Ladies love it when I melt their hearts, heroics just happen to fall in line with that.
Tuckyr Gainsboro
Tuckyr gainsboro by resplendentcaballer
Age 17
Nickname Tuck
Color Gainsboro
Gender Male
Race Human
Born 3/21
Handedness Left
Complexion Dark
Hair Black
Eyes Grey
Height 5'8"
Weight 220lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon
Partner Laura Evergreen
Occupation Student
  • Hunter in training
Job Types Student
Additional Info
Emblem Gainsboro256
Likes Flirting
  • Showing off
  • Fizzy drinks
  • Romance novels
  • Armor magazines
Dislikes Rejection
  • Following orders
  • Spicy foods
  • Math
Special Skills Weight Lifting
  • Endurance
  • Reading Comprehension
Weaknesses Arrogant, soft-hearted, Fei.


A heroic and pronounced body type would be the first thing to note about Tuckyr. His shoulders are broad enough to fill out whatever he may be wearing, and while he may try to deny such a claim, his body is slightly more lean beneath his armor than muscular, only giving a sense of the strength his body possesses.

Tuckyr’s face is scarred slightly from his childhood, while nothing that would be immediately noticeable, he believes they mark him for being tough and give his face a bit more character. That is to say, he doesn't have some handsomeness to his face, just that one would be able to see he has had a few rough encounters in his past. In contrast are his eyes, a deep grey seemingly brimming with energy. His hair is shaved short in a crew cut style, keeping it manageable.

His usual attire is a grey armor with teal and yellow accents, it has matching gauntlets and boots which must be put on separately. The armor only protects the more important parts of his person, with his abdomen and the lower parts of his arms and legs remaining less protected then the rest. Underneath the armor, Tuckyr wears a grey shirt and shorts combo.


Tuckyr is first and foremost a savant for bodily pleasures, finding his time well spent in the pursuit of gratification in one form or another. One could tell from  a first impression that Tuckyr positively oozes with cockiness and a sense of misplaced self entitlement. He is all about perfection and the image he presents to those around him. It could almost be called an obsessive impulse with the amount of preparation he goes through even for the most mundane of activities.

Tuckyr's less than desirable traits are put on display far more than his postive ones. He womanizes and flirts with anyone who happens to catch his eye. He is also rather boastful, confident in his own abilities to the point of arrogance. This is rather noticable in his fights, where he believes himself untouchable by his enemies. He will rarely admit to needing help from his team, though he is not one to withhold any, as he finds it a perfect opportunity to make himself look good.

However, despite the things he does and the way he acts, it's his determination to be number one that keeps him on the side of angels. When it comes down to the wire, Tuckyr truly believes in the ideals and ethics that are meant to be expressed by all Hunters. His pride falls beneath his desire to do good in the world and help those in need. Kindness and loyalty are not foreign concepts to the young man, but he is rusty in expressing either of the two towards others in large capacities. Friendships are a sore issue for him, faltering and blundering about is almost a given, but he will try his best to make such a commitment work. Tuckyr wants to be the hero, the paladin that safeguards the world, but he wants to do it with his own flair.


Strength- Tuckyr is strong for someone his age, as well as among his other peers. Training rigorously has allowed him to be able to lift objects around his own weight with ease, he does have some hard time with anything heavier; as well as having to pull his punches when fighting weaker opponents or sparring with allies.

Endurance- Tuckyr is able to do the same repetitive task or actions for a long period of time without feeling the effects of fatigue. He is only human however, so the tiredness will catch up to him eventually. 

Reading  - Outside of combat, Tuckyr is surpringsly adapt at quickly reading and memorising entire passages from books or whatever he may have read. It's only one of his strengths that he does not openly share with people.

Swordsmanship- One of Tuckyr's most prized and unused skills. He is proficient when wielding a blade, being able to wield one with precision and purpose. However, he could still learn more on technique, easily being surpassed by others more skilled in this area.

Showtime- His semblance, named as such for Tuckyr's vanity. Tuckyr can channel a state of heightened reaction time, driving his sensory processing into overdrive and it gives the impression to the outside observer of enhanced reflexes. This state can only be held for a few moments at a time, with each successive use growing shorter until Tuckyr is allowed to rest.

Weapons and Fighting Style

Solais Broadsword 

Tuckyr's main weapon, a large broadsword with a stone-grey handle and cross-guard. The sword is large and heavy, requiring one to hold it with two hands. It was based off of a set of plans made by Tuckyr's great-grandmother who initially envisioned it as a hammer, so it's main use is more like a club than an actual sword. Tuckyr had modified it so it is able to be "fed" different types of Dust, to enhance the blade with different attributes.

Fighting Style

Tuckyr fights with all the suitability of a raging bull, quickly charging into a fray with his sword held high. He brings the blade down on anyone or anything in his path, more used to crushing with the sheer weight of the sword, it's rare to find him wielding it as a puncturing or piercing weapon. While without his sword or if he is able to properly balance his blade, Tuckyr is a combat pragmatist as it were, he will use his whole body in his attacks; tackling, punching and kicking with the same ferocity he would have with a weapon.


Tuckyr was the only child of Nikos and Hilde Gainsboro, two Hunters who took pride in their work. From birth, Tuckyr was told he would follow in their footsteps, one day surpassing them in their own endeavors in the field. Being raised with such a honor and weight on his shoulders, Tuckyr trained himself so he would live up to these expectations; hoping to not let down his family. He would work himself ragged everyday, sparring with his father or mother, and following the workouts they planned for him.

Around this time, Tuckyr would meet a young bird faunus by the name of Fei, she would be Tuckyr's first real friend; As his parents strict regiment kept him from meeting any other kids around his age. They're meeting blossomed into a simple friendship, something that gave Tuckyr more incentive to work harder so he'd have more time with his friend.

As the two got older, Tuckyr's feelings for Fei began to change into something far more romantic. This did not stop his goal of applying for Signal, to start his journey as a Hunter, he realized too late that would mean leaving her behind. Thinking of various ways this could be solved, Tuckyr ultimately asked her what he should do. She told him to do what he thinks was best, agreeing to meet the girl the next day with an answer, he was heartbroken to find that she had left that very night.

In reality, she had made the decision easier for him, seeing how hard he had worked to be a Hunter and knowing he would regret not taking the chance to become one. Tuckyr had no way of understanding, and the feelings of confusion and hurt lead him to declare her disappearance as a sudden act of betrayal. Tuckyr went on to Signal, embracing his darker ego in the years following as he was spurred on by his family's legacy.

He has since moved on to Beacon for his first year.



  • Based off of the story The Steadfast Tin Soldier. In which a toy tin soldier journies to be reunited with someone he loves, only to be met with a bitter(sweet) end.
  • Tuckyr is derivative of the name Tucker, which means Woolworker. Wool can come in different shades, such as white, pink, or grey.
  • Gainsboro is a pale tone of grey, it was also chosen as it takes it's cue from the name of Aerith Gainsborough who appears in FFVII.
  • Originally, Tuckyr was to wear a helmet in and out of combat, as to further draw parallels between his intial inspiration and himself. However, it was quickly pointed out that would limit his interactions with others, and thus the more streamlined version of Tuckyr was created.

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