"I am the wind...The free wind..."


Name: Trauer Gwynt

Title: Master of Wind

Sex: Male

Race: Human

Age: 18

Height: 6' 2 (190 cm)

Weight: 180 lbs (82 kg)

Birthplace: RWBY version of France

Weapons: Fortecs

Likes: Storms

Dislikes: Loud places



Trauer has a lean build nd is fairly tall. He has red hair with one blue eye and one brown one. He always has his hair long over his blue eye and short over his brown. He loves his hat and never takes it off and would be crushed if he lost it. He wears a white tee-shirt and a white coat that only has one button. He also wears white pants and has a pair black gloves.


Trauer only really talks to his allies and can be very awkward around new people. He doesnt like big crowds of people and depises parties. He loves to be alone and to meditate or too practice his fighting. Hedreams of becoming a famous Hunter and finding a girlfriend. He loves to be in wide open areas and feel the wind on his skin. (French Accent"


Trauer does battle with a traditional fan with a Dust crystal in side of it named Fortecs both offensively and
Kagura Fan

His fan

defensively, although his fighting style and powers border more so on the upfront-attacks. With his fan, he is able to call down a variety of wind-related powers, including and not limited to: summoning a large tornado, shooting out wind-blades. He also has had extensive traing in martial arts incase he is fighting an enemy that his wind cant be used against. Trauer can create massive blasts of wind and even blades made out of it.


Trauer grew up in a large town with his mother and father. His parents ran a small Dust shop in the center of the town. Trauer never really had a lot of friends and would just spend his time in the forest under a tree and watch trees move because of the wind. At a young age Trauer wanted to become a hunter so he started training Martial arts. He then went to Signal, there he made Fortecs. after his time at Signal he applied to Beacon but was denied. After another year of traininghe then decided to apply againg and then got accepted.

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