this story is about how hoojoow (thats me) got his weapon luner grip


i had just ran away from the orphanage miles away from it and only half a one from vale. holding my brown and silver halberd soked in blood crying with a sense of fear and joy. i wasn't expecting to have a person see me sitting under the tree, i heard a girl about my age say something "shes coming, you should run before she gets here" i couldn't tell what she ment and when i looked up she wasn't there. in fright i looked around unsure were it came from. then she came and the air around me was in a black dense fog. i felt week right away dropping to my knees i dropped my halberd  and i laid down to the ground and fell asleep.

"wake up" i heard "wake up, wake up" opening my eyes i looked around to see a little girl in pink hair looking over me. when she saw me open my eyes she ran away. i sat up and rubbed my eyes, i saw a man and a girl the man was old and fragile, the girl was young and beutifull. after that i blacked out, only to open my eyes again standing above the olde man's dead body, i shot my head up to see the girl staring at me with eyes of fear. what had i done? if i killed the man what would i do to the girl if i i ran.


i stopped coming up to a ruin just then i noticed the fog from before around me. i walked forward to find a women of my age standing with a flowing grey dress and black slippers. her face gave me a fearfull feeling. dark purple hair deep black eyes and an expretionless face. she then darted torwards me i threw up my arms for protection, but nothing ever hit and i saw a halberd standing before me the shaft a deep black like the womens eyes the blades a shining silver with engravings and the spike also with engravings only these said a phrase that ment something to me. "never forget the day your life was shown a new" it reminded me of that miner and that he told me th- i cant write more but i will say i took it and boy was she woth it.

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