"Well, we haven't NOT seen that." - A surprising number of people.


Now, as strange as the name and picture are, the Reginald Clause is a very common fallacy used in character creation within settings not created by the RP community it takes place in. In a nutshell, this is the belief that a character should be capable of being/doing something because it has not been shown that the ability or status in question doesn't exist. 

At its weakest, the Reginald clause is not all that bad. Inferences that say... Because Ruby can make herself extremely fast with her semblance, an OC could make themselves very strong with theirs, are very excellent inferences because it makes sense. It's a one to one stat buff. 

On the other hand, at their worst, people can make races with this clause, stating that it's legit because its never been shown they don't exist. This kind of scenario led to the declaration by administrator Tsubori, who coined the Reginald Clause term by stating "By that logic, I could make a big purple dust eating Space Walrus named Reginald, because it hasn't been shown that it doesn't exist."

So please... Don't use this logic. Work around what has been shown, and stay within the setting for a happier RP experience lest....
Reginald Disapproves