This story is written by Cyrus Arc and all characters that do not appear in the show RWBY belong to him. 

This is the story of Team CAEL. This story takes place 4 years before the show RWBY begins, so the team graduates the semester before Team RWBY attends Beacon. In this story, there is no world wide catastrophy or huge plotline that the characters are to save the world from. They are not chosen ones and are not special in the grand scheme of the story of RWBY. They are simply four students that have had extremely troubled pasts. They learn to overcome that past by relying on each other to become Hunters that can defend the world from the monsters of Grim. This is Team CAEL. And this is their story.

Landing Strategies

Cael stood in the lineup of students about to be flung into the Emerald Forest. Professor Ozpin had been giving his speech about partners. He had to land in the forest, then find someone to make eye contact with so he'd have a partner. Cael sighed in defeat. He didn’t really talk to anyone since he had arrived at Beacon yesterday, and now he had to be thrust into a partnership that would last four years. He wasn’t ready for this.

Cael tried to push that from his mind. First he had to find a landing strategy… Well that shouldn’t be too hard. The braces his father gave him had Dust etched into it so he could null gravity and manipulate objects telekinetically. Landing actually didn’t see that big of a deal to him.

Before he knew it, he heard the THWANG of platforms catapulting students into their futures. It was certainly a strange initiation method; certainly not every student survived that fall.  But he would. He was determined to score a perfect grade on his first assignment.


I didn’t really know what I expected when I saw the platforms launch my classmates into the air, but suddenly it was my turn. I felt a shudder and then incredible momentum. I suppose this is what flying feels like, though I hoped it would be less chaotic just being thrown into the air like this. I forced myself to stay calm and remain in a streamlined position. As I felt my momentum shift downward, I spread my arms out. I’m not sure why but it kind of felt like it helped me establish some control. I saw that I was going to land in a small clearing in the forest, which means I don’t have to worry about trees. The braces on my wrist are etched with Dust that allows me to null gravity in small areas and manipulate objects telekinetically, so this shouldn’t be too hard. I pointed my right hand at the spot where I was about to land, and at the last moment threw my arm to the side. A rune appeared below me and I felt my stomach lurch as I was momentarily suspended in the air. I lowered myself to the ground. Well I hadn’t died on entry, which was a success in my book. I looked around and realized as my impending loneliness set in, I need to find a partner; the sooner I did, the better I would feel about not being ripped to shreds on my second day.


            I soared. I don’t really understand WHY we’re being launched into the forest like this. I mean it wouldn’t that difficult to drive us down there and drop us off would it? At least that would make sure half of us didn’t die simply from the firing of the pistol. I sighed and put my arms forward. I concentrated as I felt the dust being pumped through the armor below my clothing. Two small vortexes for fire appeared right in front of my palms and a rune rotated around my hands. With a grunt two streams of fire flow from the runes and I felt myself slow down almost instantly. I threw my arms behind me and let the streams of fire burst forward again. This way I could at least control where I landed. I spotted a small clearing among the trees and aimed for it. I thought I saw someone land there earlier but I wasn’t sure. They were quite a few platforms before me, and they were just speck in the distance by the time I launched. As I hit the ground and rolled to avoid breaking important, I got my confirmation. I looked up and locked eyes with a young, kind looking boy who just stared at me with wide-eyed in wonder. “Wow.” He uttered, “At least my partner is impressive.”


            I attempted to keep my breathing while I hurtled through the air at speeds that would make a rabbit sweat. When I felt like I actually had composure I took my staff from my back and the bayonet from the pocket on the front of my strap. My staff extended and I attached the bayonet to the tip right above the barrel. My strategy was EXTREMELY risky and I can’t believe this was my first thought. But as I have to keep telling myself, a huntress has to be a huntress anywhere. I suppose that means to also be a huntress hurtling through the air to a forest. Man you just learn all of the lessons at school don’t you? At least when I landed safely I would actually be in a forest. Maybe it wouldn’t be MY woods but it would certainly be a start. I aimed my staff to a very thick looking branch that looked like my landing area. With three simple pulls of a trigger that tree branch fell onto the ground below. I took a deep breath fully preparing to hit the ground and have my guts go everywhere, somehow I knew this would work.  Well the adrenaline junky in me is certainly more optimistic than I am. As I saw the stump where the branch had been earlier I spin my staff and thrust it to my right where the stump would be. I suddenly felt all of my momentum go into my arms as the bayonet struck into the tree. With an iron grip I hung on as I swung around my staff like some sort of gymnast. I stopped myself after one spin and landed on my staff, which had been struck deep into the wood. Before something on my staff broke, I side rolled onto the base of the branch closest to the tree and fired the gun inside the staff to free it from its embedment. I twirled her a few times and lean against the tree with a stupid grin on my face. Holy crap I can’t believe that worked, I am scary good. I then jumped from tree to tree, hoping to find a partner soon, and avoid any Grim until I did. Just as I saw that I was approaching a clearing in the distance, I saw a flash of purple hair below me. A young girl had just landed from her launch and was putting her weapon away. But that’s not all I saw. I also saw a dark figure launching itself at the girl from a bush behind her…


            This was fun. This was more than fun. This is the best thing that’s ever happening. It was strange, being forced to fly was a freedom in and of itself. Now was my time to finally do what I’ve wanted to do since I could point a pistol at a target. With a stupid smile on my face I loaded two Dust magazines into my pistols and pointed them under me. Suddenly a huge cloud and gale force winds were propelling me farther and farther. I look up and see a huge tree that I am coming up pretty quickly on. I stop the winds beneath me and aim my pistols in front of me, slowing myself so I don’t become soup on a tree. Now that I’m really close, I throw my arms above me. My pistols transform into small ninjatos and I thrust them forward into the tree. Leaving long jagged lines in the trunk of my saving grace, I slid down the tree after my little trip from the cliff. When I yank my blades out, backflip threw the air, and land on the ground without a stretch, I notice I’m giggling. It suddenly transforms into a mad laugh and I can’t help it. This is all just too wonderful. I’m gonna be a freaking huntress. But, first I need a partner. I chew on the inside of my cheek and fold my blades back into pistols to put them away. Suddenly I hear a snarl and a gunshot. Fear grips every muscle in my body as I swing around in a quick flash and extend my arm to the side. The Beowolf's head is swiftly removed from its body by my blade, and as I look at it roll to my feet I see a bullet clean through it’s head. I look up and meet eyes with a girl perched in a tree not far to my right. “Hello, I’m Evergreen.” The girl sheepishly waved, “I suppose I’m your partner now…”

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