this is the day that you will never see,this is a land in which you will find no love,no pleasure,and no the two came inside a building a light flickered and a voice in the background said "hello" the two girls jumped and asked who was there,the voice repeated "hello" this voice sounded like it was not human, as if it was a creature of many myths that the girls have heard of in their childhood years.the creature that was of myth,had a very deep voice and had held a vast majority of prisoners into its cell,after brutally beating its victims. these girls named "ruby,and weiss". each of these girls had very many abilities and thought that they could take on this beast of myth,the voice had echoed.

these girls were scared now,they felt the presence of a creature lurking about the building,the girls had seen the creature and found out that he is only a butler,the girls were relieved of their the butler grew nearer to the girls they had been afraid due to his walk,and his face,the butler told them that he meant no harm,weiss had explained to ruby that this was her childhood home and that there is nothing to be afraid of,the butler had assigned the girls rooms, after they slept,they heard a noise,they ignored it but then they heard it again,weiss decided to walk down stairs to see what was going on "what the hell?" said weiss,weiss had noticed that the butler was laying on the floor in a pool of blood,

the noise reaccured,weiss walked to the noise,she found the creature of myrth.ruby,still upstairs went to go check on weiss and found the butlers body,it seemed to be brutally beaten,ruby had gagged,but then heard a moan in the catacombs of the building,she goes to the cellar and finds weiss chained to the wall,ruby frees weiss from the shackles and then they hear a growling noise,then soon the beast was upon them.

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