I don't want others to sacrifice themselves for me anymore, for I've too many cracks in my heart as it is...
— Thymeria Lilac
Thymeria Lilac
Age 17
Status Active
Color Purple
Gender Female
Race Caucasian
Species Human
Born May 26th
Handedness Right
Complexion Pale tan
Hair Auburn
Eyes Violet
Semblance Activation
Height 5'11"
Weight 120 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Teammates
Character Theme

Hiroyuki Sawano - +61yard
Battle Theme

Hiroyuki Sawano - Bios
Thymeria Lilac and Evening Star are the property of Shingeki no Kyojin. Please don't steal the mentioned concepts.


The leader of Team TEAR usually dons light purple armor on her shins, knees, forearms, elbows, and chest to balance out protection and flexibility while wearing denim blue jeans, a blue shirt, and a lilac vest underneath the steel. On her back is a sheath to place her weapon, Evening Star, in for when it's not in use. Her auburn hair is partially held up by two thin but long pigtails that run down to waist length. In her hair itself lies a lilac flower to match her violet eyes. A small pouch at her hips carry various Dust crystals for emergency purposes. Lastly, on her forearm guards lie engraved a symbol depicting three petals, radiating outwards in 120 degrees.


Thymeria was born in the midst of a battle. Her village had been attacked by White Fang radicals who resorted to violence to kill humans in a misguided attempt to gain civil rights. Her mother and father were brutally beaten and murdered right after she was born. Thymeria never got to see her parents.

After the battle ended, a White Fang sniper, named Aedes Fisternis, saw, or rather heard, the infant Thymeria and took pity on her. She was crying quite loudly when he picked her up, but his commander would have none of it. He ordered Aedes to kill the infant as well, but, try as he might, he could not bring himself to put Thymeria out of her misery. When the commander lost his patience, he grabbed the baby from his subordinate and tried to do it himself.

Tried to. Aedes stopped the bullet from hitting the young human by firing his sniper into the commander’s pistol. The White Fang member knew the consequences of his actions, so he shot his commanding officer in his legs and arms, took Thymeria, and ran as fast as he could out of the village area.

Aedes was like any other Faunus, discriminated and prejudiced against, but he didn’t know what he was getting into when he joined the White Fang. Thinking they had actual political power, he was shocked to know that the White Fang actually were turning more radical, even allying themselves with criminal powers to get their ways. Thus, he had reason to desert.

However, he couldn’t run fast enough. The other members of the White Fang eventually tracked him down in the forest of Forever Fall, where the Faunus had no choice but to hide Thymeria in Grimm territory.

With a last thought of her, Aedes was shot by his former friends.

Later, a patrolling Huntsman heard the cries of Thymeria, now dangerously close to starvation. The Huntsman, Duncan Aurora, had heard the sounds of a struggle and found a singular Faunus corpse alongside a young girl. When he found the infant, Duncan rushed her back to Vale, where she was nurtured back to her healthy self. In that time, Duncan learned everything from a friend in the White Fang.

Trouble was, the officials couldn’t find her natural parents, who had died in the White Fang raid. Seeing no other choice, and taking pity on Thymeria, just as Schwefel did, Duncan adopted her and gave her the name she has today.

Duncan was actually alone, and had no relatives himself, and therefore had no idea how to raise someone like Thymeria. So he tried to give her whatever she needed or wanted, without spoiling her too much. He answered all of her curious questions as close to the truth as he could possibly get without hurting her innocence. At the same time, he kept up with his Hunter duties.

Was Thymeria happy at the time? One could say so. She did all her chores around the house whenever Duncan wasn’t there, and welcomed him back home warmly. Duncan also started to train her at the early age of 5. As she grew up, she started to have fights with him, but in the end they would resolve happily. Thymeria knew he had no relatives, as well as the fact that he was his adopted father. She just was never told directly what happened to her real parents or the circumstances of how she got into Duncan’s custody. When she was 17, Duncan would always tell her, he would reveal what happened.

Duncan never did fulfill that promise.

On August 14th (She had remembered the exact date), a few weeks before she was about to enroll in Signal Academy, Duncan suddenly had to go on an urgent mission to defeat a horde of Boarbatusk that had appeared in the area. What he didn’t know was that a Nevermore was also in the area, and he, along with several other Huntsmen, died in the defense.

And just like that, Thymeria was abandoned again. With a broken heart, she went into Signal Academy and forged her weapon, Evening Star. She was accepted at Beacon Academy after graduating Signal.

She will meet other broken hearts, though…


Thymeria's weapon of choice, Evening Star, is a Rotational Jet Propulsive Broadsword (RJPB). Evening Star is built differently from other typical broadswords in that the RJPB has only one blade to slice with. The other side is outfitted with Dust powered jets to propel the blade forward for more force and momentum. To make up for its single blade disadvantage, the blade of Evening Star can rotate on the axis of the handle so that Thymeria can slice in any direction she wants. Evening Star can also turn into a flamethower for mid-range combat, up to about 50 meters, and also propellant for incredible speed. The flamethrower is capable of creating temperatures of 1,300 degrees Celsius at its highest.

In combat, Thymeria is incredibly aggressive at close range, and will usually close the distance with an enemy at amazing speeds, reaching up to 190 miles an hour with Evening Star. Once up close, Thymeria will start beating the opponent down with fast, hard strikes enforced with momentum. She can operate the controls of Evening Star incredibly well, due to training from Duncan. If she ends up farther away than she expected, she will close the distance quickly with the flamethrower. If the opponent has long-range capabilities, she will charge with the sword form of Evening Star and block shots while speeding to the enemy with the jets of the RJPB. 

In her unit, Thymeria acts as one of two close-quarter combatants (the other being Reina). She, however, usually relies on her other teammates to take care of ranged combatants, and often takes on tough targets up close, due to her heavy and quick style of fighting.

Thymeria's semblance, Activation, allows her to increase the potency of any Dust in any weapon she touches for a brief amount of time, usually around 3 minutes at a time. In addition, the cooldown period is about 5 minutes. The explosions of the Dust while Thymeria's semblance is on are larger, and the Dust is also capable of casting its intended effect longer and more powerful, thereby increasing the effectiveness of the weapon as a whole. Thymeria usually employs her semblance to quicken and add more force to her attacks. Thymeria's irises glow an amethyst purple when her semblance is on.

As can be inferred from above, Thymeria uses red Dust, and plenty of it, to create chaos and surround the enemy before she moves in for a close, but deadly, fight. She can also wreath the RJPB with activated red Dust, at the expense of weakened propulsion, to deal even more damage to the enemy. For this reason, she usually does this while at close quarters.


If there's one word that describes Thymeria now, it's determined.

She's incredibly friendly as a person, taking the initiative often to talk to other Huntsmen and Huntresses, although she doesn't like to bring up her past too often. She is also intelligent, scoring well on most tests and quizzes, giving testimony to her ability to analyze the battlefield and pick the best decision. Thymeria is physically fit and trains daily at the weight room to improve her strength.

In the battle, Thymeria is focused, but oddly enough, she doesn't usually get angry in battle. Only when somebody tries to bring up her past, does she get angry. If somebody does, then Thymeria will hold a grudge for the rest of the day, not even speaking to the offending person. What's even rarer, though, is if her temper breaks during battle. If so, then she gets even more aggressive than she already is, striking with all her might and recklessly wasting her stamina.

She, in addition to many others in Beacon, hates bigots with a passion. If one does assume without any evidence, then she will get irritated, and in some cases, lose her temper over the offending person as well. Thymeria is an adamant defender of what she believes is "righteous justice", which is taking vengeance on anyone that threatens her teammates, friends, or anyone else close to her.

As to criminals, Thymeria holds up her philosophy of "righteous justice" as well, believing that most criminals are bad. Why? Because they did something wrong and hurt society as a result. At least, that's what she thinks.

Not everything, as she will learn, though, is black and white, as some are gray in between...


  • Her name is an extension of the plant thyme, which is a commonly used herb in medicine.

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