Destruction now takes to the skies
Robot Concept by ichitakaseto

The more advanced Machines of Discordia Incorporated that are able to take to the skies for any sort of aerial combat. The are seen as tougher and way more aggressive then their Ifrit comrades


They are quite similar in function to the Ifrits but unlike their basic brethren they are made to be more dangerous and are able to fly attacking from the sky. They are also quicker then The Ifrits allowing them to get attacks in very quickly. They also enjoy the use of flying at different speeds often faking out their opponents on when they will really attack.

Abilities and Weapons

Very powerful rifles are what they use to pick off enemies from afar. They allowed to understand and learn more with there AI's so that they can become better at planning their strategies. They are also armed with short swords to get a good number of quick slashes. Their flying apparatuses allow them to move at incredible speeds


The Raksha Theme is "Laughin' at U" by Tre-Dot

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