Behold the Behemoths of Anarchy
April Mecha 01 by shinypants

Several different types of large humanoid shaped robots that are equipped with shield generators and laser cannons. They are the third largest machines in the Discordia Army. 


It is created as the largest machines made to destroy their more tenacious enemies and destroy them completely. They often are seen as the terror that comes with fighting Discordia. This allows Discordia Incorporated to show them what powers they withhold and what they will unleash if fought against

Abilities and Weapons

Laser canons allow these robots to burns armies to ash and shield generators protect them from conventional weapons, Their large size allows them to crush most opposition and with their strength  they are able to use the very environment as weapons. They are also often equipped with large vulcan cannons that allow them to cut through anything in front of them.

Author Notes

The Vetala Theme would be We all soldiers
28 We All Soldiers

This is another machine in the army of Discordia Incorporated and a large one at that. The credit of this image goes to