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When you walk through Hell and back, what Heaven is there to believe in?

Triste Yvera
Age 17
Title Black
Alias Hell's Angel
Status Active
Color Black
Gender Female
Race Faunus
Species Raven
Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion Fair
Hair Black
Eyes Gray
Height 5' 7"
Weight 135 lbs.
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon
Team Team STAR
Additional Info
Emblem Triste Emblem
Character Theme

Of Mice & Men - You're Not Alone
Battle Theme

A Day To Remember - Violence (Enough Is Enough)

Triste Yvera is a student at Beacon Academy who moved with her family to Vale shortly after the White Fang started killing instead of protesting.  She's the mid-range combatant and medic of Team STAR.  She uses Heartstrings, a Dust Infused Wire Glove (DIWG) that she made in Signal Academy.  Her family live in constant fear that the people of Vale will discover they are faunus.  Because of this, her parents are reclusive.  Triste aims to not follow the same pattern her parents have.  In her spare time, she researches the White Fang for signs of lapse - and how to clean their slate.


Triste Yvera is a smaller girl with flowing, black hair; gray eyes, and a fair complexion.  She's had her share of scars from being in fights over being a faunus.  Most notably is her scar that runs from her right-side jaw bone to her right collar bone - the result of an intense fight when she was a Signal.  She has a tattoo of her emblem on her upper-right bicep, surrounded by a half-sleeve of tribal designs; on her other arm is a half-sleeve of the things she holds important to her.  So far, ths sleeve doesn't exist.  On her face are small, black feathers that extend out to her temples and melt into her hair.  She has small gauges in her ears.

Triste wears a slightly too-small black tank top that capitalizes on her feminine features.  She wears acid-washed purple skinny jeans and a matching beanie on occasion.  She covers the shirt with a leather biker vest - a gift from her father when she left for Beacon.  Around her waist is a black belt with gold studs and strapped-on pouches to hold her ammunition for Heartstrings.  She wears black combat boots with gold accents.


Triste Yvera comes from a faunus family that moved to Vale shortly after the White Fang's seat of power changed.  They participated in rallies for faunus rights, attending whenever they could.  Triste's parents were heavily involved in the rights movement - and were very passionate about it.  They live in silence and the fear that they'll be found out by the humans of Vale, hiding their faces when they go out.

Triste, too, wore a mask to hide her faunus features.  She had heard of a fighting school called Signal Academy and Beacon Academy, a place where you were trained to be a hunter.  She was awed.  One day, she decided enough was enough.  No more hiding, no more secrets.  She was sick of being scared to even show her face in public.  After a long and arguous debate with her parents, they reluctantly let her go to Signal.  She left her mask at home.

While at Signal, she got into many fights, none of which were her own fault.  On one day, it got so bad she almost died.  A student in her combat class decided faunus were bad people, and attacked her right in the middle of class.  He had cut her across her lower abdomen and right side of her neck.  As she woke up from surgery at the hospital, she had come to he rational that he was misguided.  She forgave him, and decided that she would openly display her faunus trait, to show the world that faunus were not the enemy.  The White Fang was simply tainting their race.

Triste spends her spare time researching the White Fang, who came to power, and investigating their intentions.


Triste, despite her being taunted, is quite happy and strong on the outside.  She has a nagging thought in the back her mind, reminding her that she's always prone to attack, making her slightly on-edge and cautious.  When you get to know her, however, she's an amazing friend to have. Loyal, caring, supportive.  She isn't the most socially graced, but knows how to interact with people.  Internally, she's very crittical of herself, afraid of other people's judgement of her.

Abilites & Powers

Triste's Semblance is heightened hand-eye coordination.  This allows her to use Heartstrings effectively, allowing for each finger to be a weapon unto itself.  This does not mean, however, she can block quicker or return blows faster.  She uses her Aura to heighten her perception and increase her offensive moves.  Her aura is a deep purple color.

Triste uses Heartstrings to wrap opponents up.  She then either pulls backwards to tear through the opponent or bring them to the ground, allowing others to attack while the opponent in immobilized.   However, she lacks strength to bring down larger opponents, and goes for limbs instead of the main body when confronted with bigger enemies.  She plays a support role, not dealing a massive amount of damage, but enough to injure whoever she's facing.


Triste's weapon of choice is a dual Dust Infused Wire Glove (DIWG) named Heartstrings.  Hearstrings goes over the hand as a glove, with tubes that lead to ports in the fingertips.  Underneath each finger, where they attach to the palm, is a raised cylinder where the dust wire is located.  Inside is a retractable spring-loaded wind-up wheel, triggered by the flick of Triste's fingers.  Hence, she often stands like a boxer and flicks her hand or individual finger to use Heartstrings.

On top of the hand is the dust chamber, where the magazines to fuel Heartstrings are loaded.  Each magazines has a built-in ammo reader, and each hand of Heartstrings can be augmented with different types of dust.  She likes to use red, cyan, yellow, and purple dust.

Fighting Style

Triste plays a support role.  Hence, she doesn't do as much damage as other people.  She does, however, stay in the close-to-mid area - the area where Hearstrings reaches.  Bigger enemies require her to be closer to them, though Triste usually switches to yellow dust on these foes.  Triste is always moving, whether that be large distances or a small area, using Heartstrings to its best intention.  She lacks the strength that her other teammates have, and often runs with them rather than on her own.



  • The word 'triste' is Italian for black

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