A fanfic created by StreetFlare on, The Rose General is a tale woven from a single point of influence. The creator regularly hints towards a desire for an audience contribution.

Fan Fiction:
The Rose General
Author Streetflare
Genre Action, Adventure, Drama, etc.
Perspective 3rd person
Narrator Various
Official Characters Team RWBY


Other canon characters

Fan-made Characters Team SNTL, Cain

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The Rose General


The story begins two years after Volume 1 of RWBY, although the assumption was made that it only would take two years for graduation. Currently, three teams are key - the canon teams RWBY and JNPR, with the first added team being SNTL, or Sentinel, consisting of Sun Wukong and three OCs - Noir Storia, Tira and Sapphire Langford. The enemy, who for the most part is unnamed but implied to be a coalition of traitorous Hunters, criminals and the White Fang, has achieved partial control over the forces of Grimm, precipitating a global war.

The fic starts off following Ruby, where she is confronted with a death of someone close to her heart by a team of traitors - Team CRDL. Lost in the desire for revenge, she kills all four of them in the most brutal ways she could, but in the process drove everyone she cared about, all her friends and even the spirits of the deceased to abandon her. This factor shocked her to awaken in hospital, where she was told the first part of her dream, Jaune being shot, was real. She rushed to see him, and found the man and Pyrrha relaxing in a hospital room. Once informed her clothing was seethrough, Ruby fainted.

When she came around, she was back in her bed and comforted by Yang, despite being embarrassed, and without knowing that both Jaune and Pyrrha were equally embarrassed at the sighting. That night, she vanished, although Blake was informed in the early hours of the morning by Noir, who had spotted her and tracked her out to the Snowy Forest, to the memorial stone of Summer Rose.

Unfortunately, she was found by the criminal faunus named Cain and three White Fang thugs, and while she easily overwhelmed the thugs, she was cut down by Cain in a single blow and left unconscious with Crescent Rose's blade heavily damaged, coming around only temporarily when Noir found and rescued her. It took them a day in order to synthesize the antidote. During this, Weiss was on a diplomatic duty within the Schnee Dust Company, seeking to increase the total Dust being refined by hearing out the worker's demands alongside the perverted Langford. However, after breaking the man's nose, she was informed about Ruby's incident and returned to Beacon.

Ozpin interviewed Ruby, and promised to help track down Cain, while Yang organized a party for the next day in Forever Fall.


As the author seeks to incorporate more fancharacters, as well as plot swings and such suggested by his readers, so far there are numerous characters slated for appearances after chapter 10. However, all characters listed are those that have appeared in the currently released chapters.


  • Team RWBY
  • Ruby Rose
  • Weiss Schnee
  • Blake Belladonna
  • Yang Xiao Long
  • Team JNPR
  • Jaune Arc
  • Pyrrha Nikos
  • Lie Ren
  • Nora Valkyrie
  • Team SNTL (Sentinel)
  • Professor Ozpin




Author's note, at the start of the fanfic.


  • If requested, one-shots can and will be produced of scenes, which will be shared on the wiki itself as well as, but the majority of the fanfic will be uploaded solely onto for ease of location.
  • Each chapter starts off with a verse or line, written to connect into Ruby's mindset of the chapter, even in the ones where she either is not present or is unconscious. Some of these are based of poems, song lyrics or rhymes that the author recalls, while others are just random, single lines.


Which character do you most want to see in action for Chapter 10 of The Rose General?

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