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Travan Aline
Age 45
Status Active
Color Green
Gender Male
Race Human
Born Where: Vale

When: ???

Handedness Right
Complexion Light
Hair Blond
Eyes Green
Semblance Marked Resistance
Height 6 ft
Professional Status
Team Team HTHR
Partner Hebline Sifa
Occupation Huntsman
Personal Status
Relatives Ex-Wife--Zlatana Ćilibar

Daughter--Citrine Ćilibar

Additional Info
Likes Diplomacy, healing others.
Dislikes Fighting (especially without first trying a diplomatic approach), not being able to do anything for those wounded.
Special Skills Healing, using his Semblance.

Travan Aline (trah-vahn ah-line) is a graduate from Haven Academy, and the second member of Team HTHR, his partner being Hebline Sifa.


Travan has blond hair and green eyes, along with light skin. He's tall too, with a height of 6 ft.

He can usually be seen wearing a green robe with gold trim on the sleeves, and two gold gems on either side of a circular red one right below the gold-trimmed collar. Underneath he wears a pair of tan, cotton pants, and leather boots.


Travan is a calm individual, which is no surprise, considering he's often the one patching up the team's wounds. And that can sometimes be a pretty disgusting job. It's a good thing he has a strong stomach as well. Cause there are some times that what the team gets into... Well, it's not pretty.

Travan can get pretty annoyed with those refusing treatment. If he has to, he will knock you out--something his partner Hebline learned the hard way when they were younger. In other words, he takes his job as the medic of Team HTHR very seriously.

Like most classified as healers, Travan would much rather try diplomacy before violence. With everything besides Grimm, that is. For as we know, Grimm attack humans without thought.

Though outwardly calm, Travan's kinda wrecked on the inside, thanks to Zlatana, his wife, leaving him and taking their daughter with her. He tries not to show it, but he's really shaken up by it. There's not one day where he doesn't think of the day he found Zlatana and his daughter gone, perhaps never to return.


His father was a Huntsman, his mother ran a clothing store in Vale, where they lived. Travan's father was often away with his team. It was Travan's dream to protect the people like his father did, though instead of being a Huntsmen, he wanted to be a doctor. He would study for hours, researching herbs, remedies, and other medicines.

Eventually, Travan changed his perspective, and decided that he actually did want to be a Huntsmen. So when his father was home, Travan would beg for combat lessons, which he got.

When he discovered his Semblance, Travan was honestly a bit disappointed. He'd been hoping for something that he could use against opponents. His father comforted him, showing him the advantages and positives of having the Semblance he did.

Travan eventually went to Sanctum, then Haven. There, he met his future teammates: Hvita Fiarie, Hebline Sifa, and Rowan Cloven. They became Team HTHR.

It wasn't hard for Travan to see the blossoming relationship between his leader, Hvita, and Rowan. So it was no surprise to him that they got married a couple years after graduation.

Not long after that, Travan himself found someone he loved--Zlatana Ćilibar. Together, they had a daughter, Citrine. But one day, Zlatana ran off, disappearing with their only child. To this day, Travan still doesn't know why his wife did what she did.

When Istalrí, Hvita and Rowan's second daughter, disappeared, Travan helped with the search, along with his partner Hebline. Together with Hvita, Rowan, and their other daughter Islingr, they still search for the missing girl to this day. But the fact that they're teammates wasn't the only reason Travan helped in the search. He cared for her, and he also knew what it felt like to lose a child. And seeing the anguish in the family's eyes, well... Travan decided he never wanted to see it again. He'd go to the ends of the world to find Istalrí, if only to see her family at peace.


  • Travan has mixed feelings for Zlatana, his ex-wife. He still loves her, and would do anything to repair whatever made her leave him. Yet he also resents her for leaving him--and taking their daughter with her.
  • Citrine's absence leaves a hole in Travan's heart. Not a day goes by where he doesn't think of the daughter his wife took with her. He loves her, and misses her with every fiber of his being.
  • Hvita is his leader, a person whom he respects. They often compare notes on Dust, as they both use it. Travan appreciates the support she gave when his wife and daughter disappeared from his life, and would put his life in her hands any day.
  • Hebline is his partner, and someone who becomes a pain in the ass whenever she's injured. More than once, Travan's gotten annoyed enough with her to knock her out. He respects her for her skills, but finds her to be like an annoying sister. Travan tends to shoot back remarks on her own tendency of always looking for a fight whenever she shoots remarks about him being diplomatic. It's an on-going battle that's not likely to stop anytime soon. But despite all that, he has no trouble putting his life in her hands if need be.
  • Travan greatly respects Rowan, for more than one reason. He trusts Rowan with his life, and sees him as a brother. They'll often share stories of their individual exploits. Travan counts on him to help make the right decisions, as Rowan's the second-in-command.
  • Islingr is like a niece to Travan. They're quite close. He can see how her parents' anguish over her missing sister is tearing her from the inside-out, and wishes he could fix it. Yet he knows the only way to do so is to find the missing girl. It's partly why he hasn't abandoned the search.
  • Travan also saw Istalrí as a niece. When she disappeared, Travan didn't hesitate to join the search. Though he had more reason than just the fact her parents were his teammates. He cared for her, and wishes that wherever she is, she's okay.


Blazing Radiance

Travan Aline


MADL (Multi-Action Dust Lance)


Melee, Ranged/Dust

Weapon Derivation

Scepter/Wand, Lance

Travan's weapon is a MADL (Multi-Action Dust Lance). He's named it Blazing Radiance.

Lance: An iron lance, but with a Dust chamber a little above where you hold it.

Dust: There are five types of Dust in the chamber, though Travan doesn't use them much against opponents, leaving most of the Dust fighting to his leader, Hvita, and using them to modify his Semblance instead. They are Green (Wind), Red (Fire), Yellow-Brown (Earth), Yellow (Lightning), and Blue (Water).

Semblance & Abilities


Travan's Semblance is Marked Resistance. To use it, he has to touch the target. Doing this leaves a circular mark on the target, making them resistant to physical attacks. It can also be modified with Dust, the mark's color and what the target is resistant to changing depending on the Dust used (i.e. Blue Dust = mark is blue and target is resistant to Water attacks, Red Dust = mark is red and target is resistant to Fire attacks, etc). The marks fade either after a certain amount of time (usually two hours) or while they're doing there job--making the person resistant to attacks.


Being Team HTHR's healer and supporter, Travan is quite proficient in healing. After all, he did want to become a doctor before he decided to become a Huntsmen. But he doesn't just know medicines. He's also researched plenty about plants, and knows what's poisonous or deadly, and what can help when there's no first aid kit around.

Travan's Stats :

Primary Role Healer/Supporter
Secondary Role Close-range Fighter
Weapon Attack
Dust Attack
Critical Rate
Movement Speed
Attack Speed
       ~Inspired from Jollyjo
Battle Skill
Semblance Mastery
Social Charm


  • Travan comes from the Bosnian word trava, which means "grass."
  • His weapon was partly based off the "Iron Lance" item in Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies.
    • Credit for the name goes to Arkan.
    • Speaking of that game, his outfit also comes from and is inspired by items in it.


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