To seek a way to change the world one must speak with the Old Gods
— Lloyd Rivas

Ancient stories tell of powerful beings that watched over the world acting as its Guardians and keeping perfect order. It is said that an unknown cataclysm forced The Vaciar to vanish from the world, What is left of them is tablets of their stories and relics believed to be created by them.

Important Mythological figures and events

In the ruins around the world they tell the tales of The Vaciar and the effects on the world. They left the world with their titles as their names are unpronounceable to modern translations.

  • The Emperor - The strongest of The Vaciar and with absolute power he controlled the world in peace and any that attempted to disrupt it had faced his wrath and justice
  • The Sovereign - The second in command with control over the elements of the world and powerful enough to create earthquakes, Any drawings of this figures shows him only in masked helmets often only showing yellow eyes and not much else
  • The Countess - The violent and strongest of The Emperor's Retainers as she is the one that best protects her lord and often described as introducing more then just terror and death to his enemies.
  • The Magister - He is often know also as the trickster, often playing minor pranks at random times. He is also the keeper of knowledge for the magical arts knowing several castes of the arcane.
  • The Augur - Guardian over the nothingness between realms often staying in those realms but when he is needed, he will show his loyalty by absolutely destroying his enemies with the void
  • The War Chief - The ultimate opportunist often showing his prowess and fondness for battle with several weapons of war often being made years before they were supposedly invented.
  • Ouranos - The home of the Gods often being described as being it's own realm with orange skies and temples made of ivory and gold
  • The Void - The emptiness between realms that often needs to be kept in check lest it spills into the dimensions and tear them asunder
  • The Consuming Calamity - the battle that made the Vaciar vanish. It was said to shake the very foundation of creation and involved many forms of life fighting against something that threatened all of the realms

The Lords of Ichor

There were legends of heroes that could take the Blood of Kings and amass their power. They were said to have mastered its use but they merely held the side effects at bay. They twisted into Monsters and after destroying their kingdoms they sleep, awaiting when their true Grand Lord of Ichor rises and becomes The Gods Champion.

Discovered Relics

There have been rumored to be hundreds of these old world relics that possess great power and while some are on record all have been taken or found by Discordia Incorporated.

  • The Shields of Sutekh - A sword that is fabled to belong to one of the Vaciar know only as "The Visionary"
  • The Gauntlets of Aton - A pair of gauntlets that allow a person to tear into parts of reality for a limited time to allow them to take energy away from the tears for a limited time or to gain something from another dimension, created by "The Emperor"
  • The Looking Glass - A supposed mirror that is able to look into other worlds, it was fabled that it was used by "The Sovereign"
  • The Conquering Winds - Several blades given to The Vaciar's strongest warriors forged by "The War Chief"
    • The Excalibur (The Conquering Wind) A Claymore that is stated to be used by those with the right to rule (Current Owner: Mr. World)
    • The Totsuka (The Divine Wind) A Tachi that was claimed to be the brother sword to the Excalibur and strong enough to cut even Gods (Former Owner: Lucius Sionis)
    • The Cordanazo (The Lashing Wind) A Cutlass that can be retracted from a silver handle that gives the user faster strikes (Current Owner: Mr.Tock)
    • The Valmanway (The Blessed Wind) A Katzbalger able to absorb electricity and unleash powerful slashes (Current Owner: Mr. Rain)
    • The Sumatra (The Violent Wind) A Machete with the ability to cut down anything in its way as long as it draws blood (Current Owner: Mr. Dark)
    • The Leste (The Fiery Wind) A lever action sword revolver that seems to carry a limitless supply of ammunition (Current Owner: Mr. Null)
    • The Bayamo (The Shattered Wind) A Tsurugi that is used to rip apart those unfit to battle (Current Owner: Ms. Wire)
    • The Pampero (The Frozen Wind) A Katana that pulses with green energy that creates waves of power when used(Current Owner: Mr. Sage)
    • The Zephyr (The Luminous Wind) A Kilij with a red blade that seems to glow when used (Current Owner: Mr. Torn)
    • The Euros (The Sultry Wind) A Shashka engraved with powerful runes that glow with heat when fighting a opponent (Current Owner: Mr. Gaunt)
  • The Eight Rings of Usure - Rings of unknown ability that is somehow linked to what is known as the light of The Magister's Sun, it has been often associated with the mythical figure know as "The Magister"
  • The Indrajit - Legends tell of this being the ultimate creation of the Vaciar made for a purpose that may help the world or it may in fact doom it, it was said to be built by "The Emperor"

Discordia Incorporated

The interest to these items have been noted and attempts to stop them have been made. Discordia seems to find a way to get to these relics before others can and overpower those that try to keep it out of their clutches. The reason for wanting these devices are most likely to empower their wars.