We are The TIN MEN Unit, we have zero heart, zero remorse, The mission objective takes priority over everything else

This Unit is filled with former hunters that secretly worked for Discordia that have been fatally injured or deadly ill and for their services Discordia has felt as though they owed to them by giving them full cybernetic conversions into cyborg warriors


Talos -  Formally a man that has exposed himself to the hell of war now with the ability to take to the skies he is a force of nature on land and sky with a large number of knives (Experienced soldier)

Tik-Tok - A large set cyborg with an obsession with fire often taking it to monstrous degrees and with a power flamethrower to makes it easier to set the world ablaze (Flame Trooper)

Bishop - The second in command with the ability to take down enemies with force often try to kill only when necessary (Second commander)

Lumic - WIth the stealth of the night and the sharpness of two powerful Katana he is the leader of the Unit and with his strength he is often the one to fulfill his mission with no remorse (Original commander)


Talos -

Tik-Tok (Real Name: Evoldo Tinker) - A Huntsmen that delighted in his use of fire to burn the enemies to ash as his way of cleansing them of their bodies for the next world. His delusion and obsession with fire caused in accident that left him without his legs and burns around what was left of his body, it was said that he had little time before his lungs would give out and jumped at the chance to continue his cleansing work with Discordia giving him the tools needed to do so and a way to extend his life.

Bishop -

Lumic -


Talos - A large amount of finely sharpened knives which he could throw with deadly accuracy, he was able to throw his knives with the rapidness of a machine gun, enabling him to tear even a well armored foe apart in seconds.

Tik-Tok - His weapon of choice is a flamethrower that can double as a giant battle-axe utilizing a type of fuel - presumed to be a mixture of UDMH (unsymmetrical dimethylhydrazine) and NTO (nitrogen tetroxide) that continued to burn long after it had been set ablaze

Bishop - A stun baton with a hidden sword and a custom fitted shield containing a MK19 grenade launcher

Lumic - Only wielding two swords,Daishō (Katana and Wakizashi set); the "Minshuto" (Democrat) and "Kyowato" (Republican) blades.

Level of cyborg replacement

Talos - Modernate, arms, legs and eyes have been replaced to move faster and throw knives with deadly speed.

Tik-Tok - Extreme, Entire lower body replaced with some small modifications to his upper body around the chest

Bishop - Modernate, legs, Left arm, legs and spine replaced along with the back of the skull

Lumic - Extreme, All of his body minus the head even then it has been modified somewhat with eyes also replaced

Author Notes

TIN MEN Theme would be Dead Cell
Papa Roach - Dead Cell
Tik-Tok's Theme would be Firewater
Talos's Theme would be Fly Routine
Hostile Groove - Fly Routine
Bishop's Theme would be Step Inside
Step Inside Grimmjow Theme Music Bleach
Lumic's Theme would be Give Me Everything You've Got
10 Give Me Everything You ve Got