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The Swarm are a group of around 10,000 creatures of Grimm under the care of the 'God of Grimm' and Janitor 04, John Dog. All of the members of the Swarm originate from being injured in either a fight with a Hunter or another creature of Grimm and were healed by John giving parts of his regenerative soul and in turn Aura to them. This makes the Swarm unique among the creatures of Grimm as the only ones who have a soul and in turn, due to all of the souls being identical, can almost be considered as a singular entity, like the neurons of a brain.

The Swarm follows John's beck and call, relaying information to him at an almost grand scale, while helping him do his job as a Janitor by cleaning up in the shadows of the night. They are identifiable from normal creatures of Grimm by their eyes coloured with the light yellow of John's Aura.


The bulk of the Swarm's collective power, such as their shared senses and Internet-like information relaying, is covered under John Dog's article, with an almost overwhelming potential due to having almost every type of non-unique creature of Grimm (excluding everyone else's Fan Created Grimm) and hence can readapt their numbers to counter any threat. What is mostly left is the specific capabilities of the more important and powerful creatures of Grimm in the pack, known as the Prime, which John specifically designated as CEOs of sorts to process the gargantuan load of infomation from the Swarm's extensive senses, as well as relay the commands that John gives. The Prime Grimm are mostly based on fairy tales, such as Alice in Wonderland, and famous novels.

Prime Grimm

White Beauty - The very first Grimm who caused the creation of John's Swarm due to a chance encounter. He takes the form of a white-coloured stallion and is the weakest Prime, but the most loyal and charismatic.

Cheshire Cat - Taking a form of a colourfully striped cat, Chesire is an affable creature that is always shown to have an unsettling ear-to-ear grin on its face, being highly mischievous and the most unpredicatable of the Grimm.

Haigha - A black-coloured hare with long ears with brown ends, Haigha is one of two of the Prime Grimm that remain at John Dog's side in his house, being an impatient, hurrying and yet organized Prime with the most connections and hence the most extensive information network.

Buck Spitz - A large dog with wild fur, Buck is the other Prime Grimm that resides with John as his guardian, having a very 'tsundere' personality, being so proud of his wild look and heritage that he refuses to be treated like a pet, but still allows John to do so, with the oh-so-cliched remark: "Not that I like you or anything."

Bandsnatcher - An unusual creature, Bandsnatcher is a empathetic shape-shifter, possessing multiple forms based on the imagination of the person who first looked at him. In the eyes of John, Bandsnatcher takes the form of John Dog(i.e. himself), while the other creatures of the Swarm simply see Bandsnatcher as a minature amalgation of black featureless goop. Bandsnatcher is emotional to the point of being melodramatic and can cry, scream, taunt and rage at the slightest whim.

Mocking Turtle - A turtle with the head and tail of cattle, Mocking Turtle is a very cynical and depressed Prime, being highly melancholic. However, while his manner of speech might make it seem he is referring to himself, listening carefully would allow one to realise he is in fact mocking others and is depressed because the rest of the world seems so stupid to him.

Budbud Bird - A huge eagle with the legs of a stork, Budbud Bird is very naive, friendly to almost anyone, even his enemies, and cannot recognize the most blatant lies and insults, which make him a close talking companion with the Mocking Turtle. He is, however, very powerful, being the strongest Prime.


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