her to love ponies.
  • I'm tired of people assuming that because I'm a leaf, I live on a tree, PLANTS HAVE LEAVES TOO GAIS!!!
  • Leaf has a secret... he has never eaten bacon.
  • Alright guys, seriously, just because I have 3 people on the fanon I love (two of them becing OC's) does not mean I'm a player.
  • You all stink horribly of internet.
  • I just wanted a kiwi...
  • Take my Gorse please.

Lurooke Surana

  • IPhone 105
    I am in fact, Batman.
  • I have a lot of awesome ideas, but most of them end with me taking over the world, so deal with that as you will.
  • My 60 year-old self told me the other day I will eventually discover time travel, so I got that to look forward to. Which is nice.
  • Some of you may feel like you are being watched.  It's me.  I'm watching you.  It's so I can more easily assimilate you when I take over the world.
  • It was I who allowed the Alliance to learn the location of the shield generator.  Now, witness the power of this fully armed and operational battle station!
  • I've done far worse than kill you... I've hurt you.  And I wish to go on... Hurting you.  I shall leave you as you left me... As you left her.  Marooned for all eternity in the center of a dead planet.  Buried alive.
  • Most likely the least knowledgeable person for anime and manga on this wiki.
  • Conversely, likely the most knowledgeable person for American comics and animation on this wiki.
    Weiss and Winter 1
    Weiss and Winter 2


  • I have found my home and it is this page.


  • Sudirman is a term how I call Spiderman.
  • I have to advice everybody that never high-five a pirate!
  • Dinner is one of my tool of trade at making art.
  • I own a katana in my room. But I didn't use it for cosplay or slashing robber. I use it as an extension to reach my TV buttons. It is exactly the same thing Mr. Bean did with his TV.
  • Samjay's Weekly Rant is now officially open from this January 2014 onward.
    • It is now Samjay's random rant.

Samjay's Random Rant

WARNING! Contain Crude Language!


Help Wanted

I am a man with many resources. Whether in term of skills or information.

I have tendencies to be randomly helpful toward anyone if I feel like it. Once I helped someone, I never ask them for a reward or anything as they already helped me by giving me a chance to improve my ability.

One of these day, I stumbled into a journal of someone and he said that he need programming and design help. I read his journal with enthusiasm before I ask myself whether I can help him or not.

After taking time of pondering, I am very confident that I can help him to realize his idea as I typed my offering to his journal comment section. My spirit was burning with passion afterward. I can't wait for his response.

I waited from day to day while constantly checking up his journal in a hope to find something interesting.

After couple of days, I found that somebody else were also trying to help him. But that doesn't matter, it'll give him an extra help. Thus, I waited again.

It has been past a week and there's still no reply from him. So I decide to check his journal again. I found comments from several new people are posted in there, but they're unlike me and the other guy. They gave him a compliment and he replied.

I just don't understand why he replied to those who isn't try to help him when he need help. Has he finished his idea before? I have no idea. I did include that question when I offers him my help yet he ignored it. It makes me wonder if this guy is arrogant or not. So out of curiosity, I checked his page and found something irritating.

"Son of a Bitch!" I tantrum. This little prick is definitely inferior to my skills. He can't do art for shit. His programming skills are also beyond unoriginality. He has no creativity, all he can do is rooting for popular creative idea.

How dare he! How dare this little prick has the guts to reject someone who has far better skills than himself?! This is just an insult, this is an abomination, this is MADNESS!! I'll show him how it's done!

Ever since that, I decide to stalk him....

My first step is to be a part of his community, acting as a double agent.

A Man I Nicknamed As Fatphile

Before I decide to be a double agent, I inspect his stuff more deeper than the last time when I tried to help him. I admit that he is quite skilled at photoshoping(photo editing) and spriting, but its not good enough to at least have something that surpass my skills. However, what attracted me about his stuff are these fat people drawings. He seems to be a fan of them.


After I inspect it more further, I was like "WTF!". This guy has a fetish toward fat people. He even made an OC based on himself and then added by these collection of fat girl OCs. Its like... he is imagining himself being surrounded by fapable objects. I bet fapstorm is happening in his place.

The thing that confirmed me this was not only these fat romance picture he commissioned, but the most prominent fact that confirmed me this is a self-RP and Godmodding RP he did in his page.

One is about making his fat girl OC asked him how sexy she is in which he replied "Yes, you're sexy!"

The other one is seems to be an unauthorized art where he "made" his friend's OC ridiculously fat. With that art being made, he put a godmodding RP in his description. It was about the friend's OC appreciated being fattened and I don't know if this friend of his approve it. So I check the friend page and I don't think this other guy is a fan of fat as much as him.

Man, I have my own fetish too. But unlike him, I don't :

  • Make a full self-insert OC.
  • Make a heroine that has perfect taste of my chemistry in every aspect.
  • Make all of my female cast has a perfect chemistry with my fetish.
  • Express my fetish wildly.

What kind of series he is trying to make? Beer Belly Fap Heaven Adventure?

It just... Not only girls, but he made most of his other cast to be fat whether they are male or female.

Then I read his journal and he claim that he strongly believe that 100% people in the world will like fat people because they are sexy and beautiful.

What a freaking idiot. This guy delusion has reached the level of bullshit crap. What worse than that delusion is that all he care is how fat a girl is. What about their inner beauty? I would like fat girls too, but it wouldn't because I saw them sexy and beautiful, it would because I find her PERSONALITY compatible with me. Either way, I completely disagree with his mindset. Everybody has their OWN chemistry and love doesn't always come from outer beauty.

On one of the description, he said that if you don't like fat people, then press the "back" button. In the other side, I saw several comment stating hatred against fat people.

I mean.. Should he at least realize that not 100% people in the world will like fat people by that?

If I ever flame at him, I wouldn't flaming about his fat interest, but I would flaming about his ATTITUDE. He ignored me and those who tried to help him, yet he respond to compliments. I wonder if he would ignored help when he's begging for it after he fell from a cliff and need to get himself up?

Henceforth, I shall nickname him as Fatphile.

Ignored For 10000 Times...

I lurk more upon his work and start to read the comments.

Oh dear, is this guy a robot or something? I mean those replies..... It looks like something that an AI would reply. Except it is POORLY programmed. It is FAR dumber than the Cleverbot. Cleverbot is able to reply anything even if it come up with stupid respond. But fatphile is mostly reply a comment that has certain pattern of words in which most of these pattern consist of COMPLIMENTS.

So his reply procedure probably goes like this :

Whenever he saw "awesome", "nice", "cool", "I love it", and other nice compliment in a mostly nice comment, He will reply either :

"Thank you <insert name>, I'm glad you like it"

"Thank you"

And thanks bla bla bla...

And whenever he saw something that cited criticism, advice, or question that unrelated to compliment, he will ignore it most of the time.

He once show off proudly that he has watched this anime, that anime, those movie bla bla bla. Then I asked him a question regarding the movie he watched, and it was an easy question. He replied nothing, I am ignored. It is as if he show off to just to show everyone that he is rich and no one is as good as him.

He have every next gen gaming consoles, original DVD, Bluray, and all. Yeah, I admit I don't have stuff as much as he do as I am not as rich as him. However, I have something that his money can't buy. It is skills, creativity, originality and quality respect.

He can sprite, and photo edit, spriteswap a program. But I can do BOTH spriting, photo edit, make program from scratch, drawing, vfx designing, animating, and sound mixing. Most of all, I can generate a creative idea, a new thing instead of turning Ryu/Evil Ryu/Ken/Akuma/Chunli into his OC by spriteswapping them.

Another unique thing he did in a respond that he put those words in a very neat format as if it comes from an automated message of an AI. Sadly, he did it most of the time.

I mean snap out of it you schmuck! You're a human, NOT a robot! Try to talk to other like a human being for fuck sake! Or are you trying to be Mr Krabs?

Also try to consider those criticism stated by others! Your work is definitely has flaws! As long as you ignored them, you'll never realize your error. Thus, hardly improved.

Its Quality, schmuck! Not Quantity : Over 100 Credits vs. 3 Credits - Fatphile vs. Me

One day, I noticed that he recently been proud of his OC revamp. And he show it off like its a work of God. I wouldn't mind if his attitude was decent. But the way how he only respond to compliment makes me thinks that he simply being attention whore.

I recalled that he always been crediting over 100 people or company whenever he "post art". And the way he wrote it is like something that automatically generated by AI. It was too repetitive. Like I said on previous rant : For fuck sake, speak like a human being Damn it!

Anyway, back to his art. Other thing that I notice is that how he often to call his art "awesome".

Awesome my ass. Even the ancient Aztec people can do better art than that.

Eventually, his arrogance is starting to get on my nerve. So I decide to lay down a hand myself. I'll show him my shitty art. At least shitty for me. But my art is way superior than his.

So here is my ownage story against him:

He first come of by showing off the silhouette of his oc redesign, prompting people to guess what it is. I already can guess what behind that silhouette. But damn that wallpaper designing of his isn't nearly as good as mine. I can do better and so I did.

He took like, had someone drawn his OC first before he colored it himself. Even though he had someone to draw his OC, the artstyle looks like a Spongebob doodle. His OC looks like a fat version of Mario without mustache. Its like a Tinman robot getting pulverized by Thor's Mjolnir.

Meanwhile I draw my art myself. I both colored them along with shading, I add VFX, and decorated them with motion graphic. I'm concentrating harder than Ancient Chinese Monk, baby. How dya like that, fatphile? Can you still self-proclaim awesome when against someone who can do things you can't do?

And again, he always given over 100 credits for his "art". How about over 100 credits of assholes, bitch? Meanwhile, I'm over here took only 3 credits for my art. I only give them credit for providing me Common Creative Image, Plug ins, and Brushes. The rest are come from my own creativity. But seriously, why the hell does it took over 100 credits for his "art"? Is it, for example, he isn't creative enough that he had to plagiarize mario and give credit to nintendo for using his design?

But whatever, my shitty stuff is proven better than his "awesome" stuff. I don't need to give credit to over 100 people. Its quality, schmuck. Not quantity. I draw my art entirely myself and took only 3 credits while he had someone to draw it and took over 100 credits yet the quality isn't nearly as good as mine. You know what, fatphile? If the 3 people who helped my art already produce a better quality art, let alone if I get help from over 100 person. I'd create a RPG game you know.

Seriously, I wonder what kind of contribution these over 100 credits did to fatphile's "art"? Its like he has ridiculously low level of creativity and skills that he needed these over 100 people/companies to create a shitty production.

Its weird that most people I came across who self-proclaimed as awesome are usually the shitty one, while the person who self-proclaim as amateur/regular are usually the good one.

Fatphile's Game Project and OC Revamps

I always wonder how could fatphile gets so many friends around him despite of his conceited attitude. But I figure it out why. He, basically, do free spriting. That will certainly lure Sonic FC community to come to him just for a free spriting. They like'em free art. Other than that, he has this shitty game project that gives a chance to put a FC/OC in action. Of course these Sonic Community would love to see their OC in action as a playable character in his game. And in order to get an OC/FC in his game, they have to be his friend so that he feel like adding them in the game as well as "coding" their gameplay.

In nutshell, Fatphile friend's are mostly asskisser. They befriend him for free sprite and getting into his game.

I honestly would love to see my OC in action in a gameplay myself. But my creativity is far bigger than him, it won't fit in to his shitty game. I can sprite, creating original VFX, design my moveset, coding my OC gameplay myself. Compare to him, he just spriteswap an already existing character. He even made his main OC fight exactly like Evil Ryu and his girlfriend OC fight exactly like Chunli. He did the same thing to those friend of his. Spriteswapping an already existing character.

It just utter ridiculous. spriteswapping an existing character won't make my OC ability to stand out. Its not original for fuck sake.

I guess that explain why he can't even design his OC original moveset. He already accustomed with stealing a popular fighting game moveset. No wonder he credited Capcom among his over 100 credits in most of his art.

Other than that, He can't even create a complete bio about his OC. It feels like his OC is a mere shitty picture. Hell but I'm okay with backgroundless beautiful art. They at least display high quality of ability.

Other thing I notice is that before he revamp his OC into a fatass, he was a mario recolor. Then I know a fact that he has asskissers who are mostly a sonic recolor. Knowing how everyone else was sonic recolor, it makes his mario recolor the most unique. Because he is the only mario recolor in that game.

It gives me this sensation "I should be the main character of my game because I'm the only one who recolored mario while all of you recolored sonic characters".

Main character, the only one MY ASS!! IT still a recolor!. Soon or later there will be ton of Mario recolor in creation, and his OC won't be unique no longer. As matter of fact, it does happen. I guess that explain why he revamp his OC just to get his "The only one" title back.

Even so, I don't like how he state the reason of his changes. First, someone asked him why he liked fat people. He answered "I see everyone start doing it, so I begin to get interested with it.". Then this is the answer why he revamp his OC into his original fatass "Since I saw everyone start to change their OC into original appearance, so I decide to make my OC looks original as well.".

WHAT THE HELL?! Its like he is following a certain mainstream. If I am asked why I changed my recolor OC to a more original look, I'd answer "Because having OC as a recolor of existing character will never belong to me and will never be considered as original. I rather took the entire copyright for the design, and everything else I put into my OC myself. That is originality."

Anyway, since fatphile just "following" like a mindless sheep, I had a feeling that his resolve aren't real. As matter of fact, he recently revamp his main OC again and turn it into Hideyoshi Kinoshita recolor and made him as his brother.

You sick piece of shit!! Are you fucking kidding me?! Where's your "Decide to be original" resolve and all that shit? You recolored Hideyoshi Kinoshita you son of a bitch!! And that isn't original. I thought you said you'd improve and be more original when one of my spy extract information out of you.

And now you revamp your OC again... into a recolor of Yusuke of Persona and pair him with Labryss. Where's your dream fat girlfriend OC, asshole? You usually put her next to your main OC in a wallpaper. But now you put Labryss next to you instead. You ditched your imaginary girlfriend OC you bastard. I thought you said she was sexy and beautiful. I guess you found that a metal-ass is more sexy and beautiful than a fatass. But then again, where is your "100% people will like fat girls" ideal, bitch?

What a fucking idiot.


--Coming soon (Oh shit)--


i actually once made a blog detailing my awesomeness i sometimes think i might be a time lord who lost his pocket watch this page must be inspired by y actions i was tinking about doing a blog physics n stuff with proviantis get it it's a word joke but then i realised i needed to know more physics than required to OP phyrra one word: electrocution i should be making homework right now i just love to hear my two hearts beating in perfect sync yes i am a time lord unlike some other time lords on the wiki my type 53 TARDIS does have a working chameleon cirquit 5th regeneration 4921 years old i survive pretty well can't work basic technology


  • I'm a Time Lord. I'm from the planet Gallifrey in the Constellation of Kasterborus. I'm 1516 years old. I've Regenerated 27 times. AND I CAN'T FLY A SHIP RIGHT!
    • (Meaning my first ship isn't moving :P)
    • Note: My TARDIS looks like a Beacon Rocket-Powered Locker.
      • Bullies beware, you help me by throwing me in my locker >:P
  • Yadira's reverse harem begins with Blood and Albastru >:3


  • Is the Sempai to Kimiyosis!
  • Special Talent: Remembering Dreams to nearly perfect detail.
    • Side Effects: Headache when I wake up.
  • Chat apparently hates me when I am on. I go on...I interact, come the next hour and a half, i have lagging, no messages sending, constantly refreshing, then i am not able to get back on.
  • Damn you Firefox for being awesome.
  • Damn you Chrome for lagging.
  • Damn you Internet Explorer for getting me virus in a package!!
  • I am a shipper. I ship human x human, human x mythical beast, mythical beast x fairy, angel x demon, god x demon, demon x demon, human x demon, angel x demon, human x moon rabbit, I WILL EVEN SHIP A HUMAN WITH A SHIP!! GUNZO X TAKAO 4 LIFE!!! XD
  • THe Goddess of the GLOMPZ and HUGZ and Wields the Power of the Boundary!
  • Hi.

Freelancer Tucker

  • I hope I don't get anyone mad by posting here
  • I've memorized Tucker's entire "Bow chicka bow wow" song -- When I see the ladies I say: (BOW CHICKA BOW WOW!)
  • I'm Hispanic, just to throw that out there for some reason
  • No one is my Senpai and I'm no one's Kohai.
  • I'm a Freelancer Extraordinaire, what exactly that means and entails, I have no idea.

Krystal Hydralisk

  • I'm a bipolar psychopath . . . .
  • I have no sempai or kouhai. . .as of now . . .
  • I'm an Oblivion Sage, that uses dark and Forbidden magic to defile the world of the light. . Ask me for more clarification if you want.
  • It's come to my attention that I'm a nerd messing around on this Wiki, instead of doing school work. . . . .I wonder. . .Am I alone in this sense?
  • I've lost my pet chibi Beowulf if anyone finds it please return it to me, and be careful she is very very tempermental. .
  • I'm also a weapons designer
  • Also has anyone seen my Magic Staff? It's missing again. . .


  • Because getting anally raped without lube is nice...
  • I've seen enough hentai to know where this is going.
  • Punch your interwebs in the balls and tell it who's boss. Take control of that shit.
  • This is why you never let a Chinese man drive a tank!
  • It's nice to have opinions, and we're all entitled to them. EVEN THOUGH YOU'RE WRONG!
  • Tsu&#039;s Tsushi
  • Narulol
  • I'm prepared for the slapping i'm about to receive. In the words of Reggie, 'My body is ready.'
  • Leaf, like I said earlier...I'm always down to clown in RP town.
  • I can see Van marrying a tsundere dominatrix.
  • RWBY Fanon - where talking about penises piercing the sky is acceptable.
  • This place needs like, a senpai bulletin board. "Calling All Kohais!"
  • Senpaiception - We must notice deeper!
  • Well, looks like Flora knows me without even knowing me, because she sent an Italian into the kitchen.
  • Noc has magic powers. Science proves it. Aren't contradictions great?


My rambles of pointlessness.

June 4th, 2014

  • I have separated Arro and Amet. >:3
  • I don't like editing in Source mode. :D
  • I should sleep for a little bit.
  • #RiziAngst2014
  • Why am I a depressive writer?

June 19th, 2014

  • I wrote Jaune instead of June. I have a problem.
  • Amet should seriously move in with me. I want to cuddle his face off.
  • "I get what I want, so don't bother and just watch me burn." *collar snap-flip thing*

June 20th, 2014

  • Degrassiii.
  • Degrassi is love.
  • Degrassi is life.
  • In other news, never search, "Unisex Poses", on Google.

June 27th, 2014

  • I finally cleaned out my youTube subscriptions! Yay! Lizzie did a good!
  • Now, Lizzie needs to clean her Facebook friends...

August 6th, 2014

  • I'mabitchI'mabitchI'mabitch.
  • I'msorryI'msorryI'msorry.
  • ¢σммυηι¢αтιση тєямιηαтє∂.
  • ℓιzzιє ∂σєѕ ησт єχιѕт.
  • αѕк ѕυη.

Crimson Beast

  • Hoping this is free game to post on
  • For the ever loving fuck of a thousand virgins, SEMICOLONS
  • 2zyjSeh

Electric Spark

  • I'm just that one guy that people see around but don't think too much of.
  • I am a cuddly, adorable Pichu, and I have no negative emotions, which makes me perfect for the ultimate goal. What's the ultimate goal, you ask? To be friends with everyone on the wiki, of course!
  • May 15th, 2014: Cam Wells is the Top Page on the wiki. I'm flattered!
  • June 2nd, 2014: Evolutions is slowly starting to drive me insane. In a good way. If that's possible.
  • June 19th, 2014: I have accepted every nickname given to me. But Sparkles is where I draw the line.
  • July 20th, 2014: I'm back, bitches! Hopefully for good.


  • My husbando, Everlacks the required part to please me.
  • I'm so kawaii!

Shingeki no Kyojin

  • How the fuck did I even get here.
  • Fifty shades of rose - as if Fifty Shades of Grey weren't enough...
  • Noc fucks up
  • Ray and Noc
  • Reikuzone


  • People actually call me Derpus. It's kinda sad, I know. Whereas in reality I am the King of the Derpy Lizards. Bow before me!
  • The square root of pie is delicious
  • Never stand on swivel chairs.


Chilean aesthetics

Chilean aesthetics.

Paradise Paradox

  • I'm Black and I'm from Britain. Is there a problem?


  • I love violence...


  • I don't always rage, but when I do... it's lag.
  • I tend to break the 4th Wall with my OCs sometimes.
  • Quotes
    • "Once more into the fray... Into the last good fight I'll ever know. Live and die on this day... Live and die on this day..." - John Ottway, The Grey
    • "Tell my tale to those who ask. Tell it truely - ill deeds, along with the good - and let me be judged accordingly. The rest... is silence." - DinobotBeast Wars
  • !!!!PICTURES!!!!
Fort kickass


Toys R Us


  • Bio nut; meaning animals and their biological characteristics are my thing.
  • I'm no genius, but NEVER take me as a fool.
  • I'm a nice guy... which is a problem sometimes.
  • Bottling up anger and frustration is no healthy, but at least it hasn't affected my judgement... yet.
  • Grind my Gears (Nappa's way of ranting about shit)
    • 1. You know what really grinds my gears? You have an kickass franchise like Aliens and you make some shit game like Colonial Marines... The living fuck! How hard is it to make an Alien game? Really? HOW HARD?! Aside from programming you were given one job. ONE FUCKING JOB!
    • 2. You know what really grinds my gears? When you go to a restaurant a you expect your order to be good, but instead you get some remedial crap instead.
    • 3. You know what really grinds my gears? Disney Channel. It used to have shows that were entertaining as life! But now we're stuck with more laughing background crap?! Ugh... remember the days of That's so Raven, Kim Possible, Proud Family, etc? *sigh*
    • 4. You know what really grinds my gears? Spongebob Fucking Square Pants. Don't get me wrong, 1999 through 2004 were all great! After the movie though, it was all garbage and half-assed shit thrown together at the last goddamn minute. It's not even funny anymore; it's all just bloody annoying and painful!
    • 5. You know what really grinds my gears? The longer I live the stupider things I have to listen to. I swear, I wouldn't mind the sweet embrace of death if it means not having to listen to another stupid ass comment about shit people just blast all over the internet or blurt out in public.
    • 6. You know what really grinds my gears? How far most programming networks have fallen. This has been explained before, but I'ma add a lil something to this matter. Remember the 90s? The times where cartoon violence was airable and had no legal troubles because it was deemed "too violent"? Bullshit! Those shows and logic iss what makes most people surive! To all the 90s people on this Fanon: POWER TO THE 90s BITCHES! o7


  • My character is so angsty. Words can not express how much she reminds me of the character I made when I was going through my edgy phase.
  • That character's name was Broken. Not even joking. Her name was Broken.
  • She was really angsty, hence her name. Her full name was "Broken Sheila". And while I really despise that character, I'm still wondering why I deleted my deviantArt I made specifically for that character and her rants and everything.
  • I'm not sure, but I think that at least one member of her team would yell at her.

Not Alexander

  • "Let's" - Vanity Chaos

The Silent Knight

  • I have made more OC's than I can freaking count
  • I hate all the auto-tuned music these days. That's why I stick to the classics (Bon Jovi, AC/DC, Journey, etc.)
  • All the cartoons these days are complete bullshit. The 90's to the early 2000's was when it was good.
  • Star Wars is love, Star Wars is life.
  • I'm a bit of a history nut. :P


  • Fuck... Why the hell am I here again?!
  • I am the beginning of the end, and the end is my beginning..
  • I swear I hate my own generation. I mean, what's so fucking "GOOD" in listening to dumbass JB or shit?! You call that "music"?! That's a gross mislabeling. As quoted by Mercury (RWBY S2 Ch. 1) "THAT'S FALSE ADVERTISING!"
  • I may be docile on the outside and maybe a tad sarcastic, but in the inside... You'll really don't wanna know what it's like..

  • Holy Jeebus!!


Whenever I feel like saving the asses of my team mates in Dota 2

  • PATA! PATA! PATA! (Farts!!) ............ crap....
  • Nobody in my class knows that I would like to kill them all..
  • I'm a mad god who hates his worshippers and kills them on the spot.

  • Sometimes, I wonder if all of us just exists in the mind of an unknown entity, and that we're just figments of it's imagination.

  • I can almost read someone's mind... Almost
  • "Shit when ya need to shit. Just don't do it on my face."
  • There was this one time I almost wanted to slap my friend so hard he'll spin away to the stratosphere like a drill, except that it's flying..
  • One way to know if someone has a thing for you is to just act like a lunatic.... (P.S. Please don't follow this shit-ass advice...)

Yuki Burrito Izumi

  • I have no idea why I am putting this here and will probably regret it.
  • >:3 Yuki has instant crushes with beowol-
  • I'm stupid when it comes to discussions. ;w;
  • You should NEVER let me name stuff....and turn those rock songs I composed in my head into piano pieces...and make origami....and plushies....and request something for me to draw. ;A;
  • When I can't think of a reply,I think of pie.
    • Wait,I rhymed!SOMEONE KILL ME NOW
  • I'm not as creative as I used to be when I was in 4th grade...which was when I made all of my OCs(except for Mitsuki and Yuki(Original)). ;3;
  • I make an OC and just name them random Japanese stuff,then regret it afterwards.
  • I wish I could be like Yuki.She doesn't take baths,she doesn't brush her teeth,yet her teeth remain healthy and she doesn't smell like shit.
  • I don't know and I don't like drawing breasts,so all my OCs are flats,even the ones that look like 15 year olds
    • I made up some elixir shit that stops your boobs from growing in my OC's world. XD
  • Pie.


  • My dream job would be being a professional asian with one of those shirts that FPSrussia wears only with the word "asian" instead of "russian".
  • I'm wondering why I'm not allowed to drive a tank.
  • I'm currently hiding a majority of the world's resources of burritos and burrito plushies
  • I like to say that most driving games are more or less "Asian Driver Simulator"
  • If I ever annexed Canada, I would celebrated with a commemorative manhole cover, fuck coins.
  • Contrary to popular belief, I don't live in a clocktower.
  • I speak with about 10 different regional variations (Scottish, North-Eastern American, British, etc.) of English in my normal speech
  • My favorite threats include:
  • > I will shove a cactus up your ass and make you enjoy it
  • > You say that again and I will slam your dick between a waffle iron
  • > If you lack a dick, than I will swing a 9-iron in your groin-area
  • > I will threaten to threaten you if you don't shut up

CT_Echo's list of dirt he has on others

  • People keep saying that my weapon ideas of a landmine on a stick and a DDR pad landmine are stupid...  :[
  • Noct is the pimp of chat
    • He's also stuffed Spark the Pichu into a wall mount

It is yet to be revealed where Noct keeps Spark's internal organs after stuffing him with fluff

  • Van isn't a bisexual tornado, he's a bisexual HURRICANE
  • Skitt is the official Hideyoshi of chat
  • The lass above me has a almost-reverse harem
  • Spark is the official Pichu, and football, of chat
    • I think Spark also kinda hates me for some reason...


  • "Might as well use the Box when... Wait, no, that won't work..."
  • Team ZFRE is looking quite Dapper. *nervous laugh*


  • This place is old...


  • Professional Triggerer
  • Half assed OC creator
  • Resident Cancer
  • Cant spell cause keyboards are shit
  • Creator of memes
  • Loves to piss off Kimiyosis
  • Wants to build a Wall
  • 16 year old with the mind of a 4 year old
  • Delivers hot loads of freedom with ridiculously high caliber revolvers in chat.
  • Jumps out windows like nobodys buisness when leaving chat.
  • Loves air horns.
  • Has grapple hook fetish that prompts self to add one to every OC possible.