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Trond Suðri
Age 17
Nickname The Insanity
Status Alive
Color White
Gender Male
Race Human
Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion Dark Skinned
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Height 6ft2
Weight 75kg
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Team Team WEST
Partner Sigvard Norðri
Occupation Huntsman
Character Theme

Kaiser Chiefs - I Predict A Riot

Trond Suðri is a major character in The Four Huntsmen and a member of Team WEST. He is the owner of a Slug Shot Grip Spear(SSGS) called Spidse Angreb.


Trond has dark skin and short black hair. He has brown eyes with black pupils. He has a very tall stature and is very lean.

For attire, Trond wears a long sleeved black top underneath a white coat with fur around the hood. He also wears black padded trousers with armour on them.


Trond is known for being incredibly hyperactive when speaking. His hyperactiveness causes him to say really outward and unorthodox things. It was rumoured that once in his life, he scared off an entire village by his words. Trond has a fine interest in taking out Grimm slowly because he doesn't like the idea of his enemy dissappearing on him as it dies.

He appears to be very sensitive of his own feelings, as when someone tries to bellitle him, he'll throw a rage instantly, either having a violent fit or begins to insult  With Trond's emotional sensitivity, it causes people to stray from him, but his team have to stay on him. It was even insisted that Trond be locked up in a cage to be carried with his team mates and be released in times of need by Jorey Diamond.


Trond had grown up in the far northern side of the north kingdom Atlas. Being an only child, Trond was easily taken care off by his two parents, both which were Hunters. They were not normal hunters though, they were very ruthless Hunters, being merciless. Trond was born as the result of a drunk night between his two parents who never got married. He ended up taking his father's last name. 

Trond had only hung out with adults and these adults were like-minded people just like his parents. This caused him to adapt to their ruthless lifestyle. Trond's father started to teach Trond how to to hunt for food and kill animals. This had an effect on Trond which made him really hyperactive. 

Trond ended up applying to one of the combat schools in Atlas in his area. It was there his weapon Spidse Angreb.


Sigvard Norðri

Trond seems very interested with Sigvard and likes him as a friend. These were both partners in the Beacon Initiation and could already use teamwork to defeat their foes. Both of them enjoy each other as company and have aa very interesting friendship. Trond finds Sigvard as a brother that he's never had and the both of them team up with each other to make the best duo yet.

Powers and Abillities

Athletic Ability

Trond's greatest attribute is his amazing percerptive skills. He is capable of telling when an opponent is going attack just by slight muscle movement, allowing him to react. Trond's percerptive skills makes him incredibly deadly when trying to hit a spot where a Grimm is.

Additionally, Trond also has lower body strength. He is capable of using feet whilst wielding his weapon for the extra attacking power.

However, Trond has low flexibility, disallowing him to be able to dodge attacks with ease and conjuring up an instant reply. Also, he has poor speed, meaning he is unable to finish of an enemy quick.


Trond's weapon Spidse Angreb is a long grey and white spear. In the middle of the spear is actually the shotgun barrel along with it's magazine. When the tip of the spear is opened, the barrel is revealled.

The shotgun is useful in the fact that it uses ice dust slug rounds. This enables him to cover a longer range than most shotguns. Due Trond's good perceptive skills, he hardly ever misses a shot which makes him incredibly accurate when using his weapon. Trond is able to use the weapon effectively to shoot people attempting to charge at him.

Trond uses Spidse Angreb's spear form for relentless attacks. He mostly continues to attack opponents using the spear form of his weapon to try to catch them off guard while they're attempting to dodge so he can use his feet to kick them.

Aura and Semblance

Trond's aura is white and he has very good control of it. He is capable of using his aura to create shields without using too much of his aura. His semblance increases his endurance which allows him to take stronger attacks much easier.

Battles and Events

Season 1

Fight Chapter Outcome
Eli LeictreachEmma Austri and Bridgette West vs White Fang Members Chapter 5 Loss
Bridgette WestEmma AustriSigvard Norðri and Trond Suðri vs Mecenary White Fang Male Chapter 6 Victory


  • Spidse Angreb is Danish for Sharp Attacks
  • Trond's last name means South for Norse mythology which is normally snow.

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