I don't fight for a reason like revenge or justice, I fight to just get stronger!
— Touha

Touha "Ferruccio" Lagorio
Age 19
Title Lizard
Nickname Ferry
Status Single
Color Green
Gender Male
Race Human
Born April 16th
Handedness Right
Complexion Lightly Tanned
Hair Hazel
Eyes Grey
Semblance Sword Star's Glyphs
Height 6'1
Weight 150 lbs.
Professional Status
Social Rank Roamer
Team None
Partner Noir Lavis
Occupation Freelance Contractor
Personal Status
Relatives Lagorio Family
Additional Info
Emblem Touha's Emblem
Likes Training, Sparring, New Fighting Styles
Dislikes People with all bark, Feeling Helpless, Disappointment
Weaknesses Extended Fights


Touha is a nicely light Caramel tanned man with a short, wild dark hazel hairstyle. You wouldnt normally see the bulk of his wild hair due to the hat he has on. He keeps it on nearly all the time, ever rarely taking it off so people could see the rest of his head. The cap itself is quite large, and has an odd two toned feather sticking from it that he kept from his home before he traveled.

He carries the uniform jacket of his father's on his neck and lets it dangle like a cape, hoping his time will give him some wise decisions on the path he walks on. He wears a black punk formal t-shirt with chains and serrated with string. His left arm has a weighted belt sleeve that cover upto his forearm, while his right arm simply has a glove. Downward, He wears beige cargo pants and complimenting ankle-high boots that matches his Cargos. Sharktooth is strapped onto the belts on his waist.


A hardened man who travels for the thirst of a good fight. Off and sometimes on his mercenary missions, He often gets himself into fights or situations that people would normally stay out of, and if someone where to insult him, hes ready to fight on a moments notice to gauge himself. Never satisfied, he constantly trains with a tenacious attitude. He has a sort of rugged personality can sometimes flicker up with the slightlest thing that would offend him, and as a result is very prideful in his abilities. He has a very strong mentality about power, and it is backed up by his strength.

To someone who he would acknowledge as a rival, he tends to show symapthy and even sportsmanship, which is an odd trait for a Mercenary to have. Often refered to as a Lurker, Touha usually is quiet, yet strong spoken. However, he acts without talking, which can lead him to colliding with someone's tactics. When focused, he is extremely quiet, and the rugged personality is pushed back for something "more in the zone".

Later on as he gets older, Touha finds it harder to retain himself as the lust for strength grows to conscious levels. He becomes more open with himself, but he seems to enjoy fighting a tough opponent for both the experience and thrill it could bring along aside it. It could also be tied in with the people he's grown up with during his journey, but it doesnt quell the fact that he shows his passions while in combat.


Noir Lavis & Aleco: Quite abit of an odd group these three make. For now, Touha works alongside them as the three make sort of an odd contracting headquarters. To Noir, he recognizes her as what he could be- strength wise atleast. She herself has a personality with an acquired taste, having such an odd affilation to making others feel pain. He jokes and calls her a Sadist from time to time. To Aleco, he seems to be the overlord that keeps things in check. Touha believes that he's commonly annoyed of him with how Touha slacks off, but it is noticible with how Touha progressively becomes stronger.

Backstory (The Shorter Version)

Touha lived his life in a gritty city, having a sort of peculiar lifestyle. He was the oldest of two siblings, and took more after his father. Emre, or Touha's father, was an ex-mob boss who simply wanted to retire from the life to enjoy what life he had left. With a little brother named Ashmond and his mother, they lived in a condomonium, and were decent. Emre would tell Touha about all the tales of him in the golden days when things were particularly exciting in the city. Touha was so entranced, that while in school he created his own

Given time and patience, it escalated to a point someone could dream of, a real life Mafia created from the ground up. Touha was the leader, although nobody besides Ashmond knew about their young leader. To create a symbol of authority without actually showing himself, he took a picture of his shadow with some of his own and his father's gear. Touha ended up wearing it anyway, giving him somewhat more of a menacing look. He gave them the name: The Raith Coats.

However, even with what he wanted; a group of people doing righteous things because it is righteous and nothing else, he felt as though there was a certain void in his soul. He desired to be stronger, to feel as though he had all the strength to do whatever he pleased and what he could dream. As such, he practiced doing missions as some random teen who wanted in the group. Being treated reluctantly, it was not hard to do his own missions while technically looking down at what people was doing. This was training him to have very good parkour skills.

Two missions were particularly important ones; One mission led him to discover his aura, while the other led him to find his weapon, Sharktooth. Within the first, he protected his men against some other goons. Unlocking his aura while getting beaten, he was able to escape while they were caught off guard, although he hates how he could not fight back against them. Within the second, he was caught stealing from a old man, who allows Touha to take a relic of the past as long as he focuses his ambition elsewhere, although that doesnt go as well as the man planned, Touha still ended up with Sharktooth. Unable to find an outlet for himself, he leaves the city and his brother behind to lead his now quite large Mafia, and goes on a journey through the world to find just who he really is.

Now a drifter, he walks around the place, until meeting a certain woman during a contracted mission....

Weaponry, Aura, and Skill

Acquired Capoeira

Sharktooth is a HSAW (High Speed Assailing Weapon), a weapon capable of *three modes:

  • A moderately light, long dagger that is his common weapon to hold, as it allows him versatility to also use his glyphs with his free hand.
  • Two just as long, but lighter daggers to emphasize him going hand to hand with someone at high speed close combat. He cannot use glyphs that require his hands though while Sharktooth is in this mode.
  • Two light weight, needle firing handguns that look remarkably like small rifles. To make room for them, Sharktooth sacrifices some of the raw power of the handgun meaning at a medium range, it can only have a low chance of piercing light Armor. At a closer range however, they have a higher potential to pierce armor or hit a critical part of unprotected skin.

Together with his mild training, he's always quick on his feet, and hits pretty hard similar to an assassin. Of course, his mentality is more suited to a dueling mercenary, and as such plays more akin to one than an assassin who relies on stealth.

Semblance: Sword Star's Glyphs

During a mission after learning of his aura, he consistently trained to get the most out of what he could muster. With trial and error and with perseverance, Touha was able to learn how to use his own special runic style that suits everything he's about.

By expending a rather sizable amount of his aura


  • Touha is based from combining several assassination methods in different time periods:
    • The short-assault hand gun of a mobster, the generic style of blade assassination, and the uniform from a Japanese-esque high schooler make up some of the references.
    • To find an allusion for him will be some work, but currently the only allusion he could have is Jotaru and BlackStar. He also has several references thrown about him.
  • Calling Touha Ferry may tick him off. Because he may believe youre calling him a Fairy instead of his middle name. And only his family calls him Ferry besides Noir...
  • Touha means "Ambition" in Czech. Ferruccio means "Iron or Sword" in Italian, and Lagorio is a last name for "Green Lizard" as well in Italian.

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