This OC has been removed until further notice. Only the weapon has remained.

Kurayami no tenshi(暗闇 の 天使)

Her weapon consists of a Kunai styled blade with a ribbon tied around the hilt. The singular blade can split and shorten, fanning out to become a large shuriken.

Kunai Blade: The blade can extend and contract with ease, its shortest form looking like a large dagger and the size of her forearm (This is how it's sheathed). The longest form is akin to a very thin claymore and as tall as she is. This longer form is rarely shown for long as it it terribly unbalanced and only good for extending a strike distance but can be used as a javelin.

Shuriken Shield: In this form it can be effectively used as a shield as well as a ranged weapon. The disk can be thrown and has a small dust motor within that makes it spin with deadly speed once in the air. Once out of her hands the direction of flight can be controlled with the attached ribbon tied around the motor throttle.


Due to her body's mechanised nature she has several built-in weapons that she would hesitate to use even in dire situations.

Taser: Any one of her fingers can fire a pair of conductor pins or cause a short shock to the surface she is in contact with.

Dust acceleration canon: Her right arm contains a dust condenser and an energy amplifier allowing her to discharge a large amount of energy in a beam of supercharged heat that melts anything in it's path, this does come at a cost as it depletes her internal reserve and leaves her unable to move for the better part of an hour and takes over a day to recharge.

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