Truly Tate, post battle and in class.

 Name: Truly Tate

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 147 lbs

Hair: Black-brown, curly

Eyes: Navy Blue


Truly, while female, has a fairly androgynous face. Her eyes are expressive, which easily distracts from her poker face, putting her at a great disadvantage. Her hair is short for a woman, curling above the ears and at the neck line, though it does lie over her forehead.

Her body shape is best described as hourglass shaped, but she is not skinny. She feels short in comparison to others, and so regularly wears heels (and can walk elegantly in them) to make up for some of that. She cuts a very voluptuous figure in the Beacon uniform, but her combat attire is loose. This may present a bit of a danger, but she is more comfortable in a burlap sack than a catsuit, anyway. Her hands are right between "dainty" and "muscular". Her disposition conjures thoughts of strength and calm.

Truly's combat attire consists of brown leggings and boots, a long sleeved white shirt, and bullet proof vest, along with dark brown leather gloves. She wears a pouch strapped to her left leg.

She does not don much jewelry. On her left hand, she wears a silver thumb ring, and 3 stacked rings on her ring finger. Her earrings are simple, light blue studs, a pleasant contrast against her caramel toned skin.


Truly would rather stand in the corner of a room than in the middle of a crowd. This does not make her "anti-social" by any degree. She's polite, but she is simply terrible at starting conversation, and carrying it on. On the other hand, she loves being talked at. What she does contribute to a conversation is usually witty. If she is talked at frequently by any one person, well, she'll likely consider them to be a friend. Eventually, with said person, she'll get to initiating conversation herself, however terribly, which is a dead giveaway for favoritism and perhaps even romantic interest.

In dire or chaotic situations, Truly becomes a drill sergeant. Again, she is not conversational, but she is quick and to the point. Emotion, for her, at least, has no place on the battlefield if someone is hurt. Her focus is set entirely on amending the situation, and swift revenge, followed by complete shock and hysteria once the disaster dies down and she is inevitably exhausted. If you give her a garbage disposal-mangled hand, she'll stitch, suture, and clean it indifferently as if she were doing simple embroidery. However, once all is said and done, she will easily vomit from the memory and the blood, and promptly pass out once the person has left to seek better care.

She is a strong believer in herbal medicine, fancies the color green, snores through her mouth, is a messy lady with her bedroom, loathes laundry day, eats heartily, and attends class with a bed head. And yes, her bedhead is exceptionally cute.


Truly carries a collapsible crossbow. It folds down to a rectangular box that sits on her left forearm. Situated on the bow is a permanent arrow shaft, where White Dust (for impact) encrusted bullets attach to be shot. In the pouch on her left leg are more "dusty bullets". Once the pouch opens, all she need do is swing her crossbow arm over it and a new bullet attaches to the shaft by magnetism.


Truly has a steady hand, hene her weapon of choice, but her sense of balance when it comes to running, tiptoeing and tightrope walking, is very poor. As long as she does not have to run for her life, she'll be fine.

This being said, her weapon of choice is certainly more stationary. She's a sharp shooter,  and can aim better from a distance than close range. Her offense is superb, but her defense, definitely not. For her skill to be most effective, she would require a dedicated partner who can fend off enemies while she is shooting, and can carry her when speed and escape are vital.

Truly is studious and fll of useless information. She loves to read, and she'll read just about anything abd be able to regurgitate it on command. She is great for indentifying species and determining their weaknesses.

She is also a complete virtuoso. Give her an instrument and an hour and she'll be able to perform. She has a sultry voice, and sings cabaret better than opera. She is a great cook and healer (post-combat) and is a very handy girl. She can fix most anything, whether or not there is a consultation manual.


Truly Tate's life story is quite normal. She has one older brother, a father, and a grandmother. Her family is of the loud sort, and so was she, when she was young, but after being constantly shushed in grade school and junior high, she took to the more solitary ways of life. Aside from a mother, who is out of the picture, nothing tragic has ever befallen her.

Truly's brother works in a bakery, which has earned him many a scar on his arms from the oven, and has built strong muscle on him. He is wonderfully healthy, despite his fixation on sweets and cakes. Cookies are his particular vice.

Her father is a musician, and was pleased to hear that neither of his children were paerticularly tone deaf. He has taught Truly how to play the harp, and her brother, the trumpet. He himself is a pianist.

As her father toured often to give concerts and play for orchestras, Truly and her brother, Samuel, were raised by her grandmother. Grandma Dolly is short, fat, loud, and nothing short of crazy. She considers herself young at a whopping seventy-two, and loves to cook. She took the children to the toystore, and once in a blue moon, let them go home with one. Truly was never fond of dolls. She preferred stuffed dogs. Samuel liked games, and action figures.

When Truly was 14, she had few friends. Due to her father's work, the family relocated to a more practical dwelling, in the country. They lived in a fairly old-fashioned house, overgrown with flowers. She lived in the countryside, and at the new school, wasn't taken to very well. It was then that she began her quiet life. She spent many hours out of doors, learning about herbs and plants. She had one good friend by her second year there, named Ari, but unfortunately, they had a falling out once Truly recognized some... untraditional feelings that she had for her. It is safe to say that Truly is attracted to people, not just one gender. It was devastating to her, losing Ari, because they had spent so much time together adventuring in the woods behind her house, making tea, reading books, caring for animals, and talking softly in class. It wasn't uncommon for them to endanger themselves.

Truly never really made friends after what happened. She lived her life before Beacon quite quietly, never in the shadows, but never standing out.

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