Not there! Stop! Please stop! Uwaaaaa, stop messing up the traps!!!
— Tokari
Tokari Kansen
Age 17
Title Webspinner
Nickname Toka
Status Active
Color Red
Gender Female
Species Human
Handedness Left
Complexion Fair
Hair Yellow
Eyes Ice Blue
Height 5'5"
Weight 50 kg
Professional Status
Affiliation Student of Beacon
Team Team SSTK
Partner Tierisch Kriegsschiff
Occupation Explosive Ordnance Removal, Demolition
Personal Status
Relatives Tierisch Kriegsschiff(Twin Brother), Rina Vedma(Older Sister)
Additional Info
Likes Games, Explosives, Traps, Snacks
Dislikes Being caught in a trap, Her traps being disabled, Boredom
Special Skills Traps, Explosives, Garrote Usage
Weaknesses Direct Combat
Character Theme

A Place in Heaven
Battle Theme

For The Win
This character is created by Kimiyosis. Picture belongs to Luna Lia.


Low height and small stature is rather useful for Tokari Kansen, especially with her expertise lying in trap making. When not in uniform, she is usually wearing a black,almost robe like dress. Has long, blonde hair, with a black ribbon tied off to the side. Though her eyes are ice blue, they do not give off any cold feelings.


A suprisingly outgoing girl, who easily becomes bored. Which is a problem, because Tokari hates being bored. And when she's bored, she is rather likely to cause trouble. Any close contact with any gender, as long as you look rather attractive to Tokari, she will become flustered, with her face turning tomato red in under five seconds. Easily flustered she may be, but her loyalty is one of her best traits. She may voice her opinions, and she may complain., but the moment the order is given, she will follow it through to the end. The only way you can probably force her to an indecision, is if your allowing yourself to be harmed, and you order Tokari not to help. She will be wanting to help, but her loyalty overrides that eagerness. When in combat without being able to use her traps, she will try and fight by running around, while placing piano strings everywhere. Has a strange habit of switching from English to Japanese while speaking.


((Written in 1st person, from Tokari's view))
The Beginning of the End

I saw my father's face, with the color of the shrimp I was eating on his face. That's not a good sign. Usually that means he was mad. Or extremely drunk. Well, it could also be both, but thats just the worst case scenario. He soon walked over to my mother, staggering a little, before he started yelling at her. This was a usual thing, and my mother never fought back. However, things started to go downhill, when my father grabbed a knife, and pointed at her, still yelling his head off. I ended speaking up, and telling my father to calm down. It was one of my most stupidest mistakes ever. He turned around, and yelled at me, saying something about don't tell him what to do. Both of our attentions were diverted, when I hear my brother yell for me to run. I didn't ask why, I just ran out of the house. I kept running, and pushed myself to go faster when I hear  a gunshot, a period of silence, followed by several more gunshots. I slowed down finally, and I fell to my knees. I turned around, and notice my brother wasn't anywhere with me. When I returned to the house, I nearly threw up. I saw my father's body, with a gunshot in his chest, left leg, and head, lying face up pn the ground. My mother was sitting in the corner on the floor, several gunshots to her chest, and one to the head. My brother was nowhere in sight. I couldn't just stand there, so I ran, ran again, ran as far away as possible.

The Journey

After traveling for nearly a year, I had to settle down, and find a job. I decided to get a basic job working in an ordinary Dust store. Over time, I managed to obtain enough money to buy my own apartment. However, the store was attacked one day, by some criminal and his gang, stealing dust from the store. I could only stand at the side lines, watching helplessly as the owner was robbed clean. Of course, the store went bankrupt after that. While sitting in my apartment, I thought to myself, that I did not want to end up like that Dust store owner. I went around, researching about weapons, and it seemed the most easiest and versatile ones to create, were bombs. I got my hands on several manuals on bomb making, and I got a bag, before lining the inside with armor. I did not want to trip, and have these bombs go off on my body. So after several months worth of time, I made the Bakudan Danmaku.

The Reunion

I was walking back to my little apartment, when I ran into someone. I fell down, and that person reached out their hand to help me up, as I was pulled up, I thanked the man. He introduced himself as Ric. Tierisch Kriegsschiff...wait...Oni-chan? I quickly tacked my brother to the ground, hugging him almost to death. I had thought he died, with our father and mother. We went back to my apartment, and we both sat down to talk about what had happen over the course of the years. Here, I also found out the cause of death for our parents. I was sad, that Ric was forced to kill them, but I'm happy that at least Ric isn't dead as well.

The End of the Prologue

With us becoming seventeen, somehow, we managed to apply and become Beacon academy students. I still don't know how! Ric just brought out two copies of the transcripts required to apply to Beacon. And acceptance to the academy went without a hitch!


Tierisch Kriegsschiff: Tokari's twin brother. Dearly loves him, but dislikes the fact that she can not read him like a book. One of the few people who is able to poke him continuously, without getting shot in the face. Also constantly spoiled by Ric.

Kimi Shiyami: Views the introverted girl as a very cute huggable person. Absolutely ignores the smaller girl's please to stop hugging. Both Tokari and Kimi topics of choice usually ends up becoming either about sweets, or about designs of weapons.

Shirayuki Yaiba: Views the older girl as someone who needs to relax, and allow her ears to be scratched by someone else more often.


Combat: Combat for Tokari usually starts sooner than everyone else. She goes around, laying as many traps as possible, whether via explosives, piano strings, or a combination of both. Afterwards, she waits in hiding, until the target is caught within the traps, where either they trigger the bombs, run into piano strings, or sometimes, the bombs are remotely detonated. However, to set up a decent web of traps, she needs to have the luxury of a good period of time. When forced into close quarter combat, Tokari will either start dropping timed charges will running, throwing them at the pursuer, or tying piano strings in her wake. Uses absolutely no firearms, and will only use piano strings the sole melee weapon, unless bouncing a bomb off someone's head is coutne as melee. Has no direct long range combat capabilities, exclding preset traps.

Non-Combat: Tokari, when she isn't engaged in combat, she will most likely be playing video games, eating sweets, chatting with friends, hugging cute things, or a combination of all of the above. If not, she generally is making more explosives.


Name: Bakudan Danmaku

Classification: Explosive Operated Destruction(EOD)

Location: Carried on Tokari's back.


-Tokari translates to Weapon, while Kansen translates to Warship.

-Warship alludes to the image of a gunmetal grey hull color.

-The title Webspinner, is due to the fact that using a 'web' of traps that Tokari constantly sets. That, and the piano strings she also uses in tandem with the traps, looks quite like a strand from a spider.

-Credit for the Appearance and Picture Belongs to the respective light novel, manga, and now anime.

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