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Age Unknown
Title The Stranger
Gender Male
Handedness Right
Hair Brown
Height Estimated close to six feet
Professional Status
Affiliation Nightshade, The Nine Dragons of Vale
Jobs Information Broker


Little is known about the history of The Stranger. He is known to be intelligent and efficient in his endeavors as an important information broker.

He is rumored to be the head of the Private Military Company Nightshade, and has a trio of powerful subordinates who assist him in his endevours known as the Onyx Trio.


The Stranger appears as a moderately tall man, often wearing a dark suit.  He has short brown hair, and his face is covered up by a mask resembling the face of a Grimm. The masks switch out occasionally, with him appearing to have a separate mask for each type of Grimm. A feltlike cloth covers the eyeholes to prevent his eyes themselves from being seen.


Although having a very fluid and changing personality, he is often seen acting aloof, even if said matter concerns him.  He is perfectly willing to delegate responsibilities to his underlings, although if something interests him, he is quick to go along to observe.  

Weapons and Abilities

His most widely known abilitys are his intelligence and his ability to acquire information.  Whenever an event of any significance happens, he is usually there, recording the hole thing, with multiple backups recording it as well. His network of informants is vast and covers nearly all of Vytal, bringing him bits of information that, put together, can often reveal secrets.


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