Tony Syson is one of the Nine Dragons of Vale.




Tony is the most honest of the Dragons. He doesn't do anything elaborate when he kills his enemies, he just kills them. He does not believe in torture, because his enemies deserve a death as honest as they are. He is known across the 9 Dragons of Vale, as being the most charismatic boss. Out of pure pity for his enemies, he never holds back in a fight, preferring to end the life of his adversary before he can truly feel the fear, and the pain. He was promoted to Mob boss, due to his massive intelligence. He is calculated, forming complex battle strategies in minutes. 


Tony was born and set up for adoption on the same day. He spent four years of his life in an orphanage. He was adopted by a young couple, living in a suburban part of the city. He grew up in a comfortable home, he had loving parents, he excelled in school. He was every parents dream child.

When Tony began to mature, he started having issues, with his classmates. He would answer all of the teacher's questions before the other students even finished processing the words. He would ace tests others would fail. He would be in grades four or five years above his age, yet still outclass the other students.

Tony quickly grew tired of the mental competence of his classmates. He would publicly insult them after every little mistake. He would mock the exceptionally slow ones. He would sleep during the entire class, wake up, then finish whatever work had been assigned that day, in a few minutes.

The other children soon grew envious of Tony. Cornering him in the bathroom. Putting out their cigars on his clothing. They would due everything in their power to humiliate them. Tony soon grew less annoyed at the children, and more angry. He began to abuse his excellent talents, creating plots. He used blackmail, he spread false gossip, forcing students, and even teachers out of the school. 

He quickly realized how effectively he could produce revenue with his many talents, making money in cheap schemes, robbing people of their hard earned income. He hired body guards for himself, forcing all the school bullies away from him. He asked these bodyguards he basics of fighting, and they taught him. They taught him mid-level martial arts, and how to use guns.

One day, while Tony was in the middle of one of his "jobs", two of his bodyguards came rushing into the shabby apartment where he was meeting his client. They came in soaked with blood, pointing out of the window. Dozens of men in yellow and black clothing, stood surrounding the apartment. The other 13 guards had been systematically eliminated. One of the leaders of the Nine Dragons walked into the apartment, introducing himself as "Gala". He offered Tony a middle level position in the Nine Dragons. As Tony's only other option was death, he halfheartedly agreed.

Tony quickly worked his way up in the ranks, becoming one of the Nine Dragons, forming his own huge, mafia sector.


Tony uses an underground form of boxing. He only uses his fist, but he will also preform "illegal" punches, like rabbit punches, crotch shot, and bare knuckled temple hits. He uses his aura to increase the strikes lethality. He strikes to kill, aiming for an opponent's vitals. He uses Lightning Dust gauntlets, delivering a powerful electric shock to his enemies.


He is one of the Nine Dragons Heads, and is widely considered the third strongest of the Dragons.

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