Let the hunt, begin!
— Tierisch
Tierisch Kreigsschiff
Age 17
Title Bulletstorm, Harbinger
Nickname Ric
Status Active
Color Blood Red
Gender Male
Race German
Species Human
Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion Fair
Hair Yellow
Eyes Voilet
Semblance Dust Tendrils
Height 6'2"
Weight 55 kg
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon
Team Team SSTK
Partner Tokari Kansen
Occupation Student, Hired Arms
Personal Status
Relatives Tokari Kansen(Twin Sister), Rina Vedma(Older Sister)
Additional Info
Likes Weapons, Sleeping, Music
Dislikes Close People Endangering Themselves
Special Skills Moderate combat skills at all ranges, Movement of Dust, Playing Piano
Weaknesses Combat specialists, Casting spells
Character Theme

Battle Theme

Final Reckoning
This character was created by Kimiyosis. Picture belongs to Tarō Tatsunoko, Yū Amano, and Diomedea.


Ric appearance is like an uncaring student, who cares little about rules. The straight face, sometimes broken by a demonic smile does not help refute that appearance either. His unkempt blond hair is restrained by a headset that he wears. The headset has a black band, but white earpiece, with an orange flame on the earpiece. Wears his usual blue jacket and pants, with a yellow shirt underneath, even in class. Almost never wears the school's uniform. The Jagdpanzer is worn cross ways on his back, while the Sturmgeschütz is holstered on the left side of his hip. When out under the guise of 'Harbinger', he has a grey, ballistic cloak covering his entire body, with the hood covering half his face, and casting the other half in shadows. His arms are also never in the sleeves, and his weapons are never held outside the cloak. Has a necklace tucked under his shirt, which carries nine dog tags.

Post-Fall of Beacon

After the Fall of Beacon, Ric's clothing style has changed slightly. Unlike his old appearance that resembled a trouble making student, he has swapped out his old clothes for a more simple grey shirt, and finally army green khaki trousers and brown boot. He has traded in the ballistic cloak for a more practical brown ballistic vest. The Jagdpanzer and Sturmgeschütz are also no longer with him, instead the Kanonjagdpanzer, carried on his back, and Sturmtiger, holstered on his right hip, are the replacements.


Ric will come off as cold and unfeeling, to those that don't know him well. Keeping silent about his problems, since he rather not burden any of those that he counts as his friends. His combat style, matches his attempt at burying his problems in blood and destruction. He can, and most likely will pull a gun on a pitiful criminal, and sentence them to death right then and their. For some odd reason, he can never become drunk, no matter how much alcohol he consumes. This has led him to go to the bar on occasions, and order a drink, while listening in on nearby conversations. Listening to others, mostly due to his boredom. When he engages in combat, Ric will still seem emotionless, but on the inside, he is grinning like a demon, as the blood of the enemies pool around him. Extremely deep inside however, he is scared of himself, who he has become. When it comes to anyone attacking him, whether verbally or physically, he probably wave it off. You harm his friends, he will find you, and he will kill you. Or at least attempt to.

Post-Fall of Beacon

He's more relaxed now, although his amused expression has replaced the cold, unfeeling poker-face he had before. Although, it is questionable whether his more violent tendencies has really mellowed out, or perhaps it is just plain laziness that makes him avoid unnessecary bloodshed. However, that's not to say he doesn't like fighting anymore, it's just simply viewed as a chore. Of course, if it's more more effective to fight, he will, and unfortunately, his fighting style is as reckless as ever.


(Written in 1st person from Ric's view))

The Beginning of the End

Great. My father is at it again. Drinking because he is pissed, only for his anger to rise in correlation to his alcohol level. Watching him start lumbering over to our mother, who lets herself get yelled at by my father. Just why? Does she not have the strength to fight back. I ran outa the room, when my father grabbed the knife. I was not going to be anywhere near that freak of nature, when he is wielding a weapon. However, hearing my twin sister's vice call out in defense of our father, my blood ran cold. I ran towards where the heirloom was kept, when I heard father yell at Tokari. I called out at the top of my voice, warning Tokari to run, as I picked up two of the pieces of the heirloom. Running back, I aimed the flintlock pistol, and fired it at my father's leg. I poured a small amount of Dust from the canister, into the flintlock, before firing it at his chest. With him kneeling on the ground, I loaded the gun once more, before I fired it straight into his forehead. My father fell backwards, dead before he hit the ground. I turned towards my mother, who looked at me with disgust and terror in her eyes. She hated me. Hated me for defending. For fighting. I couldn't bear to keep watching that expression on her face, so I aimed the pistol and fired it at her chest. I kept reloading and firing it around the first bullet hole, as she hit the wall, before sliding down, leaving a trail of blood on the wall. Finally, I decided to give her the quick death, with a bullet to the head. I ran back, collected the rest of the heirloom, before running off into the night.

The Hunt

I grew up to look slightly older then I actually am, and I used that to my advantage. I went to the most darkest parts of town, and started my career on the wrong side of the rules and regulations. Let's just say, many gangs had been hit, and the ones that have been hit, pay me to hit the other gangs in retaliation. The pay isn't all that bad, and accumulative, so I stuck with the job.

The Assault

Today was one of those days where I really, really, regretted my decisions. I was told to go hit up a gang, with only a few henchmen to help. And apparently, this gang we were hitting up, had a Grimm in a cage, which they let loose on us. The Grimm massacred the gang itself, and the men sent as my back up, with me almost killed by it as well. I still don't know what Grimm that was, but it took several rounds to the chest before I could kill it. Sighing in relief, I notified the client about the incident, and said I was taking a holiday. What I didn't tell him was that I quit, and that he will not see the Harbinger again.

The Reunion

Coming back from a scuffle, a girl ran into me, and fell down. I held out my hand, and asked her if she was alright. When she was back on her feet, I introduced myself to her. Her eyes went wide, and for a moment I thought my past was discovered, when I hear her say...wait, did she just call me oni-chan? Before I could think more of it, I was given a big hug, that might as well been a great tackle, if she was in football. The girl was apparently Tokari. After all these years, she was still safe and sound! I travelled back to her apartment, and there I decided she needed to know the truth. The truth about what happened to our parents. After telling her about my mini-rampage in our house, Tokari shed a single tear, which nearly made me want to jump off a bridge that moment. However, she did not allow me to continue thinking down that route, as she was still happy that I was alive and safe. Yeah, uh-huh, safe. Perhaps I won't tell her what I've been doing these past few years...

The End of the Prologue

Knowing that Tokari wanted to go to a school for training Hunters and Huntresses, I forged two copies of application transcripts for Tokari and I. The acceptance was actually much more difficult then I let on, as I had to go around the darker parts of town, paying certain people, threatening others, flattering the rest, for the transcripts to pass the background checks. Seeing the happy face on Takri's face, as we were accepted, made all that trouble worth it. Speaking of troubles, I may have to go back to town and repay my debts to them. Well, no need for Tokari to know what I went through.


Tokari Kansen: Ric's sister, who he really cares for, and more often than not, spoils her. He also allows Tokari to prod him and do things that normally warrants a tendril slap, if it was anyone else but Tokari.

Shirayuki Yaiba: Ric's team leader, who he respects during battle. When outside of battle, he usually joins her in the fall-asleep-in-class club. Except in Ric's case, he sleeps through all the classes.

Kimi Shiyami: Every time he sees Kimi, he does feel a slight amount of guilt, as he was partially responsible for her terrible start of life. One of the few reasons why he spoils her along with Tokari and Suzu. He also knows about Kimi's past, which is interconnected with Suzu's.

Suzushii Tama: Another person he feels responsible for, he murdered her family during a job, although Suzu doesn't remember. He spoils the small girl, as a way to reconcile with himself.

Kouri Fubuki: Saved the girl on one occasion, and taught her to value her life, and how to fight. He does find it odd that Kouri would choose to fight, despite her condition.

Kuikorosu Hikage: The one person that Ric would be extremely wary off, border lining fear, would be Kuiko. He has nearly been killed by her just as often as she has went sightseeing with her. A very strange girl indeed.

Ouka Surudoi: The one person who he would honestly admit, without hesitation, that he could never defeat in battle. The two have worked alongside in contracts on the rare occasion, and sparred, but that's it.

Team H.A.R.T.: A team, that Ric will actually be thankful too for a long time. Due to the time he had spent, albeit during a fight, he had realized that he was not just a mindless weapon, but still a human, capable of feeling emotions. Having faced Heart, he does respect her capabilities. Has shared one kiss, but holds no romantic feelings for her.

Liadan Dormant: A girl that, for some reason, Ric does not seem capable of ignoring. A girl that he has actually fought to protect before, and sought revenge for, not out of a sense of responsibility or for a contract, but for his own personal feelings.


Combat: Ric is capable to fight in all conditions and ranges whether sniping from long ranges, gun battles at medium, or 'melee' at close, he does have moderate skill in all those areas. However, if he goes up against anyone who, say, specializes in long range combat. Then Ric would lose in a 1v1 sniping battle. Same situation with other battle specialists. With his firearms, he wields the Jagdpanzer in his right hand, and the Sturmgeschütz in his left. Both guns are single shot, and he reloads them by placing a piece of his Dust tendrils into the chamber, allowing him to fire the guns once more. Without any Dust, the guns are next to useless, as they are capable of firing only Dust rounds. Without the Jagdpanzer, he can not fight long ranged battles. Without the Sturmgeschütz, he is hard pressed to fight medium ranged combat.

Post-Fall of Beacon, after aquiring a modernized variant of his old weapons, he has now become more efficient in his usage of Dust, as well as eliminating the absolute dependence on Dust for his firearms. This has led for him to start throwing bullets downrange at a greate rate than before, earning him the title of Bulletstorm. Otherwise, his combat style has remained the same.

Semblance: His ability outside of firearms, is his abilities to control and move Dusts around in tendrils, somewhat similar to Glynda's crystal spear in Episode one. The Dust tendrils allows Ric to fight 'melee' battles, by using the tendrils as the weapon, defense, or to reload his weapons. However, the Dust is more akin to a limited tool. Whenever it is used as a weapon or a shield, the Dust is used up, bit by bit, akin to how explosive reactive armor would detonate, defending against a single shot, but becoming useless afterwards. Likewise, the more he fires with his weapons with Dust, the less Dust he would have to utilize.

Non-Combat: .Outside of combat, Ric expertise lies with his skill at the piano, as well as being capable of guzzling down alcohol like it is water.


Name: Spezialkräfte(Kanonjagdpanzer and Sturmtiger)

Classification: Hunt and Assault Modernized Firearms(HAMF)

Location: Kanonjagdpanzer is carried on his back, Sturmtiger on his right hip.


-Tierisch Kriegsschiff. The figurative translation I was going for would be Brutal Warship, or Animalistic Warship.

-Warhsip alludes to the gunmetal grey color of the hull of a battleship.

-Yes, he can make Dust tendrils. Get your head out of the gutter :D

-Credit goes to Raga, for pointing out it is 'Harbinger', not 'Harbringer'. Thanks!

-Ric has covered most of his past records, with the available information being the cause of his parents' deaths, and anything before that. Otherwise, only info one could find would be that he is the Harbinger.

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