I'm just havin' a little fun. That's all... if it's okay with you, that is.
— Trinity DeLustre

Trinity DeLustre
Age 17
Nickname Trina
Status Active
Color Purple
Gender Female
Race Human
Handedness Right-handed
Complexion Pale
Hair Purple
Eyes Aquamarine
Height 1.62 m (5ft 4in)
Weight 53 kg (117 lb)
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Partner Marius Tragen
Occupation Former gang member
Job Types Rushing, DPS
Additional Info
Likes Exercise, Fighting, Music, Freedom, Feminism, Kittys
Dislikes Losing an argument to herself, her changing personality, Dogs
Weaknesses Personality Changes
This original character was created by DestinyZxs00. Do not steal any information off of this. Similar dress styles do not apply.


Trinity DeLustre is a generally known as a street fighter. She doesn't mind getting dirty so her outfits are typically dirtied from fighting. She has purple hair and aquamarine eyes to go with her clothes. She likes to stay flexible so she wears a yellow sports bra which she covers with a brown leather jacket. For pants she wears purple short shorts with a loosely tied cloth belt. She is usually seen with her headphones on and a music device in her pocket or in her hand. She wears black combat boots with metal braces holding it together and purple gloves with a gold watch-like device clamping down on one and a gold bracelet clamping down the other. 

The watch like device is to determine which of her personalities she is falling into. It consists of 3 colors and words, Green=Happy, Blue=Sad, and Red=Anger. It divides itself into 3 sectors and the middle is Equilibrium. It moniters her blood pressure and temperature to figure out what mood she may fade into. It is not 100% accurate but is at the very least 83% accurate with the reading so what she may tell a person to be prepared for may not be what they expect. Her eyes also change color depending on which personality she has taken on: Red=Anger, Gold=Happy, and Dark Blue=Sad.


She doesn't really have one personality but 3 main ones of which her mind may fall into. She also has an Equilibrium state where she is not one of these but all of these. Generally she is in Equilibrium but sometimes her mind gets the better of her and falls out of balance for lack of a better term. In Equilibrium she is generally outgoing and fun. She's not too hyper but not too groggy or irritable and there's never a dull moment when she's in this state. She is free to seduce who she wants and get what she wants. She loves to live life freely and to its fullest. No one can judge her because she will get them back, usually in a physical manner. She can concentrate the best while in this state and doesn't have to fight herself to get something done. One thing that applies to all of her states is the constant fact that her other personalities are fighting it, the farther she dips, the harder it is for her to concentrate on the task at hand and she will start to argue with herself outloud. Now for the 3 seperate personalities:

  • Happiness(Gold Eyes): In this state she is extremely hyperactive and hypersexual. She doesn't think about what she's doing and runs head first into battle. She is not as easily manipulated but will manipulate others without thinking about how they'll feel afterwards. If she dips far enough she becomes uncontrollable and will not listen to anyone but herself. She is extremely self-confident and gains so much euphoria during this state that she doesn't even care about blocking. The only good thing that comes from this is the fact that she will become a great optimist and will cheer her friends on.
  • Sadness(Dark Blue Eyes): In this state she has a chance of crying depending on how far into it she is. She may give up on the battle at hand and just sit somewhere and cry. She is extremely vulnerable and can be taken advantage of easily. Her life basically belongs to whoever gives her orders. The attacks she makes will be weak because she thinks of herself as nothing and that whatever she does will be of no use. The farthest dip will make her depressed and she may attempt suicide but she generally has a friend around to help her during this time so she'll stay confident enough to not kill herself.
  • Anger(Red Eyes): In this state she becomes harsh and mean. She is extremely irritable and the smallest thing can make her burst. She doesn't think about others and becomes selfish and rude. Her attacks do grow in strength but it only matters if she hits her target because she is not focusing on where the target is headed but mostly where it is at the current moment. The farthest dip will turn her into a maniac and she will leave a path of destruction in her wake. She feels less pain also which allows her to take more hits before collapsing. Depending on how far she dips it will leave her more exhausted the farther it dips.

She may become a double personality or sub-state meaning that she has dipped in between both states and is now a combination of both. Happiness + Sadness = Sociopathy, Happiness + Anger = Insanity, and Sadness + Anger = Repent. These states hurt her more but rarely happen, they generally consist of her arguing with herself and becoming useless. She is also a strong feminist and hates it when boys say little about girls or treats them as a lesser being.

Equipment/ Skills

  • Street Fighters Prowess: She is a street fighter meaning she will brawl with anything she has at her disposal. She typically punches and kicks using knees and elbows if she wants to deal a harder blow. The environment around her is her weapon meaning that she will throw sand in peoples eyes, spring off of walls, hit people with branches, throw rocks at them, etc. This was a natural ability that came to her as easily as walking and she needed it to survive in the slums of Vytal.
  • Acrobatics: her friends helped her develop acrobatic skills which she incorperates into her fighting. The flexibility and mobility she gains from this allows her to be more fluent while fighting and in turn grants her easier use of her weapons.
  • Shattered Fury: A Dual Speared Shotgun Staff with two main combat functions and a sub-function with two triggers in the middle on opposite sides of the staff.
    • Staff form: She will whack people around with this and twirl it as a distraction. The shotguns are usable and she can trigger either one or both to increase the speed of her swing. She can block the blows of most bladed weapons because it is made of metal. It is able to cause blunt force trauma because it's a blunt weapon obviously. Sometimes she will use it as a pole and uses it to get to higher areas or reach higher areas. She can balance on the tip of a spearhead and comedown a wacking with it.
      • Spear form: She rarely uses it as this but is smart enough to pull it off. The recoil of the shotguns are used to make it jut in and out faster allowing her to keep her target at a distance. She excessively uses it in conjunction with her staff moves because of how much more mobility it gives her.
    • Shotgun form: The staff splits into two shotguns and she is able to use them seperatly. They are both semi-automatic and have clips that hold 24 12-gauge rounds each. It reloads with a clip instead of a drum-mag or shell by shell. She will use the recoil as an addition to her acrobatic movements or to propel herself into an opponent to get in close.
  • Ipod and Headphones: She loves her music. You wouldn't want her without her music, now would you.


Trinity grew up in the slums of Vale in a small orphanage near the border. Her parents left her at the doorstep of the orphanage when she was two. They didn't have the money to raise her and that was their only choice. They had good intentions because the orphanage was funded but Trinity mistook it as abandonment. This psychologically ruined her through her childhood and she wasn't able to make friends in the orphanage easily either. Because of this she ended up talking to herself a lot, her "imaginary" friends. Little did she realize that she was creating more than one of herself each telling her to do something different. Sometimes she couldn't handle the pressure and followed what they told her but by doing this she turned into them and her personality changed completely. The workers of the orphanage started to notice these changes in Trinity and started bringing in psychiatrists to help her sort out these problems. They didn't really help that much because whenever they came her angry personality took over and they ended up getting hurt by her. The psychiatrists decided that it was MPD and questioned her carefully from now on. One day when a psychiatrist came she dipped into her anger personality so much that her eye color changed to a bloody red. She could've killed the psychiatrist had the security they brought this time not intervened. She was then cuffed to her bed where she would stay until she changed back. This did not help because her eyes went from red to dark blue and she started to cry. The security came in and saw that her eye color was neither red nor aquamarine so they took her back down to the lobby where she was greeted by the psychiatrist. The second she saw him her eyes turned red and she bust through him and the door and ran out into the slums. Her eyes turned golden and stayed golden until she was as far as she could get from the orphanage.

She was only 11 when she slept on the streets that night. She had to use whatever she could to her advantage: trash bags as pillows, boxes for a house, etc. She had to live as a beggar for several days before someone found her. A young kid came by and asked her if she was headed anywhere. He asked her to come with her and she followed hoping that he had invited her into some sort of family. When she arrived at the place the boy was taking her to she was surprised at what she saw. Children, who's ages ranged from 9-18, were eachliving in small tents with several hut-like buildings at the end of the courtyard. A man came out of one of the huts and was surprised to see the newcomer. He invited her inside and asked her if she wanted to be a part of the gang. Of course she accepted and he said that first she had to pass an initiation test. She had to fight one of the kids in her age group and if she won she would be able to join the gang but if she lost, they would throw her on to the streets again. "She" had never been in a fight before, not one she could remember, that is. The kids formed a circle around her and a boy her age walked in. He was slightly taller and definitely a lot stronger plus he had scars that told one that he was not one to be messed with. He gave her a little look over, smiled, and threw a punch...

She cried out in pain as it hit her shoulder. The force of the punch could have dislocated her shoulder had she not been swaying with the blow. "Hey, I wasn't ready!" she exclaimed walking back slowly. "Hah. This isn't a race kiddo. This is the street and rules don't matter here." He explained flinging another punch at her. She dodged it this time, barely, and fell on the ground. She immediately started backing up and bumped into a girl. She gave her a hateful look and kneed Trinity in the face then spit on her. She almost started crying when she suddenly felt an intense pain in her head. She gripped her head and screamed her lungs out then everything went black. All she could remember when she woke up was a pain in her head and some screaming. She looked around and noticed that she was in a candlelit room with no one else there. "What? Did I lose? Am I in a hospital?" she asked herself out loud. "Hello? Hellooo!" No one came so she got up and walked out of the room into a larger one with many valuable items and relics strewn throughout the place. "Hmm? Did I d... unhh." She clutched her head as a wave of pain swept through her. "It's nice to see that you're up. That's good after what happened out there." She looked up and saw the older man that greeted her before now with his hand outstretched. She took it. "Sorry about earlier. My name is Ethan. Welcome to the Grimm's Horde."

"I... won?" she asked shocked. "I don't even remember fighting." "Really?" He said now confused. "What do you mean?" "I remember a screaming pain in my head then I just found myself here," she shrugged. "That's quite interesting because what I saw was a girl who seemed to be in pain then brought forth the true fury of the Grimm." He said, now fully engaged and interested. They spoke about this for a while leading up to her telling him about her MPD and what she experienced as a child. She continued her fist fights every now and then learning how to incorporate kicks and elbowing into it. She gained basic skills in melee weaponry and enjoyed using the spears they had although her technique wasn't typically used with them. Every now and then she would switch personalities and her gang mates would either clam her down, hold her down, or save her from suicide. The missions were relatively easy: Steal, fight, retrieve. Then came the day where someone was killed during a mission. An innocent bystander was shot by one of her gang mates and that was it for her; she ran away from the gang. Anything that involves human lives was not her cup of tea. She stole several Lien from the gangs stash and ran to the nearest airstation, boarding a random airship to take her away from here.

It flew her to the city of Vale and during the flight she engaged in conversation with a man. He told her about a school called Signal Academy where warriors trained to protect the lives of those around them. She decided that the skills she currently had would be useful to hone and she headed to the school. When she arrived they asked her for information and she had just turned 13 a few months ago which happened to be the minimum age requirement. Trinity was able to make friends at Signal and they helped her through her hard times. She was able to further improve her combat skills and even made her own weapon. Shattered Fury she called it because of the way it functioned just like her becoming more that one thing. It was made of a spear/staff base and shotguns to make her swing faster and hit harder. She was able to learn acrobatics and more fighting techniques through the school and friends. She mainly stuck with fist fighting and frequently got disqualified in sparring because she was prone to using street fighting tactics. She graduated Signal with an average in battle tactics and an exemplary in fighting. She was finally headed to Beacon Academy where she could become a protector of the people she cared about. Her real journey started now.


  • Kudos to DustpeltX for the drawing! ^w^

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