The Second and Third Years is a fanfiction written Kurt the Mortician on It tells the story of other students at Beacon and was accpeting characters. Already there have been three one shots on the characters featured in the story.


Beacon Academy serves as it's student's home for three years of their lives. And while RWBY focuses on first years, what about the second and third years? This story will chronicle three teams, from the end of their first year at Beacon, to the end of their third and final year. Join me, Kurt the Mortician, and my partner, Lilome, on this wild ride.


All of the members of the three teams have already been released in one or more one-shot. You can find them on either Kurt the Mortician or Lilome's fanfiction page.

  • Team ANCY
    • Citri Andesine
    • Rain Nocturne
    • Phoenix Carson
    • Celeste Yancy
  •   Team VIPR
    • Victor Gale
    • Ilayda Yilmaz
    • Piao Zhu
    • Ru Zhu
  •   Team SAWR
    • Reid Sigma
    • Breeze Aspen
    • Klyde Weston
    • Garren Raven

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